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Spiritual Guided Meditation for Healing by Dr. Moses

Purchase Spiritual Guided Meditation for Healing by Dr. Moses

Spiritual Guided Meditation for Healing by Dr. Moses

Item #: 738CD
Sorry, 'Spiritual Guided Meditation for Healing by Dr. Moses' has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check our related products, categories, or store search.

Spiritual Guided Meditation for Healing
by Dr. Moses

  • Fully Guided Meditation Program
  • Beautiful Music & Guided Imagery
  • Experience DEEP Relaxation
  • Visualize Whole-Body Healing

This Complete Spiritual Guided Meditation CD for Healing is a great way to enhance visualization and experience deep meditation. Use by itself or when applying Castor Oil Packs, the Radiac and the Baar Wet Cell. Using the Edgar Cayce Readings as its foundation, it allows one to experience the perfect & pure harmonies only found in Nature. There are no subliminal messages.


Chart of the Chakras based on the Cayce Readings, including body areas, glands, hormones, and ideals.
Bonus Track: Music for Meditation, Relaxation & Healing, for meditating on your own.

A Note From Dr. Moses Nasser:

This meditation was created with Great Love and Attention to every part: Every note, every harmony, every word written and spoken with Intense Love, Intentionally and Energetically.

This program is the work of many years of both Study And Experience, that combine all of the following:

  1. As a physician, a deep and thorough knowledge of the physical and psychological make-up of human beings.
  2. A deep and thorough knowledge of the structure of the physical body, through Osteopathic Manipulation.
  3. A deep and thorough knowledge of the nervous system, the glandular system, hormones, and emotions.
  4. A deep and thorough knowledge of the connections between the physical body, the Mind-Brain interface, Emotions and the actual Chakras.
  5. Years of experience with different types of Meditation.
  6. Years of experience with Natural Healing.
  7. Years of experience with live Healing Guided Meditations for patients while doing Osteopathic Manipulation and Energy Work.
  8. Years of study of the healing properties of Beautiful Music and Harmony, as a Spiritual Musician, and how different types of Music effect Healing in different ways.

I connect ALL of this knowledge and experience to deeply intertwine The: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual portions of the Human Being. You will only understand it through experience.

With Great Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Light, and Healing,

Dr. Moses.

About Dr. Moses:
Nasser Dr. Moses is a Licensed & Board Certified Osteopathic Family Physician and Holistic Musician, specializing in Spirituality, Meditation, Mind-Body Healing, and Music for Healing.

He is also a Composer, Writer, and Spiritual Guide. His life purpose is Practical Spirituality: To create programs that will transform our world one person at a time, helping Human Beings become Happy again: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Dr. Moses studied Physiological Sciences at UCLA and went on to Western University of Health Sciences to study Osteopathic Medicine. He currently resides in sunny Southern California. Features the Gentle-Loving Words, Music, and Spoken Voice of Dr. Moses, Creating a Unique Meditation Experience: Spiritual Mind-Body Healing at its best!

Writer: Dr. Moses
Composer: Dr. Moses
Vocals: Dr. Moses
Producer: Dr. Moses
Publisher: One Source Healing, Inc.
Copyright 2011.

Mind-Body healing is not a replacement for regular care and follow up with your doctor. We never recommend that you stop care with your regular doctor. Guided meditation is an adjunct and not a replacement for recommended medical care.


"This is, by far, the best guided meditation out there. You have no idea how happy I am to have found it!"

"I am a seasoned meditator of several decades and your meditation is one of the best."

"I really enjoyed listening to this meditation CD. The music was very calming and relaxing. The beats flowed very well together. I feel as though my anxiety has decreased dramatically after listening to the CD. I sleep so much better and am able to concentrate so much better throughout the day. I feel much more relaxed and at ease. After listening to it, I feel like I am much more productive and have a lot less stress. Of any other meditation CD I have listened to, it is the best one. Thank you so much Dr. Moses! I feel as though my life is so much better after having listened to it."

"I not only enjoyed listening to this CD, but I believe it has been extremely beneficial to me, not only as a relaxation tool, but as a mood enhancer. Dr. Moses’s voice lends itself well to instilling a peaceful calm through guided imagery, and both his chosen words and music aid in creating a state of deep relaxation. All of this works together to remove any stumbling blocks that might prevent us from achieving true healing of our minds and bodies. His message is positive and uplifting and his gentle guidance leads us to a place of health and spiritual joy."

"I usually fall asleep while listening, and then my sub-conscious mind still reaps the benefits of repeated listening."

"I feel stronger, healthier and happier because of the simple act of listening every evening. Thank you Dr. Moses!"