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Customer Testimonials

"I have read Cayce's books and used several of his health products since about 1965, off and on. I have visited the beautiful Cayce center in VA Beach although now find the trip too difficult. Thank you for continuing to offer his wonderful products in this 'digital age'." - D.M., Chambersburg, PA

"All of the products I have ever purchased over 20 years have been most excellent. They are so helpful in helping you make good decisions about what they offer and truly want to help you. I would be totally out of sorts without Baar Products and the Edgar Cayce readings. Keep up the good work!!" - C.C., Benton, LA

"I have used Edgar Cayce remedies since the 1970s and I need some products and remembered your online presence. I have visited the ARE Clinic in Virginia. It is always a wonderful miracle when the products actually bring the anticipated relief." - P.B., Nampa, ID

"Appreciate all you do to provide us with these wonderful products! Blessings sent!" - S.B.S., Glendora, CA

"Love your products! So glad you are continuing the Cayce formulas. Thank you!" - J.L., Long Beach, MS

"I have enjoyed perusing your catalogs that I have received and enjoy seeing all the products. This order is for my brother who is having sciatic pain. Thank you." - D.H., Heyburn, ID

"Thanks again for selling the Cayce products and for having your technical support line available for our questions. It was a pleasure speaking to Kathy yesterday. I appreciate her knowledge and wisdom." - S.B.S., Glendora, CA

"I have never been sick. Because I am 'old' now- I will never buy from other companies. I believe that only Baar has the products I can use to keep me extremely 'well'. Thank you! God bless you!" - J.P., Carolina Beach, NC

"Very pleased with all Baar Products. I've been a Cayce Groupie for decades and used to buy from Home Health. Baar is far superior with better products, more products, faster service, and all at reasonable prices." - T.M., New York, NY

"I love all your products and now I am very interested in the vibrational therapies and plan to purchase that next." - T.M., Colorado Springs, CO

"I love Baar and Edgar Cayce. I have been a customer since the 90s. I love Edgar Cayce products." - T.V., Williamsburg, KY

"I've used you in the past with orders. Love this company, best products!!! Much love & appreciation," - J.R., Scottsdale, AZ

"Really love your products." - J.M., London, England

"Service and product quality are both outstanding! Cayce formula products do more to sustain good health than any pills or creams from doctors!" - K.P., Virginia Beach, VA

"Thank you for providing the good products that you do that I can't get anywhere else! I appreciate your service." - A.S., Polson, MT

"I enjoy continuing to try your products for better health." - S.M., Timonium, MD

"My feet really need relief & I believe in the Cacye readings. Thank you!" - A. N., Kapolei, HI

"Hope you all are well. Thank you for continuing to provide support and service during the pandemic. Best regards" - W.H., Hampton Bays, NY

"Thank you for all that you do to help get and keep my body healthy. I am so grateful to have the ability to access these natural therapies for healing, comfort and well-being." - K.M., Chadds Ford, PA

"Been a Cayce Member for last five years. My wait for the Radiac is coming to an end. Thank you for still keeping Edgar Cayce's thoughts alive" - G.S., Shrewsbury, MA

"My family loves all of the Baar products" - L.H., San Jose, CA

"Thank you for the fabulous products that support good health." - T.W., Sedgwick, KS

"Just wanted to thank Andrew for all his knowledge, patience and insight on all these wonderful products! " - K.O., Pacific Palisades, CA

"It was by luck that I found your site. Many, many thanks." - K.O., New Haven, CT

"I love the products that I've thus far ordered." - R.S., Austin, TX

"Your business and your customer service are truly invaluable to me, and I want to THANK YOU!!! To be able to count on a business is more and more of a rare thing, and I just want you to know how grateful I am." - K.P., Virginia Beach, VA

"Thank you for staying true to Edgar Cayce's formulas and how he wanted things to be made." - B.L., Myrtle Beach, SC

"Just wanted to say that I love this site and all it has to offer! ...It is so full of knowledge." - N.R., Tiverton, RI

"Last month, I placed an order for several items. The address put on the package was wrong and the Post Office was sending the package back to sender. I was frantic, as I was leaving town now without products I needed to take to someone. I called you and told you how important it was to have the products for my trip. You sent out the products via UPS before the original box returned. Thank you for getting the items to me the day before my trip. Great products and outstanding personal service." - A.C., Buena Vista, CO

"I absolutely love Baar. I read 'There Is A River' about Edgar Cayce and have been a follower ever since. He was truly a Gift from God! I am going to try the Radiac and will let you know how it goes!! Thank You for Baar!" - N.R., Tiverton, RI

"Love you guys! I will forever appreciate your products." - S.A., Crystal, MN

"Thanks so much for providing these products to those in need. What a wonderful service you are fulfilling." - J.D., Virginia Beach, VA

"I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful effort you're doing of providing Edgar Cayce recommended products with the highest level of quality and integrity. Thank you!!" - A.C. Miami Springs, FL

"Thank you, I'm always happy with your products. :)" - J.V., New York, NY

"Thank you for your quick shipping. I received the items I ordered. Your staff is very good. Thank you." - T.T., Tokyo, Japan

