#1102 Food Processor and Juicer from Baar Products

included in your Natural Processor #1102


1. (From l-r) Juicer body, juicing screw, strainer, strainer cap, juicer end nozzle. All in order of assembly.


2. Five pasta and noodle end nozzles. Large and small flat noodles (l). Large and small round noodles (r). Square hole noodles.
3. Blank strainer (l) and juice strainer (r).

4. (From l) #1 Nut butter nozzle for grinding nuts, seeds; #2 Custard nozzle for frozen fruit ice creams, sprouted grains, tough vegetables; #3 (with green washer) juice nozzle for fruit, vegetable and wheatgrass juice.
5. Hopper (l), Pusher (r).

6. Motor Body of your Natural Processor.
7. Juicer catch bowl (l), pulp catch bowl (r).

Wash all juicing parts (except the motor body) before first use.

1. Insert the juicing screw into the juicer body.

2. Then, add the: a. Juice strainer (or blank strainer) b. The strainer cap. Tighten it by turning it to the left or counter-clockwise. c. Finally, add the juicing end nozzle (the one with the green washer) or any of the other seven end nozzles depending on whether you are making juice, nut butter, or pasta. Tighten by again turning left or counter-clockwise.

3. Set the motor body on your counter. Make sure the power cord is unplugged during assembly. a. Insert the juicer body and its gear shaft into the motor body. Then lock the juicer body by turning the locking nut clockwise.

4. Insert the hopper onto the top of the juicer body chute and slide both the juice (small) and the pulp (bigger) catch bowls underneath the juicer body. The juice catch bowl sits closest to the motor. Now you are ready to begin pumping the vegetables into the juicer. Follow the tips for juicing on pages 5, 7, & 9 of your manual.

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