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We are excited to announce our new blog! Baar Products’ blog is dedicated to providing you and your family with a wide variety of health care information. Visit us often to keep up to date on what’s new at Baar, and to read our discussions on everything to do with health, beauty, and wellness.

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Dr. Bruce Baar, MS. ND., Owner and CEO of Baar Products, Inc., will be sharing his knowledge and experience on how you can become healthier and happier. His care and compassion creates a constant influence on the services and products offered to readers, clients, and customers. We have relatable and knowledgeable writers who interact with the community and provide information based on your needs and interests. Since 1986, Baar Products, Inc. has empowered massage therapists, health care practitioners, individuals and many others to become actively involved in their own health and wellness. We are here to assist people in transforming their lives for the better, through application of core concepts, practices, and ideals found in the Edgar Cayce readings. We live in a most dynamic world, and we are here to help you sleep better, eat healthier, lose weight, exceed your health goals, and enhance your life.

You’ll learn the criteria of pure, natural ingredients and what they mean in our ever changing industry. These unique ingredients are designed with long term health and beauty in mind for you and your family. Our Mind & Body products are in a classification all their own. The Radiac and the Baar Battery are creating history. Our products are sold throughout the world and their performance are documented in books like “Hope Springs Eternal” by David Atkinson, “Healing Psoriasis” by Dr. John Pagano, and “The Wisdom of Menopause” by Christiane Northrup, MD.

Baar Products offers expert information in the health, mental, lifestyle, and wellness categories that educates and empowers. Read information from experienced professionals you can actually use to get results and to a solution. Look for our educational and instructional video series, enlightening short videos, and a question & answer series.

Our content serves to teach and support. We offer information, procedures, and products that make it easier to live a productive, healthy life. Discover empowering health choices for living a fit, active, and energized lifestyle. Health information is ever-changing and improving, and our content mirrors the evolving nature of life. We want to enable our readers and customers to discover the formula for what works best for them.

We believe that peer-to-peer support is essential to success. This blog serves as a place for subscribers, readers, and community members to connect, inform and inspire. Throughout our blog, readers are encouraged to interact with each other in conversations, share their experiences and goals. Our blog was created to bring a community together to provide inspiration, support, and reassurance for everyone. We engage the community through challenges that encourage long-term healthy living changes. We’ve created a safe, encouraging space where members can engage directly with other health-conscious individuals to have their questions answered.

Shop at our unique online marketplace for your Health, Beauty and Wellness. You’ll reach stages of health and well-being that you have not previously experienced!

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