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Rock Salt Crystal Lamp

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Rock Salt Crystal Lamp

Item #: 2130
Sorry, 'Rock Salt Crystal Lamp' has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check our related products, categories, or store search.
Due to the natural composition of this lamp the size, shape, color and weight will vary.

Natural Salt Crystal Lamps
Nature's Ionizer

  • Places Negative Ions Into the Air
  • Promotes Relaxation and Well Being
  • Increases Chi (life energy)

Did you know that Salt is naturally Hygroscopic? This means that it naturally attracts moisture from the atmosphere. When the Rock Salt Crystal is warmed, the process of the moisture evaporating gives off negative ions which help to purify the air. Non-illuminated crystals (cool) work as mini ionizers, however the salt crystal lamps which are illuminated from inside (warm) emit a higher number of ions.

Salt crystal lamps are made from salt crystal rocks formed hundreds of millions of years ago in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains. Each lamp is carefully crafted by hand to retain the unique, beautiful and natural shape of the rock. The warm glow beautifies any room in the house or office while the crystal produces healthy negative ions. Perhaps you have noticed a feeling of crisp well-being intensified in pure mountain air, at the seashore or after a thunderstorm? This is due to the naturally higher concentration of negative ions in these environments. It is no coincidence that healing spas are as a rule, located in areas with foaming salt water or roaring mountain springs which generate plentiful negative ions. These cause air particles to achieve electrical or ionic balance.

Placement of the Lamp:

Salt crystal lamps are highly suitable for daily use in the whole house particularly in bedrooms, meditation areas, near televisions, computers or around smokers. Using these beautiful lamps in offices can reduce fatigue. They will minimize the effect of all screen radiations and add a relaxing tone to your work area and surroundings by helping to improve concentration and neutralizing the effects of the artificial environment. The lamps are effectively used in waiting rooms to create a relaxing atmosphere, during massage therapy or anywhere you want to restore and maintain the natural air quality. The benefits of ionizing are well known. While most ionizers on the market are man-made machines, the salt crystal lamp is Mother Nature's beautiful alternative.

Care for your lamp:

Salt crystal lamps should not be used in rooms with excessive humidity. If exposed to dampness, leave the lamp lit for several hours to emit the surplus humidity, and then remove any powdery material with a dry cloth. Every now and then, wipe the dust off the lamp with a damp (not soaking wet) cloth.

Technical Details:

Ions are charged particles in the air, formed when enough energy acts on a molecule such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, water or nitrogen to eject an electron. The displaced electron attaches itself to a nearby molecule which then becomes a negative ion (neg-ion). The original molecule (minus an electron) is now a positive ion (pos-ion). These ions, in turn, react with dust and pollutants to form larger ions. Small neg-ions, usually no more than 12 gaseous molecules clustered around a charged atom or molecule, are short lived and highly mobile. Their beneficial effect was first discovered, so some versions of the ionization story go, in 1932 by Dr C W Hansell at RCA laboratories when the doctor was startled by the violent mood swings of a colleague who sat beside an electrostatic generator. Subsequent researches, mostly abroad, have found that neg-ions reduce neurosis and anxiety, heighten appetite and thirst and even stimulate sexual behavior. Neg-ions promote alpha brainwaves and increase brainwave amplitude, which translates to a higher awareness level. Neg-ion induced alpha waves spread from the occipital area to the parietal and temporal reaching the frontal lobes, spreading evenly across the right and left brain hemispheres. All of this creates an overall calming effect.

Uses a standard 15 watt light bulb.