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Full Spectrum Hemp Peppermint Tea

Purchase Full Spectrum Hemp Peppermint Tea

Full Spectrum Hemp Peppermint Tea

Item #: 4541
Size 18 tea bags
Sorry, 'Full Spectrum Hemp Peppermint Tea' has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check our related products, categories, or store search.

Hemp Peppermint Tea
De-Stress with A Comforting Cup of Tea
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  • Infused With Water Soluble Hemp
  • Caffeine-Free
  • USA Grown Hemp
  • 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags

Smooth and pure, clean and invigorating, the flavor profile of Hemp-Peppermint Tea will pleasantly surprise and delight. Traditionally known to aid digestion, Peppermint also boasts the medicinal reputation to cool the body and reduce stress. Hemp-Peppermint Tea not only includes some of the freshest, highest quality Peppermint available, it is enhanced with  water-soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp, which rounds out this cup of cool to make it the refreshing cup you'll seek at mealtime, before bed, or whenever that feeling of ahhhhh is the goal.

Why Water-Soluble vs. Oil Based Tea?

Not all Hemp-infused teas are the same. The truth is, that Hemp oil-based teas can't extract in hot water. However, this Hemp-Peppermint Tea blend is crafted using nanosized particles of water-soluble Hemp extract, ensuring that the unique properties of Hemp actually ends up in your tea.

Steeping Instructions

  1. Use 1 tea bag per cup of boiling, fresh water. It is recommended to use filtered or spring water and a glass, ceramic or stainless steel pot.
  2. Cover and steep for 3-7 minutes.
  3. Remove tea bag and enjoy!

Fresh water is essential for brewing a proper cup of tea.

Organic Peppermint Leaf, Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble Hemp Extract.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 tea bag (1.5g)
Servings Per Container: 18
Amount Per Serving
Calories  0 Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract  5mg 
% Daily Values**  
Total Fat  0g 0%  
Sodium  0g 0%  
Total Carb  0g 0%  
    Sugars  0g
Protein  0g
**Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Warning: Consult with a healthcare provider prior to use if you are currently pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or if you have a medical condition.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.