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Item #: 8158
Sorry, 'DermaSeptic' has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check our related products, categories, or store search.

Transdermal Skin Care System for Treating Skin Infections

  • Use on Cold Sores, Herpes, Fever Blisters, Warts & Acne
  • Infuses Silver Ions into Effected Tissue
  • Includes Long Lasting Lithium Battery

The DermaSeptic may be used at the start of the outbreak - before it erupts into an ugly sore. Its germicidal agent is electronically metered into the skin where it remains hour after hour killing virus and bacteria as they try to grow. Washing and rubbing won't cause it to be removed. Silver is the active ingredient in DermaSeptic. Ionic silver is a natural, broad-spectrum antimicrobial that inhibits viral, bacterial, and fungal infection. The DermaSeptic perfuses silver ions directly into infected tissue where it remains effective for many hours - killing virus and bacteria as they try to grow. Silver is a dietary trace mineral so it is safe to use. There are no harsh drugs or antibiotics. The DermaSeptic operates on a durable lithium battery that will last for years. Silver conductive gel is provided.

May Be Used For:

Cold Sores, Fever Blisters, Herpes: These are best treated at their earliest stage, before they break the skin. Once they have created a sore, the natural healing process required to rebuild the skin will take a couple of days. When treated early, the lesions will generally not develop into the open sore stage. In some cases, another site may develop within hours of the first site remission. Should this occur, immediately begin treating the new site with more applications per day as it will exhibit an accelerated cycle. Once the inflammation has subsided, the frequency of treatment may be reduced.

Warts: Since these maladies, by their very nature, have a notable amount of tissue built up, it will take your body some time (after the virus is gone) to reduce the tissue mass. Warts may take up to a month to fully disappear. Prepare the wart for treatment by removing the wart tissue with a dissolving product and soften the area by soaking or with a warm compress. These steps will increase the depth of penetration for the DermaSeptic and allows more effective reduction of the virus with each treatment.

Acne: May be treated effectively with the DermaSeptic. It is best if the tip contacts only the blemish and not the surrounding skin. If it contacts the surrounding skin, it could leave a small, temporary discoloration. This will disappear in a day or so. Test treatment on 1 or 2 spots before treating a large area. This will help you to determine how your skin type reacts to treatment time.

May also be used for skin conditions such as Fungus and Rashes.

Suggested Usage:
Cold sores and other Herpes Virus: 5 minutes every 3 hours until inflammation ceases.
Warts: 10 minutes, 2x/day until the tenderness stops.
Acne: 3 minutes, 2x day until the blemish disappears.

To use the DermaSeptic, first clean the area to be treated with soap and water. Next, clean the silver tip with the emery board. Apply a thin film of conductive gel to the silver tip. Apply a small amount of the conductive gel on the finger you will use to hold the unit. Hold the case so that the finger with the gel presses firmly on the stainless steel contact plate. Press the silver tip to the area you wish to treat. The green LED indicator will flash when the device is activated and working. You will not feel any sensation from the unit even though it is operating effectively.