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Epilepsy - Jody's Journey, 260 pages

Purchase Epilepsy - Jody's Journey, 260 pages

Epilepsy - Jody's Journey, 260 pages

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Epilepsy, Jody's Journey
An Inspiring True Story of Healing with the Edgar Cayce Remedies
By Linda Caputi, RN

This is a remarkable true story of a young woman's seven-year struggle and final victory over epilepsy. Jody was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teenager and tried the medications her physicians prescribed. When they failed to help, she turned to an alternative approach - one offered by the late Edgar Cayce, also known as the "Sleeping Prophet." Cayce explained that often the original problem was not in the head but within the abdomen and spine. The remedies he suggested were directed at the cause, not the symptoms. These remedies helped Jody when nothing else did - even after the discovery and removal of a brain tumor. Cayce suggested at times singularly or in combination, osteopathic adjustments, packs, hydrotherapy, herbs, and even surgery - whichever he knew, in his altered state of consciousness, was most appropriate.

This book also reviews and charts Cayce's remedies allowing you to see which were recommended and for whom. Nine case studies of people who received "psychic" readings from Cayce, and were healed, are summarized and comprise the last part of the book. It is a wonderful thing to be able to say, "I had epilepsy."