Radiac Starter Kit

Radiac Starter Kit
Item #: 100
Single Price: $245.00

The Radiac ®
Harmonize Your Body's Energy

•Single Seal™ Technology: Leakproof and Rustproof
•Lifetime Guarantee
•Charcoal Enhanced
•Trademarked 3 Carbon System
•Steel Certified
•Studied and Researched by Dr's and Foundations
•Researched and Manufactured by Bruce Baar, MS, ND
•No Welding or Soldering on Any Part
•No Assembly Required
•Compatible with Vibradex® System
•Each Radiac unit is is specially made for the buyer. Orders may take 7-10 days before they are shipped out.

The Radiac has been called a meditation unit, stress reducer, bio-electric balancer and spiritual and self unfoldment tool. Dr. Bruce Baar, the manufacturer of the Radiac, is featured in the books "UnBreak Your Health, The Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Therapies", "Supermemory" and "SuperLearning 2000". The Radiac is also mentioned in over 1,000 readings given by Edgar Cayce. (Pronounced Ray-Dee-Ack). It is available exclusively from Baar Products, Inc.

Some people call it the Mind Machine, the BioBattery, the Radial Appliance, the Dry Cell or the Impedance Device. No batteries and no electrical outlets involved. To use it, you place it in a plastic container ( #102, see below), add ice to the red line, then add water, wait 15 minutes and attach to your wrist and ankle as described in the instruction booklet. Relax and enjoy!

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Enhance your dream experience and aid in spiritual awakening. Designed for mental and spiritual unfoldment, regeneration, attunement and memory enhancement. Balances the mental, physical and spiritual. Enhance Remote Viewing and Visualization. Stress Reducer. One of the best tools ever developed for personal growth. Be sure to order the Radiac Book.

Lifetime Guarantee
The Radiac is hand made, exclusively by Bruce Baar, MS, ND and is built to last a lifetime. The outside of the unit is made out of one single seamless material. This prevents the expansion and contraction that occurs in changing temperatures that will crack material made of 2 different substances (the old method). This is one of the new advances that assures your Radiac will continue working year after year. We give you a Lifetime Guarantee.

Trademarked - 3 Carbon System
This exclusive system was discovered by Dr. Bruce Baar. Over 25 years of research produces innovation and the results you can read in the testimonials. It doesn't stop here. The attachments and wires are standardized to fit all additional add on components (like the additional Solution Jar Sets) if you decide to use them.

Single Seal Technology™
The Radiac® has exclusive Single Seal Technology™ which gives you manufacturing quality not found any where else. It is completely sealed in one material - all around it, not two dissimilar materials. With the advances from the research at Baar Products, Single Seal Technology guarantees your Radiac will work every time, for a lifetime. We are proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on your Radiac because of Single Seal Technology.
   • No Cracks
   • No Leaks
   • No Moisture
   • No Rust
   • No Welding Seals
   • No Soldering of Seals
   • No Problems
   • One Exclusive Single Material, Single Seal Technology™
   • Lifetime Warrantee

Why Is The Radiac Endorsed by Health Care Practitioners, Chiropractors, Doctors, and the A.R.E.?
The Radiac is endorsed by the The Association For Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Health and Rejuvenation Research Center (H.R.R.C.), the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy, Doctors and Chiropractors. Outstanding performance, continual technological improvements, Single Seal™ Technology, Lifetime Guarantee, Charcoal Enhanced, Trademarked 3 Carbon System, Steel Certified, and studied and researched by doctors and Foundations are just a few reasons. Read more on the Single Seal Technology here. Also, older design problems have been eliminated.

Radiac Corrects Old Radial Appliance Defects. Click Here

Quotes from the Edgar Cayce Readings:
 • "The use of this consistently will be beneficial to the whole of the system" (Cayce)
 • "...is good for anyone and especially for those that tire or need an equalizing of the circulation; which is necessary for anyone that uses the brain a great deal - or that is inactive on the feet as much as is sufficient to keep the proper circulation. Best to use same occasionally." (Cayce)
 • "It will be found to aid the body in every direction" (Cayce)

More information is in the Radiac Book #502.

Instruction Booklet, Red Wire #111 and Black Wire #112 with Attachment Discs & Hook & Loop fasteners, Emery paper and Radiac Protector Cap.

IMPORTANT: The Radiac is to be used by only ONE PERSON. It cannot be shared. The Radiac, once used, becomes personalized. Because we do not sell used products, returns are not possible.

Sometimes during manufacturing a Radiac gets chipped, dented or color variation occurs. If you are interested in one of these units, please call for availability and pricing. Radiac is a Registered Trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Click Here for Baar's Radiac Instructional Overview

Radiac setup without solution Radiac with Solution Jar Set
RADIAC® setup without solution

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Personal Experiences

"I was just finishing my studies as an engineer and the idea of a body balancing apparatus was intriguing to me. I was also beginning a meditation practice at the time and so I thought it would be interesting. It wasn't until a few years later that I decided to bring the Radiac into my dreaming and meditation practice. It just made sense that it should help connect the two in a deeper way. Cayce recommended dreams as the best way to meditate and meet with the higher self and along with that, the Radiac was recommended.

I honestly didn't know what to make of it, and I went into it with an open mind. The first few times I connected to the Radiac it seemed like nothing. Then after a week or so of using the Radiac in a contemplative mindset, I began to notice myself drifting off to sleep and waking up at exactly the time I wanted to remove it (almost to the second sometimes). I was always a deep sleeper, but now I began to notice something different in my sleep. I would dream the most amazing and profound dreams and wake up from them feeling as if I had gained some unbelievable insight or relief during the night. It wasn't uncommon to dream about people I knew who were dealing with some concern and have the solution presented in the dream. I would wake up energized from the experience!

I thought to myself, 'why doesn't every body own one of these little guys!?' and I believe they should. I've been using the Radiac on and off for many years now and it never fails to set the stage for a peaceful night of sleep full of useful and interesting dreams. A nice little side effect is that I no longer use an alarm clock and can seemingly wake up at will any time I want. I guess the Radiac set my internal clock on track! I'm currently studying en route to becoming a Naturopath and as a bonus I have found that using the Radiac along with Cayce's memory suggestions has made recall of information much easier! Again Cayce was right in suggesting that it is 'good for anyone who is on their feet or uses their mind a lot during the day'.

I can't recommend the Radiac enough for its wonderful supportive qualities to the mind and body and I'm glad you are making it available." J.B., Olney, MD

"I have been using the Radiac now for over six months. Having been initiated into a number of spiritual practices over the years including Kriya and Sant Mat, I can honestly say I have found nothing more powerful than using the Radiac for meditation. It has so far been an extraordinary journey. Many things have changed on the physical level: I am far more creative (which is good because I am an artist!). I have a great deal more energy exercising at least 5 times a week from barely nothing. My circulation and digestion has greatly improved, as has the flexibility of both my mind and body. I sleep far better and in general my consciousness remains in a positive frame, even in situations where I would have previously been knocked off balance. I am also beginning to look and feel much younger. And last but by no means least Baar has been extremely helpful in answering any questions along the way. I am very grateful." G.C., Ojai, CA

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