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Smoking Withdrawal Relief, DISCONTINUED

Purchase Smoking Withdrawal Relief, DISCONTINUED

Smoking Withdrawal Relief, DISCONTINUED

Item #: 9641
Sorry, 'Smoking Withdrawal Relief, DISCONTINUED' has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check our related products, categories, or store search.

Smoking Withdrawal Relief
Kick the Habit with Reduced Side Effects

This natural homeopathic medicine relieves the symptoms related to withdrawal from cigarette smoking, including nervous tension, cravings, irritability, nausea and cough. This special formula also aids the body in eliminating toxins produced by tobacco and helps restore your normal chemical balance.

A Natural Homeopathic Medicine.
All natural ingredients
No alcohol
No side effects
No drowsiness

Stop it Smoking was specifically formulated to compliment the existing product Smoking Withdrawal. The two important steps for any tobacco user are to reduce tobacco cravings and their psychological impact and to detoxify the body from not only nicotine but thousands of other chemicals that are used in the processed tobacco products. Smoking Withdrawal was formulated to help rid the body of these chemicals and address the symptoms that occur as a result. Stop It Smoking is specifically formulated to reduce tobacco cravings. Each of these products addresses one of the steps in breaking the nicotine addiction cycle. They are designed to compliment each other well in a combined program to reduce cravings and detoxify. This also allows the consumer to concentrate the help where they need it most - Stop it Smoking in the beginning to reduce cravings and Smoking Withdrawal during and after they kick the habit to help them stay tobacco free.