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ThermaLuxe Massaging Heating Pad

ThermaLuxe Massaging Heating Pad
Item #: 10459

Size: 12" x 24"
Single Price: $49.95

ThermaLuxeâ„¢ Massaging Heating Pad
Soothing Heat & Relaxing Massage

Massaging Features:

  • HI, LOW & OFF Settings (Massager Only)
  • Automatic Shut-Off (Massager Only)

Heating Features:

  • Heat Slide Switch: On and Off
  • NO Automatic Shut-Off

Additional Features:

  • Extra Large Size: 12" x 24"
  • Independent Heat & Massage Controls
  • Velcro Straps for Travel & Storage
  • 120V Electrical Outlet
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Cloth Cover - not removable

The ThermaLuxe™ Massaging Heating Pad soothes aches and pains with ease and convenience. The ergonomic control manages 5 independent settings for heat and massage, administering a custom combination of caressing warmth and therapeutic relief. The extra-large size covers multiple muscle groups at once, providing a warm massage for big relief. Velcro straps are provided for storage and travel convenience.

Timer Feature:
The massage motors will automatically shut off after 20 minutes. To restart, first set the massage switch back to OFF and then set the switch to LO or HI again. Please note the heating function operates independently of the timer.

**The pad is not machine-washable. Fabric may be spot cleaned with a warm cloth and mild soap and water. Be sure your pad is adequately protected if using it with a Castor Oil pack. Apply your favorite muscle and joint massage oil, such as Arthro, after your massage and heat session for more penetrating absorption.

Comes with Manufacturer's Limited Five Year Warranty.

Warning: This pad is not to be used on or by an invalid, a paralyzed person, a sleeping or unconscious person, a person with diabetes or a person with poor blood circulation. Do not use on areas of sensitive skin. Do not use this pad with liniment, salve or ointment preparations that contain heat producing ingredients.