Herbal Gum Massage and Mouthwash

(Pronounced: I' - O - ZAN)

From Baar Products, Inc.

(c) Ioxan, Herbal Gum Massage

Just rub it on your gums and rinse. Some use it as a liquid toothpaste. This is a well known Cayce product for your gums and is a natural mouthwash when diluted. It contains the American Indian "toothache bark", sodium chloride, calcium chloride, iodine, grain alcohol, and peppermint oil. Use along with your daily brushing, flossing, and professional dental checkups, to keep your mouth and gums fresh and healthy. Kathy Baar a registered dental hygienist, graduate of University of Pennsylvania Dental Hygiene School has used Ioxan™ Herbal Gum Massage extensively with her patients and reports, "I have found this to be the one of the best natural products for inflammation of the gums."
#772 Ioxan, Herbal Gum Massage, 4 oz
(pronounced I-O-ZAN)

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