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Ioxan and Collis Curve Toothbrush Special (3 Bottles, 1 Toothbrush)

Purchase Ioxan and Collis Curve Toothbrush Special (3 Bottles, 1 Toothbrush)

Ioxan and Collis Curve Toothbrush Special (3 Bottles, 1 Toothbrush)

Item #: B3772
Size 3 Bottles, 1 Toothbrush
Our Ioxan and Collis Curve Toothbrush Special has expired. You may purchase Ioxan and Collis Curve Toothbrushes individually.

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Ioxan™, Herbal Gum Massage, 4 oz
For Healthy, Strong Gums

    • Invigorates & Stimulates
    • Promotes Healthy Gums and Strong Teeth
    • Edgar Cayce Ipsab Formula
    • Concentrated Natural Formula
    • pronounced I-O-ZAN
    • BPA Free Bottle

Ioxan provides invigorating freshness and helps stimulate your gums. Use along with flossing and professional dental checkups, to keep your teeth and gums healthy. This well known Edgar Cayce Ipsab formula for healthy teeth and gums, may also be used as a natural mouthwash or liquid toothpaste when diluted. This concentrated formula gives you the results you need! Dr. Baar has selected every premium ingredient to deliver the highest quality available.

Kathy Baar, a registered dental hygienist, graduate of University of Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene School has used Ioxan® Herbal Gum Massage extensively with her patients and reports, "I have found this to be the one of the best natural products for inflammation of the gums."

Suggested Use:
Shake well before use. After brushing and flossing, massage Ioxan over gum and tooth areas with a cotton swab or finger once or twice daily, or as necessary. Rinse after use. As a mouth rinse, mix 1 tablespoon to two ounces of water. May also be used as a liquid toothpaste.

An aqueous solution of Prickly Ash Bark, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Iodine, Grain Alcohol, Peppermint Oil.

Customers' Experiences:

"Ioxan is the most effective gum therapy I have found." - A.B., MD., Wheeling, WV

"I had not gone to the dentist for nearly four years and when I finally went I was told, after the cleaning, to come back in three months because my gums didn't look healthy and that I may need a deep cleaning. For two months prior to my return I used IOXAN and was glad when told that my gums now look healthy." - W.B. Sarasota, FL

"IOXAN ... worked! I used the stuff twice a day, working it into the gum with an electric rotary toothbrush... Last week, I went for another checkup without telling the hygienist what I had done, but merely asked what the "pockets" looked like. 'What pockets? There are none!' No more talk of surgery and my mouth feels just fine!" - F.Z., St. Augustine, FL

"Excellent products! My husband was told he needed gum surgery. I bought IOXAN. A few months later, the dentist was amazed and said he didn't need surgery! I gave our dentist all the info about it for other patients. He was impressed! THANKS!" - J.C., Wichita Falls, TX

Collis Curve Toothbrush
Prevent Gum Disease & Bad Breath

    • Curved Bristles Gently Cleanse both Teeth & Gums
    • Great for Braces, Caps, Crowns, Implants, ect.
    • Effective in Removing Plaque

Here's a toothbrush that is specifically designed with curved bristles to clean tooth surfaces and clean the sulcus, a naturally occurring space between the teeth and gums. The curved bristle toothbrush is a versatile cleaning instrument because its bristles are curved much like that of a dental instrument. The Collis Curve was specially designed by a practicing Minnesota dentist to hug your teeth and scrub exposed tooth surfaces and the sulcus with one horizontal sweep. Outer bristles are medium and curved to protect and clean the gums, while center bristles are short and stiff to clean the top of the teeth. Studies done around the country in schools and institutions found the Collis Curve more effective in plaque removal than the conventional toothbrush. The Collis Curve is a medium bristle brush (8/16"), made from Tynex Nylon. Designed for people with recessed gums, longer or larger teeth, dental appliances such as braces, caps, crowns and implants.

The Collis Curve uses simultaneous brushing methods to clean plaque from all surfaces of the teeth at once, decreasing brushing time, and making brushing easy for most users. It is safe ... the curved bristles automatically form a 45° angle to the tooth. This allows the force put on the brush by its user to be broken at the curve, allowing the bristles to clean but there is no force to poke or abrade the tooth structure. It is easy ... Straight bristles require skill beyond the capability of most brushers. The Collis Curve uses 6 different motions to effectively brush where as the straight brush requires over 20 position changes to perform the same task. It is effective ... Effective brushing can be performed in approximately 60 seconds, most straight brushes require 3 minutes of brushing to effectively remove plaque.

Suggested Usage:
Place the brush over the tops of teeth as shown. Brush back and forth. The outer bristles are curved and soft to protect and clean the tops of teeth. Close teeth end to end and finish with a circular scrub. The bristles are curved so there's No danger of poking your gums. It is recommended that you brush in a systematic method getting all four quadrants clean. This should take approximately one minute depending on your dentition. The bristles won't lose their curve but will lose the tension on the curve and should be replaced every 3 months if you brush 1-2 times per day. Replace more often if you brush more than 3 times per day.

Customers' Experiences:

"These are GREAT (Collis Curve) toothbrushes, I'm a past dental assistant and really appreciate that someone has a product like this." - C.H., Washburn, WI

"We love this toothbrush! And what a fantastic price!!! I'm giving one as a Christmas present, I know the recipient will love it as much as I do. Thanks." - J.R

"I ordered the Collis Curve toothbrush, Auromere toothpaste,and IOXAN treatment/mouthwash. I use all three products every night. After flossing, I brush my teeth with the Collis curve and Auromere for one minute, as instructed. Then I use a Q-tip to apply the IOXAN to the inside of my teeth, the outside of my teeth, the surfaces of my teeth, and the gums. I first noticed that the sensitivity when flossing that I had in my back teeth went away after two days of using the products. And my back teeth feel "better brushed" around the gum line than I was ever able to do with a traditional type of toothbrush. After a week, my husband commented on how white my teeth looked. Then I looked, and he was right! With all of the teeth whitening products there are on the market, I was able to get whiter teeth in one week by using all natural ingredients, and not some formulation full of potentially harmful chemicals. Thank you for these wonderful products! - J. C., Beavercreek, OH