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Container For Your Radiac

Container For Your Radiac
Item #: 102
Single Price: $8.95

Radiac Container
For Use with Your Radiac Unit
  • Radiac Disc Rotation Instructions on Label
  • Non-Metal Container
  • Holds Sufficient Ice and Water to Activate Unit
  • Easy Erase-Area on Label to Track Rotation
The Radiac (pronounced RAY-DEE-ACK) must be placed in ice and water to work properly. Use this plastic container to place your Radiac unit in during each session.

Instructions For Use:

1. Place your Radiac into the center of the plastic container.
2. First - add ice up to the red line on the Radiac. Depending on the size of the ice cubes, 3-5 trays of ice may be needed.
3. Next - add water up to the red line on the Radiac.
4. Allow the Radiac to sit in the ice and water for approximately 15-20 minutes before attaching the discs to the body.
5. Start with the Day 1 in the Rotation Cycle - as noted in the Instruction Booklet. Keep the Radiac in the ice and water during your application.

The Radiac Container has a plastic handle for convenience. There are no metal components to this container.

If you are using a Vibradex Solution Jar System (#140, #141) with your Radiac, an extra bucket may be helpful to store your wires, solutions, sand paper, timer and any other essentials.