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HerboMineral Rejuvenating Mud Bath 16 oz. - Buy One Get One Free!

Purchase HerboMineral Rejuvenating Mud Bath 16 oz. - Buy One Get One Free!

HerboMineral Rejuvenating Mud Bath 16 oz. - Buy One Get One Free!

Item #: OF8014
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HerboMineral Rejuvenating Mud Bath
Contains 13 potent herbs & minerals
Ayurvedic Formula

This Ayurvedic Recipe, handed down through many generations in a single family line, combines over 13 potent herbs and minerals noted for their purifying and rejuvenating effects on the skin. Use in bath or shower instead of soap, or as a facial mask for a natural beauty treatment and wrinkle relaxer. This mud bath naturally draws out toxins and impurities, exfoliates and nourishes the skin.

  • Deep cleans as a natural body scrub
  • Draws out toxins and impurities
  • Nourishes and remineralizes the skin

Suggested Uses:

For use in bath or shower instead of soap: Using the cap as a small bowl and the enclosed spoon, mix 2-3 spoonfuls of HerboMineral Mud powder with very little water, enough to make a thin mud paste. Apply on the wet body from head to toe. Massage the entire body gently but firmly for at least 6-10 minutes (the longer the better) with special attention to the forehead, eyelids, neck, chest, stomach (in a clockwise motion), joints and any sensitive part. Do not let the paste dry on the body during the bath; when it feels dry, sprinkle with water and massage. Gradually wash the paste off with water only (soap is not necessary because the mud paste cleanses and refreshes), rinse thoroughly and dry.

Facial Treatment Masks: Liberally apply a medium thick paste over the whole face. Keep moist with a spritzer bottle or steamy face cloth. The longer the paste remains moist on the skin the better. 20 minutes is a good treatment time. Completely re-moisten the mud before massaging off with water. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. (Milk or rosewater may be added instead of water for added benefits).

Headache: A gentle massage of the face with special attention to the forehead, temples and delicate areas around the eyes relaxes the tension which causes pain.

Common Cough and Cold: Gargling with a diluted warm water solution of HerboMineral and washing/massaging the forehead, eyelids, nose and throat with a thin paste alleviates the clogged passages and soothes irritation.

Prickly Heat and skin rash: Regular bath treatments.

Pimples & Skin Conditions: Massage the face well 2-3 times a day to deep clean pores.

Monthly Discomfort: A good quantity of a thin paste made with warm water and massage long and well through the entire middle portion from waist to knees and lower back brings welcome relief and freshness.

Dental Care: To sooth sore gums or aching teeth, liberally apply a thick paste covering the effected area and let remain for 15-20 minutes. May also be used to regularly clean teeth and stimulate gums.

Ingredients: Emblic Myrobalan (Amalaki), Mango-Ginger (Amraharidra), Pistacia integemima (Karkarshrungi), Nut Grass (Njagamustak), Himalayan Silver Fir (Talispatra), Embelia tsenam (Vidang), Sweet Flag (Vacha), bonduc nut (Kashtaki Karanj), Terminalia chebula (Haritaki), Terminalia belerica (Bibhitak), Galangal (Chhardriripu), Young TerminaliaChebulic (Balharitaki) systematically processed with the minerally rich layers (Black Clay, Yellow Clay, Red Clay, and Fuller's Earth) found in the beds of rivers and lakes in certain pristine parts of India.