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Radio-Active Appliance - Radial Appliance Model

Radio-Active Appliance - Radial Appliance Model
Item #: HS100
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Old Design Radio-Active Appliance - Radial Appliance Model

  • Unit Only
  • Wires and Emery Paper Sold Separately. See Related Items.
  • Old Design - No Lifetime Warranty

Heritage Store sold their complete Vibrational Products Business to Baar Products in March 2011 and no longer sells any of these products.

As with all the older model Radial Appliances or Radio-Active appliances, design problems from these models are now resolved in the new Radiac® units #100 and #100RXC. See the links below.

Not Included but can be purchased separately:
Red Wire #111 and Black Wire #112 with Attachment Discs, Hook & Loop fasteners and Emery paper.

Radiac® Solves All the Old Appliance Design Failures

"Radial Appliance" is considered a misnomer today. Its name was created in the 1980s and it has since been determined the proper term is Radiac or Radio-Active Appliance.

  • Radio-Active Appliance is the true term used by Edgar Cayce.
  • Edgar Cayce NEVER said "over 60%" Carbon Steel. Only the Radiac has proper steel.
  • Radiac® is the Trademark Name for the Radio-Active Appliance. Trademarked for your protection.
  • The many design flaws of all the "Radial" Appliances have been corrected by the Radiac.
  • No Assembly Required - Radiac is complete with Lifetime Guarantee.

Throughout our years of research evaluating these units we decided to show you what can happen when they are not designed and assembled correctly. This is a short pictorial representation of some issues that have been corrected by the Baar design. Because of these corrections and our continued research, Baar is the endorsed manufacturer of these appliances now trademarked as Radiac.
The problem started when these old style design units were made without knowledge of long term consequences.
Our 25 year analysis of these designs revealed serious defects that needed to be corrected. You can see some of them below.

Radial Appliance Defects Radial Appliance Seals Cracking Radial Appliance Hairline Cracks

Old Radial Appliance Design Flaws

  • These "Radial" units become defective with long term use.
  • There are other design flaws and failures we will describe in future postings.

Design Defect of "Radial Appliances" Example #1

  • These units are continually being placed in ice water, removed and then placed in the sun. This creates a large temperature difference.
  • Our 25 year analysis of these designs revealed serious defects that needed to be corrected.
  • These "Radial" units become defective with long term use.

Example #2 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • Different casing materials contract and expand at different rates of speed and eventually create hairline cracks.
  • These hairline cracks will suck in damaging moisture.
  • When placed in ice and water it contracts and pulls in damaging moisture.
Radial Appliance Failures
Radial Appliance Defective Parts
Radial Appliance Failures

Example #3 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • The moisture gets inside these old and poorly designed units and cause rusting, shorting, general breakdown and failure.
  • These cracks are hard to see but will do great damage.
  • The broken seal can happen at any time and you may not know your unit is failing.

Example #4 of Radial Appliance Defects: Wrong Components

  • The old radial "assemble-it-yourself" kit
  • It has multiple problems, including:
    • Incorrect Carbon Content Steel
    • Incorrect Charcoal
    • Incorrect Discs
    • Incorrect Wire
    • Poor Quality Jacks and Plugs
    • Assembly Difficulties
    • Sealing Problems

Example #5 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • Cayce describes proper design..."these would be tipped (for connectors) on BOTH ends and set so that they may be removed from EITHER end."
  • "Make all of these appliances conform to this formula." Cayce
  • Cayce states that both ends are to be removable from the unit and these are not.

See Even More Information on These Design Flaws Here.

See Below How All These Issues have Been Corrected.

The Solution
To All of these Problems Are
Corrected by the Radiac

  • Single Seal Technology completely protects your Radiac.
  • The Radiac is completely sealed in one single material.
  • No separation caused by dissimilar materials.
  • No Cracking, No Moisture, No Rust, No Breakdown.
  • The Radiac will never crack, leak or experience degradation.
  • Moisture will never get inside to destroy it.
  • The Radiac has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Radiac is leakproof and rustproof.
  • The Radiac is Trademarked for protection from all of these issues.
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