Pillowsonic Digital Speakers

Pillowsonic Digital Speakers
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PillowSonic Pillow Speaker
Digital Stereo Speakers

  • Comfortable & Relaxing with No Headphones
  • Attaches to Any Standard Audio Player
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Includes Free Relaxation CD

PillowSonic's quality speakers are totally imperceptible and deliver crystal clear sounds at intimate volume levels. Awaken gently without disturbing others nearby by connecting PillowSonic to your radio or alarm clock. Listen to therapy cd's for relaxation, meditation, learning or other treatment. An ideal tool for the elderly and anyone requiring sensory input, such as individuals with autism, sensory integration dysfunction, ADD, etc. Great for college students in dorms, for hospital patients or anyone who needs to relieve tension. Recommended by health care professionals as an alternative treatment for pain management.

Pillowsonic Underneath the Pillow of a sleeping womanPillowsonic features two quality speakers that deliver crystal-clear sound at gentle, safe volume levels, in stereo, throughout even the plushest pillows. The audio is of very good quality and it can be heard gently throughout the entire surface of your pillow, allowing you to turn and toss freely without missing a beat or a word. Our speakers are so slim that you'd never know there is a powerful innovation under your pillow - except for the caressing sounds that emerge providing a surprisingly unique, pleasing experience in private listening.

Suggested Use:
Place Pillow Sonic under your pillow, connect it to your player (MP3, CD, Tape), radio, TV or radio alarm clock and enjoy the sounds of your choice without headphones. Comes with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the audio wire?
6 feet long. If you need a longer wire, extensions can be purchased at Radio Shack or similar outlets nationwide.

What kind of connector does it have?
A standard mini-jack, like any standard head set. For better performance, Pillowsonic's jack is gold-plated.

How do I control the volume?
From your sound source (tape or CD player, MP3 Player, radio, etc.)

How flat it is?
Pillowsonic is 4" Wide X 12" Long X Approximately 5/8" Thick

What's the Frequency Response of the Speakers?
400-9000 Hz