Radio-Active Appliance - Old Model

Radio-Active Appliance - Old Model
Item #: HS100
Single Price: $225.00

Heritage Market's Discontinued Radio-Active Appliance Kit

Heritage Store sold their complete Vibrational Products Business to Baar Products in March 2011 and no longer sells any of these products.

As with all the older model Radial Appliances or Radio-Active appliances, design problems from these models are now resolved in the new Radiac units #100 and #100RXC. See the links below.

Red Wire #111 and Black Wire #112 with Attachment Discs, Hook & Loop fasteners and Emery paper.

The Radiac is to be used by only ONE PERSON. It may not be shared. The Radiac, once used, becomes personalized. Because we do not sell used units, returns are not possible.