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Watermelon Seed
For Herbal Tea

Ideal for making Watermelon Seed Tea. Described in the Cayce Philosophy as follows:

"Crush or grind a teaspoon of watermelon seed and put in a cup..." (Cayce).

"We would clarify the activity through the kidneys with a weak watermelon seed tea...Crush the seed, you see; add a dram to six ounces of water, and steep as you would tea. This would be the correct proportion. It may be kept cool or warm, and little sips given two, three, four times each day preferably warm." (Cayce)

"Also we would use a small quantity occasionally (about twice a week, or perhaps oftener) of Watermelon Seed Tea, as a purifier for the activities of the bladder and kidneys as related to the reduction of the uric acid in the system. This would be prepared by pouring a pint of boiling water over a teaspoonful of crushed watermelon seed and allowing it to steep as tea. Drink this within two days, dividing it into equal quantities. And then after two or three days, repeat this, see?" (Cayce)

"But at least once a day, three days a week, do take watermelon seed tea as a part of the water. This would be prepared by pouring a pint of boiling water over a tablespoonful of watermelon seed (ground or cut) and allowing it to steep. Let it cool, then strain and drink. This will clarify those conditions that cause reactions in the kidneys and bladder, for, the lack of eliminations and the slowing up of the circulation causes a greater quantity of drosses to be held in the system, and these need to be eliminated from the body. More will be eliminated through using this stimuli for the kidney activity than in most any way." (Cayce)

Remember: Edgar Cayce did not suggest this for everyone to take all the time.

Suggested Usage: Pour 2 cups of boiling water over a tablespoon of watermelon seed and allow to steep for at least 30 minutes. Let it cool, then strain and drink. Teas should be made fresh every 2 days.