New CayceCare Products

Baar Products, Inc. is the Official Worldwide Exclusive Supplier of Edgar Cayce Health Care Products.
We are pleased to offer you our New List of Cayce Care Products. Click each one for picture and details:

#10005 Palma Christi Skin Lotion 8oz
#10007 Palma Christi Liquid Cleanser 16oz
#10006 Palma Christi Bar Soap 3oz ea, 3 bars
#20001 ScarCare Massage Lotion 4oz
#10004 Olivae Liquid Cleanser Soap in 16oz pump bottle
#10003 Olivae Bar Soap, 3oz ea, 3 Bars
#10002 Olivae Skin Lotion and Massage Oil, Almond Fresh™, 8oz
#10000 Olivae Shampoo 8oz
#10001 Olivae Hair Conditioner 8oz
#10008 Natura Magic Skin Lotion 8oz
#10010 Rose Water Body and Perfume Splash 8oz
#10011 Antidrandruf Shampoo 8oz
#20008 Psoriasis Medicated Scalp and Body Wash 8oz
#20007 Psoriasis Cream 2oz

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