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Visionary Medicine, 167 pp, Paperback

Purchase Visionary Medicine, 167 pp, Paperback

Visionary Medicine, 167 pp, Paperback

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Visionary Medicine
By: Simone Gabbay
Real Hope for Total Healing

Edgar Cayce's amazing natural therapies have brought health and healing to thousands of people around the world, many of whom had failed to find help from orthodox medicine. What are these healing secrets, and how can you benefit from them today?

Visionary Medicine: Real Hope for Total Healing tells you how the Cayce therapies and remedies can help you to:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Prevent Degenerative disease
  • Improve Circulation & Flexibility
  • Get sound, Restful Sleep
  • Tap into the power of energy medicine
  • Heal Yourself using Light & Sound
  • Improve Stress Response
  • Treat Depression & Addiction Holistically
  • Relieve Arthritis & Diabetes symptoms naturally
  • Benefit from Cayce's Radiac Appliance

Discover how you can use your mind to create health instead of illness. Learn about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and the high cost or unnecessary medical procedures. Find out why good nutrition is your first defense against degenerative disease and premature aging. Explore how exercise, chiropractic, massage and hydrotherapy can help you achieve optimal energy levels and greater well-being.

About the Author: Simone Gabbay, a nutritionist and holistic health educator who has worked with the Cayce material for 25 years, is a columnist for Venture Inward Magazine and a frequent contributor to major international health publications. Her previous book, Nourishing the body Temple, provides a comprehensive account of the nutritional guidance from the Edgar Cayce readings, drawing parallels to modern scientific research.