Palma Christi™ Skin Lotion


Palma Christi Skin LotionThis castor-oil-based lotion is formulated to moisturize the skin and improve its appearance. Castor oil (Palma Christi) is the number-one oil in Cayce�s health recommendations. We�ve blended it with lanolin, cocoa butter, aloe vera, almond oil, vitamin E, and a natural herbal extract. This special non-greasy formula moisturizes without clogging pores. It penetrates the skin to help reduce the effects of dryness to give you youthful skin. No artificial colors or fragrances! Now in a NEW Pump Bottle!
Apply and massage into the skin. Can be used after bathing, during the day or at bedtime.

#10005 Palma Christi Skin Lotion, 8 oz pump bottle

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