NEWS: Venture Inward Magazine, May/June 2001

CayceCare Line of Products Expanded

The line of Edgar Cayce health remedies sold under the trade name CayceCare has been expanded by the licensed supplier since its alliance with the A.R.E. a year ago.

CayceCare products, inspired by the Cayce health readings, was introduced by A.R.E. in 1999 and later transferred to Baar Products, Inc.

In addition to original products such as the Palma Christi, Olivae, and Natura Magic lotions, soaps, and cleansers, as well as Psoriasis Cream and other products, the company now offers such new products as:

* A disposable castor-oil pack, featuring an absorbent, medical-grade material on one side and a plastic protective coating on the other side, to be used eight to ten times and then discarded with the toxins drawn from the body.
* Roll-on castor oil, a convenient way to apply castor oil to the skin.
* CastorWash, for cleansing the skin after a castor oil pack.
* Myo-Relief, a natural muscle liniment suggested for relieving muscular strain, contusions, and sprains.
* Sweet Feet, for tired aching, legs and feet, suggested by Cayce to anyone who stands on their feet for extended periods of time.
* Arthro, a muscle and joint massage oil.
* Pennsylvania Crude Oil, a formulation Cayce suggested for hair loss and graying hair.
* Jerusalem Artichoke, a rich source of fructooligosaccharides, which supports a healthy colon.
* Beet sugar, a 99.9% pure sucrose cane sugar substitute.
* Gelatin, unflavored and kosher, a protein source.
* Vegetable Glycerine, a 100% natural vegetable oil for cosmetic skin care.
* Coconut Oil, for use as skin moisturizer, suntan oil, or hair conditioner.

The company continues to distribute the Wet Cell Battery, the Radiac (Radio Active Appliance), and Violet Ray equiprnent.

"We are always searching for new products that are compatible with the Cayce health philosophy," said Bruce Baar, the company founder. "We invite suggestions from A.R.E. members."

Baar has been interested in the Cayce health suggestions since they helped him overcome a serious asthma condition as a child and injuries from an automobile accident later in life. A former employee of Johnson & Johnson, he started Baar Products in 1986 and is a candidate for a degree in naturopathy.

His wife Kathy Baar, an officer in the family-owned company, also has a background in the health field. The Baars said they continue to study the health readings, searching for possible new products to make available.

"The strategic alliance between the A.R.E. and our enterprise has grown beyond our initial expectations," Bruce said. "This is because we have been able to enhance our services to A.R.E. members, specialize in health products, while working with the Cayce principles in our daily lives."

"We now serve customers around the world," he said, adding that he doubled his employees in recent months and expects to need a new facility soon. "We pride ourselves on prompt service and valuable technical support. When we receive an order in the morning, it usually goes out the same day."

Along with the CayceCare line, the firm offers complementary products. For information, to request a catalog, or to place orders, call toll free 1-800-269- 2502. Orders can be placed online at, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Write to: Baar Products, P.O. Box 60, Downingtown, PA 19335.


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