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Radiac Book, 144 pgs - Fourth Edition

Radiac Book, 144 pgs - Fourth Edition
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Radiac® Book - Fourth Edition
Experience The Radiac

  • Includes Benefits for Use
  • Excerpts from the Cayce Readings
  • Testimonials

Experience the Radiac (pronounced Ray-dee-ack) is a requirement if you plan to enjoy all the features of this unique meditation unit. This comprehensive book contains the most complete compilation of the Edgar Cayce Readings, a must for understanding the true depth of the Radiac. Detailed instructions offer a clear understanding of general use and specific applications with solutions. Learn how to explore your personal growth and spirituality through the Edgar Cayce Readings, studies, articles and personal testimonials.

Chapter List:
Edgar Cayce Quotes
Conditions for Use Suggested by Edgar Cayce
General Instructions for Use
How to Care for Your Radiac
Using the Vibradex® Solution Jar Set
Using the Vibradex® Solutions
Examples of Therapies for Specific Ailments
Instructions for General Use
Personal Growth
and more...

Also, this book makes for a great gift.
Read the Testimonials page and learn what others have to say about the Radiac!

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