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Arthro 8 oz. and Baar Balm Special (2 bottles, 1 jar)

Purchase Arthro 8 oz. and Baar Balm Special (2 bottles, 1 jar)

Arthro 8 oz. and Baar Balm Special (2 bottles, 1 jar)

Item #: B277385
Size Two 8 oz. Bottles, One 1 oz. Jar
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Arthro® Massage Oil, 8 oz
Invigorating Muscle and Joint Massage Oil
    • Edgar Cayce Formula
    • For Stiff, Aching Joints
    • Nourishes Muscles, Ligaments & Tendons
    • Temporarily Relieves Minor Aches and Pains
    • With Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • BPA Free Bottle

Massage this exclusively formulated combination of oils into muscles and joints to stimulate circulation, loosen stiffness and relieve aching. This 100% Natural formula may be applied to localized areas or used for a full body rub. Used by physical therapists, massage therapists and health care practitioners. Add to your bath for a soothing, relaxing end to your day.

Customers' Experiences:

"I am hooked on your Arthro. This week I pulled two different muscles and the Arthro helps work the knots out. Thank you." - P.W., Christiana, PA

"This oil really helps arthritis." - H.L., Arlington, IN

"I have tried your Arthro Muscle and Joint Massage Oil and found it to be of excellent quality, not to forget the fact that it really helps me. Thank you so very much." - B. G., Deer Park, NY

"I have fibromyalgia. I have a lot of pain in my knees, especially when I lie down. My brother gave me some Arthro massage oil to try. As soon as I massage my knees with Arthro, I can feel it start to work. It helps me more than anything else that I have tried. THANK YOU !" - S.S., TN

"Greetings, I normally use [cream] for the pain in my hips and legs, but this time when I placed my order I asked for a recommendation. [Customer Service] suggested Arthro Muscle & Joint Massage Oil.... My ordered arrived today, and I am dumbfounded at the relief provided. So very grateful for your knowledgeable staff and quick service. Thank you" - J.B., MI

Suggested Use:
Shake well before use. Apply to skin and massage until oil is completely absorbed.

Mineral Oil, Peanut Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Lanolin, Oil of Pine Needles, and Sassafras Oil.

NO artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives or stabilizers. (Previously named Penetrol)

For external use only. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. If skin sensitivity occurs, discontinue use. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the reach of children.

Baar Balm™, 1 oz.
Healing Salve

    • Relief from Itching
    • Minor Skin Irritations
    • Soothes Minor Burns
    • Makes A Great Chest Rub
    • Chapped Lips & Skin
    • Palma Christi Castor Oil Base

What Makes Baar Balm™ So Different?
Baar Balm is specially formulated with all natural ingredients that work together to soothe and protect the skin's surface. Our proprietary formula blends ingredients to relieve rough, dry, cracked and chapped skin. It helps to repair minor cuts and burns, abrasions, insect bites, hives and more! Soothes, protects and restores skin health. Works great as a chest rub! Baar Balm is made with the healing power of Palma Christi Castor Oil.


Castor Oil: an emollient used to soften and moisturize skin.
Menthol: calms and quells pain. It creates a cooling effect on the skin.
Eucalyptol: relieves swelling and eases pain. Its antiseptic properties make it effective for minor cuts and scrapes.
Pine Needle Oil: is considered an herbal analgesic and can relieve swelling and redness. Calms itching, irritated skin.
Camphor: has anesthetic properties that promote healing, while providing pain relief. The pain-relieving benefits of Camphor soothe the discomfort of bruises and sprains as well as skin irritations.
Clove Oil: has natural antibacterial properties that support the body's healing response.
Mutton Tallow: is often used in skin ointments and natural skin care remedies. It penetrates deeply to moisturize and soften skin.
Beeswax: locks in moisture and protects skin from damaging environmental factors.

Suggested Use:
For minor skin irritations, apply a thin layer to your skin. For headaches, massage a small amount into temples. As a chest rub, apply to neck and chest areas. For sinus relief, apply small amount across forehead and below cheekbones.

Customers' Experiences:

"I recently ordered Baar Balm, and it is drying up a 1/2 dollar sized spot on my arm that the dermatologist couldn't get to heal. I am a believer." - J.T., Flemington, NJ

"My wife has used Baar Balm on the cracked and bleeding eczema on her and it appears to have healed them (closed the cracks, stopped bleeding, but still calloused) within a day or two." - W.B., Sarasota, FL

"The Baar Balm is so nice! I have a cold and I've noticed how it makes my breathing so much easier." - S.M., Gaines, MI

"I had a cold last week, and my nose was running all day. I had to blow and blow my nose, and my nose became sore and tender. I applied the Baar Balm to my nostrils and instant relief! My nose recovered and was no longer sore. And it helped clear my sinuses! It was perfect." - B.B., Marshallton, PA

"I just have to tell you that this Baar Balm has saved my sanity. The hot spots and itching and scratching I have as a result of Lyme disease was driving me crazy, but the Baar Balm takes all that away and helps so much. I just want to thank whoever made this so much." - J.L., Waldorf, MD

"The Baar Balm is unbelievable, we've gone through so many doctors, my daughter has Lyme which has given her red splotches or heat spots. The Baar Balm is the only thing that seems to work on these. Everything that we've used has burned her except for this, we've tried everything. It has actually brought sanity to her life. The money we've spent is unbelievable. And all this because we got a free sample of Baar Balm in one of our last orders." - M.L.L., Waldorf, MD

"I have an ear that does not drain easily, and creates a ringing sound because of this. If I massage the Baar Balm around the ear (outside of it) though the ringing stops within minutes and I can feel the ear draining. What a relief!" - L.N., W. Brandywine, PA

"Baar Balm works great! I use it on my hands and my husband uses it on his heels." - L.R. Lakeville, MA

"I am a big fan of the new Baar Balm. I've been using Baar Balm for razor cuts. I discovered my cuts heal much quicker when using this product. Also, this menthol soothes my skin. Thank you for this and other great products I use daily." - M.G., West Chester, PA

Ricinus communis (Castor) seed oil, Menthol, Eucalyptol, Pine Needle oil, Camphor, Clove oil, Methyl Salicylate, Mutton Tallow, Beeswax.

External use only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.