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Visor Food Processor and Juicer

Purchase Visor Food Processor and Juicer

Visor Food Processor and Juicer

Item #: 1102
Sorry, 'Visor Food Processor and Juicer' has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please check our related products, categories, or store search.
Natural Processor

You'll love your new VISOR Natural Processor 509 from Baar Products because...

The VISOR grinds your vegetables at a gentle 100 revolutions per minute (RPM). Nutrients deep inside the vegetable fibers are released by the VISOR's masticating action. Unlike other machines, the VISOR does not destroy nutrients by friction, heat, or oxidation. In some juicers, these three forces destroy fragile vitamins and enzymes before they get to your glass. But not in the VISOR!

Some juicers make your kitchen sound like the inside of a machine shop! You're forced to shout just to carry on a conversation. But not with the VISOR from Baar. The VISOR's slow turning gear and motor make juicing a pleasurable and peaceful experience.

Quick Clean Up
Studies have shown that even some of the finest juicers stay in the cupboard most of the year. Why? Because clean-up is such a forbidding chore that users are loathe to start up their juicers. Not so with the VISOR. We have revolutionized the clean-up process making the VISOR the easiest and fastest clean-up of any juicer you can buy (and it's quick to assemble, too).

More Than Juice
Keep your juicer on the counter and keep using it. So, in between juicing, you can use your VISOR to make ice-cream or sorbet from frozen fruits, nut butters from your favorite nuts, sprouted bread from grinding sprouted grains, and different pastas or noodles from your own dough.

Quality Manufactured
Every VISOR is made with FDA-approved, food grade, inert materials such as polycarbonate and melamine, including our world-patented "stone mill" type juicing gear (screw).

• Six-year guarantee
• UL/CUL listed
• Multi-purpose wheatgrass, fruit, and vegetable juicer
• Easy to assemble, use, and clean
• High juice yield
• Unique design with stealth visor
• Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing
• Built-in reverse prevents clogging Stainless steel "single gear" masticating extraction
• Slow rotation, 100 revolutions/minute (RPM), and powerful motor chews fibers for full release of enzymes, vitamins, minerals
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