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U.V. Lamp 800 watts

Purchase U.V. Lamp 800 watts

U.V. Lamp 800 watts

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Mercury Vapor Lamp
Ultra Violet - 800 watts

Prescription Required

Our Phototherapy Lamp is an ultraviolet medical device intended for treatment of mild or localized psoriasis. It is inexpensive, highly portable and easily stored. Made in the USA, it is engineered to meet all FDA requirements. Its high-intensity Mercury Vapor Lamp emits both UVA and UVB and so may be used, under a physician's direction, for both types of phototherapy.

This Lamp comes with a heavy-duty tripod which permits three-way adjustment: (a) the height of the Lamp, (b) the angle of the arm holding the Lamp and (c) the angle of the Lamp itself. The tripod legs fold up for easy storage.

For ease of packing and portability, a table stand is included so that therapy need not be interrupted by vacation or business travel. A wire guard protects the Lamp from breakage. The Lamp operates on ordinary 110 volt household current. Instructions for use are included, although the time and frequency of the therapy should be only at the direction of a physician. A ten-minute timer makes it easy to follow your physician's instructions.

Ultraviolet Protective Eyewear is included, and must be worn whenever the Lamp is in use. The Eyewear is UL. Listed, and formulated to exceed FDA requirements for UV blockage. The headband and nose piece are adjustable for patient comfort and the lenses are of sufficient transparency to permit the adjustment of the Lamp while the Eyewear is worn, to enhance patient safely. IMPORTANT: Protective UV Eyewear must also be worn by any person who will be in the room, whether a health care professional or a family member.

As with all ultraviolet medical devices of this type, a physician's approval and a prescription is required to accompany your order, and it is a condition of sale that the Lamp be used only in conjunction with the advice and supervision of a medical doctor.

UVA&B Milliwatts/Meter Squared by Nanometers