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Try This Castor Oil Lotion – Your Skin Will Thank You!

Did you know that Castor Oil has been used for centuries for its health and beauty benefits? As a home remedy, it has been particularly effective in relieving a variety of skin issues. Because it is an excellent emollient and deeply absorbed by the skin, it can be beneficial for:

    • softening rough, dry skin
    • soothing chapped lips
    • diminishing warts and moles
    • relieving eczema and psoriasis
    • easing muscle & joint stiffness
    • improving skin elasticity

Whether you’re looking for a Castor Oil lotion that will offer therapeutic relief for skin disorders such as psoriasis or you’re simply looking for a great, natural product to add to your anti-aging skin care regimen, we have the answer for you! With over 20 years of research and product development, Baar Products has established itself as a primary provider of natural health products and remedies that people can use inexpensively and in the comfort of their own home. And Castor Oil has always been at the core of the product line.

Try These Castor Oil Lotion Products- Your Skin Will Thank You!

Palma Christi Skin Lotion:

palma_skin_lotionCastor Oil has been blended with Lanolin, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, vitamin E and Silk Protein to moisturize and nourish for younger-looking, radiant skin. Penetrating deeply, this luxurious lotion softens and repairs skin without clogging pores. Non-greasy so it can be applied to body or face to improve the skin’s elasticity and add a healthy, natural glow.

Make Palma Christi Skin Lotion an addition to your beauty routine. Transform your skin without the expense of costly spa treatments with this Castor Oil lotion. Many of the same ingredients are found in brands that can cost hundreds of dollars for just a few ounces. Now everyone can experience silky, smooth skin at an affordable price.

Roll-On Castor Oil:

The average woman’s purse is full of a half dozen products to address a variety of needs. She probably has a face or hand lotion in her bag – or maybe both! Then there is a chapstick to keep lips soft and moist and maybe an ointment to use on scrapes or other minor first aid issues. This also applies to men… because having well-hydrated and well-protected skin is a concern for everyone.

What if we told you that you could take all of those products and roll (pun intended!) them into one economical, efficient product that could provide all of the same benefits? Roll-On_Castor_OilWould that save you some room in that purse or in your bathroom cabinet? Well, that’s exactly what Baar Products has accomplished with the all-in-one Roll-On Castor Oil. This amazing oil not only keeps skin hydrated, soothed and protected, but now it is also incredibly easy to apply. You can experience Castor Oil’s amazing benefits without the hassle of carrying a dozen different products. Order one for your house, one for your car, one for travel and another for your purse!

Read more extensive descriptions as well as customer testimonials on these and more Castor Oil based products in the Baar line!
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