Roll-On Castor Oil

Roll-On Castor Oil
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Size: 3 oz
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Castor Oil, 3 oz. Roll-On
All Natural Fresh & Pure

• Cold Pressed, Cold Processed
• Hexane Free, Solvent Free
• The Official "Palma Christi" Castor Oil
• Excellent Skin Softener
• Massage into Sore, Stiff Muscles & Joints
• Helps Maintain a Soft, Smooth, Youthful Appearance

Our Roll-On Castor Oil is great for applying to the skin. Just roll it on and rub it in! Use it as a topical first aid for pain, skin irritations, chapped lips, insect stings, and skin softener.

Castor oil has been used throughout the ages as a natural therapy. Today, it is used as an emollient and skin softener, application for castor oil packs, a massage oil for muscles and joints, gastrointestinal problems, and skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. It is also found in many skin care products. Castor oil applied externally in the form of "packs" is a method of application that is very popular with health care practitioners. They have been used to improve assimilation, elimination and circulation; especially of the lymphatic system.

Baar Products fresh castor oil is also known as Palma Christi or the "Palm of Christ". Our product is pure, natural, cold pressed and cold processed castor oil without hexane.

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Customers Experiences:

"The roll-on castor oil is great for so many things. In fact, a number of years ago, I had poison ivy...again. Only this time I tried Castor Oil. It worked better than any calamine lotion, and took my itch level down to 1, from a 9! Then it cleared up much more rapidly, too. I always share my story with people who have it, and recommend your site, for excellent castor oil... I love the castor oil roll-on and just ordering more! Never stop making this, PLEASE! It's so much easier to use with Castor Oil hot packs and not get your fingers all greasy!" - J.R., Fitchburg, MA

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.