Vitamin E: 100% Natural Mixed Tocopherols


A major new survey of 47 health studies concludes that Vitamin E plays not only an important role in preventing or alleviating neurological disorders, but that natural Vitamin E, as opposed to synthetic products, supplies far more concentration to the brain and other body tissues. This new health study survey shows natural vitamin E five times more potent than synthetic vitamin E. (Veris, LaGrange, IL)
"Studies have demonstrated a preference for natural-source Vitamin E by various body tissues, including the brain and spinal cord, compared to synthetic Vitamin E."
"There was preferential uptake of natural-source Vitamin E by the lung, red blood cells, blood plasma and brain. "
" Antioxidant therapy, including Vitamin E supplements, has been the focus of many recent scientific studies.
Antioxidants are compounds that protect the body from formation of oxygen free-radicals, which are unstable oxygen molecules that can line the interior of blood vessels and restrict blood flow. Formation of free radicals can lead to numerous diseases.

Our natural unesterified vitamin E is the least processed vitamin E and is the most popular vitamin E sold among knowledgeable consumers. Our mixed tocopherols contain d-alpha plus d-beta, d-gamma, and d-delta tocopherols. Mixed tocopherols are the least processed and most natural form of Vitamin E. Our mixed tocopherols are unesterified which may help the absorption in some individuals. (dl-alpha is the synthetic form of Vitamin E and is considered worthless compared to the d-alpha natural form; so check your cabinets!)

Suggested Usage:
As a dietary supplement, take 1-3 capsules daily with meals. We recommend taking this product with a source of essential fatty acids such as Evening Primrose Oil.

#892 Vitamin E, 400 IU, 100 gels

100% NATURAL. Unesterfied d-alpha tocopherol plus mixed tocopherols: d-beta, d-delta and d-gamma.

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