Pennsylvania Crude Oil, Crudoleum


Pennsylvania Crude Oil, Crudoleum, Scalp TreatmentPennsylvania Crude Oil, Crudoleum, Hair Rinse

Pennsylvania Crude Oil was mentioned many times in the Cayce Readings to stimulate and clean the scalp, improve the fullness and shine of your hair, and to help with greying hair.
Our product is natural Pennsylvania Crude Oil taken fresh from the oilwell in Pennsylvania.
After stimulating your scalp and hair with Pennsylvania Crude Oil you can use our Hair Rinse to provide a refreshing cleanse. Our Hair Rinse includes pure grain alcohol and pine oil. This approach to treat your hair and scalp along with using Tonic #636 and diet was reccommended by Cayce to help with growth of hair, hair loss, greying hair and to soften and add fullness and shine to your hair. (See for the Cayce reading.)

#9791 Pennsylvania Crude Oil, 16 oz

#9671 Crude Oil Hair Rinse, 16 oz


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