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3 Reasons Why Organic Castor Oil is a Must Have Product

by Dr. Bruce Baar [1]

You would probably not be surprised to know a significant number of people are actively engaged in researching and applying various forms of complementary medicine. They are using therapies that can be integrated with mainstream medicine to enhance the body’s healing response. When it comes to selecting a versatile, all-natural, at-home remedy, Palma Christos™, Organic Castor Oil [2] is a must. Its topical application as a castor oil pack, massage lotion and ingredient for skin care is unsurpassed.

People often use complementary medicine to preventatively stay healthy or address long-term health issues. The ability to use at-home therapies to balance and correct physical concerns can be transformative to one’s health. One of nature’s most valuable tools for supporting wellness is organic castor oil.

Start creating your home-remedy medicine chest and begin by adding Palma Christos, Organic Castor Oil.

The therapeutic properties of this oil make it applicable for many uses. Here are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to begin to experience its benefits.

organic_castor_oil [3]

1. Castor oil packs can be a powerful therapy for immune challenges. Applied over the abdomen, covering the many organs involved with assimilation, elimination and immune function, the castor oil pack enhances the body’s ability to remove toxins, improve digestion, relieve inflammation and stimulate lymphatic circulation. They are both soothing and healing.

2. It’s the perfect ingredient for skin care. Because it is a natural emollient, organic castor oil softens and hydrates skin for a younger, more radiant looking complexion. It’s a premier ingredient in our soaps and lotions which are great for healing dry, cracked skin.

3. Because of castor oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, it is perfect for massaging into sore, stiff muscles and joints. It penetrates deeply to ease pain and improve joint mobility.

You make decisions every day that impact your health. For many, adding a few healthy changes can lead to a big difference. Using safe, effective home remedies like organic castor oil can provide another dimension to your self-help options. Read our customer testimonials [4] to find out how others are working with this powerful oil.

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