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Pillowsonic Digital Speakers

Purchase Pillowsonic Digital Speakers

Pillowsonic Digital Speakers

Item #: 7952
Sorry, 'Pillowsonic Digital Speakers' has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check our related products, categories, or store search.

PillowSonic Pillow Speaker
Digital Stereo Speakers for Under-The-Pillow
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While Supplies Last!

  • New Soft Foam Design!
  • Comfortable & Relaxing with No Headphones
  • Attaches to Any Standard Audio Player (Player Not Included)
  • Fall Asleep Faster, Naturally
  • Allows for Private Listening
  • Calming, Soothing

Private listening in total comfort at bedtime sometimes is not easy - particularly if you share your bedroom with someone else. And headphones are not always the best alternative. Pillowsonic stereo pillow speakers were designed to be enjoyed at bed time, to bring you private listening in total comfort without entangling ear buds or headphones. This flat-designed, stereo, acoustically enhanced set of micro speakers is housed in a soft, durable, lab-quality, acoustic foam material, measuring 4"x12"x7/8", that placed under the user's pillow, allows private listening, while in bed, without the need for headsets or ear buds.

Pillow Speakers are often recommended by health care professionals for stress reduction, for falling asleep faster, to mask tinnitus, for pain management, for subliminal learning, and other therapeutic applications. Pillowsonic pillow speakers have proven effective as a support treatment for individuals with Alzheimer disease, autism, brain injury, and other conditions needing audio sensory stimuli.

Pillowsonic Underneath the Pillow of a sleeping womanPillowsonic features two quality speakers that deliver crystal-clear sound at gentle, safe volume levels, in stereo, throughout even the plushest pillows. The audio be heard gently throughout the entire surface of your pillow, allowing you to turn and move freely without missing a sound or a word.

Suggested Use:
Place Pillow Sonic under your pillow, connect it to your player (iPod, Smart Phone, MP3, CD, Tape), radio, TV or radio alarm clock and enjoy the sounds of your choice without headphones. Comes with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the audio wire?
12 inch long audio cable with a 6 ft audio cable extension with inline volume control included. If you need a longer wire, extensions can be purchased at Radio Shack or similar outlets nationwide.

What kind of connector does it have?
A standard 3.5mm mini-jack, like any standard head set.

How do I control the volume?
From your sound source (Connects with standard 3.5mm jack to iPod, Smart Phones, Mp3 & CD players, Radio, TV, Radio Alarm-Clocks, and more.)

How flat it is?
Pillowsonic is 4" Wide X 12" Long X Approximately 7/8" Thick

Does the Pillowsonic stay in place?
Original housing design allows speakers to remain always in place for best performance. New foam housing prevents unit from sliding under the pillow.

Is it washable?
Speakers can be removed for foam housing to be washed/sterilized, if desired.