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Peter Van Daam's Exercise DVD

Purchase Peter Van Daam's Exercise DVD

Peter Van Daam's Exercise DVD

Item #: 607

Peter Van Daam's Exercises: Western Yoga for All
Developed using guidelines in the Edgar Cayce Readings

• For any age or physical condition
• For cleansing and strengthening the body and mind & awakening the Soul
• Exercises can be done in any location

Peter Van Daam is a popular speaker at the Association for Research & Enlightenment (ARE) and elsewhere. He often lectures of a lifestyle based on guidelines in the Edgar Cayce Readings. Peter's exercise program evolved through his personal practice over the past 12 years. His exercises are featured at ARE conferences and medical symposiums. A graduate of MIT and Brown, Peter now lives in Virginia Beach.

This 90 minute instructional DVD Video contains an interactive menu:
Quick Overview / Guidelines / Instructions / 15 Min Session / 9 Min Session / Pelvic Roll / The Cayce Connection

No matter where you are on the scale of fitness, a 15 minute daily investment using these gentle, low impact morning lymphatic exercises will:
-Restore flexibility, strength and energy
-Enhance athletic performance
-Prevent the gradual loss of body and mind function associated with physical inactivity

"You only need a small space, soft shoes, comfortable clothes, 15 minutes and you will be feeling better in no time!" - Peter Van Daam