5 Exciting Products to Boost Your Natural Energy

by Dr. Bruce Baar

Natural Energy Boosters

Many of our customers often inquire about  natural energy boosting products. Many people find that they benefit from some type of energy boost during their days for a variety of reasons. No matter what the reason may be, finding natural energy boosters is a wise choice. Products that work with your body to give you the extra kick you need are safe and often times extremely effective. Baar is glad to offer a wide range of natural energy products. Your specific needs and lifestyle will help you to determine which of these unique products is the perfect match for you.

Atomic Iodine

natural energy Atomic Iodine

Baar’s Atomic Iodine is an electrified, aqueous form of Iodine. The electrified state allows for enhanced assimilation in the body. This product was first developed by Dr. Bissey in the 1920’s and was used for a wide variety of health issues including: malaria, hypothyroidism and more. Some of our customers find that by applying a very small amount of this product to their thyroid naturally increases their energy levels by a significant amount. This product is also an amazing antiseptic and can be applied to cuts, rashes and other skin irritations. Because a very small amount will be effective for any use, this product is long lasting.

NascAtomic Iodine

natural energy NascAtomic Iodine

NascAtomic Iodine provides many benefits to users. This product supports the immune system, enhances metabolism, supports healthy detoxification and maximizes energy. Iodine is essential for the body’s functions to continue in a normal state at all times. Because NascAtomic Iodine is electrified, it is more easily used by the body. Every hormone in the human body needs Iodine and this product will provide the proper amount when used correctly.

Potassium Iodide Plus

natural energy Potassium Iodide Plus

As mentioned above, proper function of the Thyroid is essential for keeping natural energy levels consistent as well as regulating metabolism. Potassium Iodide Plus provides a safe level of Iodide to support healthy Thyroid function as well as a good dose of Potassium, which is vital for proper body pH and water balance.

Thyroid Energy

natural energy Thyroid Energy

Baar’s Thyroid Energy capsules combine all of the most integral ingredients necessary for healthy synthesis of thyroid secretions. Iodine, Tyrosine, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Guggul and Ashwagandha work together to make Thyroid Energy the perfect product for increasing natural energy and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

The Radiac

natural energy The Radiac

Meditation proves to be a useful natural energy booster for many people. The Radiac is a tool used during meditation that enhances the spiritual experience, balances bioelectric frequencies and reduces stress. The Radiac is a personal tool that should not be shared but is easy to use and provides its owner assistance in focusing solely on the meditation process. Whether meditation is part of your routine now or not, The Radiac can help you to incorporate this useful practice into your daily life.
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