"Love your products, and today's shopping was great... Thanks!" - A.L.B., Leavenworth, WA

"Thank you for making Edgar Cayce's remedies available. I have followed him in books and it is so great to get his recommended remedies." - J.R., Herndon, VA

"Cayce remedies and your products are great. Thank you. Now, Cayce relevant products like Ipsab are becoming more popular." - T.T., Tokyo, Japan

"Thanks so much for offering products that I could not find anywhere else. Here's to your health and mine!" - C.M., Philadelphia, PA

"It was my lucky day as the product I was searching for was on sale. So I bought one for my husband and one for me. Thank you for offering such nice specials." - R.B., Baton Rouge, LA

"Wonderful service and products from Baar. Thank you." - R.W., Denison, TX

"Thank you for the fine products and service!" - E.C., Tucson, AZ

"Your products and service are excellent." - D.M., Brooklyn, NY

"Your product information and tie-ins with Edgar Cayce formulas have really made this ordering informative, super helpful, and a pleasure. Thanks for the thought and care you have put into your website... it's stellar! Completing the order was smooth and easy too." - N.G., Winterport, ME

"Thank you for your service! I'm very much hoping your products will improve my spiritual, mental and physical health!" - S.Z., Santa Rosa, CA

"Thank you for the great products!" - D.R., Deerfield Beach, FL

"I have ordered from Baar many times. The products and the customer service are excellent. What more can be said? Thank you." - P.A., Delray Beach, FL

"Glad you guys are still in business after all these years. I'm in my 50's now, but I feel like 30, largely thanks to the Cayce products that you've supplied me over the years. Thank you very much." - P.B., Burbank, CA

"I am very happy with the products that I have ordered from Baar. Thanks for great products and great service." - R.W., Dension, TX

"It's great having healthy choices made simple. You have many items to offer and so far I have tried the Watermelon Seed Tea for kidney and bladder health, and I LOVE IT!!" - D.W., Magna, UT

"Thank you Baar for your quality products, as well as your continual business with me over the past 10 years!" - S.W., Asheville, NC

"You guys are great!" - J.C., Ladson, SC

"Love your products! Keep up the good work my friend :-)" - J.C., Johnson City, TN

"A big Thank you to A.R.E. & BAAR! I love, love, love this company and the incredible products and information they make available to all." - J.H., Nipoma, CA

"Your products are great!" - K.V., Honesdale, PA

"I appreciate your fast service. I do business with others by mail and it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to get my order. You have been getting my orders to me in less than 1 week! Thanks! I appreciate your efficient shipping department" - J.W., Clarkston, MI

"Thank you for providing the products that you do. They are hard to find." - S.S., Austin, TX

"Love your products. I get compliments on how nice my skin looks and that I don't look my age. Thank You!" - G.P., Crestwood, KY

"Attn: Baar,

Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate your fast service. We love your products (thanks for sample) & we will be ordering again soon! If other companies were like your service more people would be ordering out of catalogs!!

A lifetime customer, M. & C. P.

"I graduated from Cayce/Reilly Massage School (2018) and had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Baar while he was attending a conference at the ARE in Virginia Beach. Additionally, I also visited the factory in Downingtown, PA and was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism and kindness of the staff, as well as the dedication to manufacturing products within the Edgar Cayce readings and methodologies. Having used many of Dr. Baar's products, I wholeheartedly recommend Baar products for clients and personal use. Thank you Dr. Baar for your commitment of following Edgar Cayce's readings and healing formulas." - John Hackman, MS, LMT, MMP President/CEO.

"Been using your products for a long time, good stuff." - L.H., Compton, CA

"I have been a customer for over 10 years. The Edgar Cayce products I purchase work and I trust Baar." - C.S., Saint Cloud, MN

"Bruce, I read your story in Venture Inward Magazine. Wow! It's so amazing how you turned a negative into a positive and to help others - blessings to you. Please continue the amazing work you do!!" - W.F., Pacific Palisades, CA

"Just received my second order over the past few weeks. Am loving it all and thoroughly impressed with how well the products are shipped." - L.L., Enterprise, AL

"Been purchasing from your company for 20 years. Just open any cabinet and the products are everywhere." - S.D., Shawnee, KS

"Thank you for keeping Edgar Cayce's legacy alive and doing good things on his behalf. We are truly blessed to have read about some of the wonderful things he's done for humanity." - J.A., Chesapeake, VA

"I find your natural products to be outstanding and one of the best companies that I have ever delt with. I have complete faith in your natural products. You take the time to explain them and identify any concerns. I read all the descriptions on your products and appreciate your honest evaluations and cautionary tales. I believe some of the health care advisors could certainly learn things from your reliable products. Thank you so much for your support and high ethical standards. I appreciate you being there for your customers." - J.E., Keyport, NJ

"I have been blessed by Bruce and Kathy, and all the staff at Baar products for decades, because of their commitment to outstanding customer service, and a manifested approach to universal ideal." - R.S., Virginia Beach, VA

P.S. Everything is always packed nicely also that you send out." - Phoenix, AZ

"Thank you for providing such wonderful and necessary products. You are a terrific company and the greatest staff!" - K.C., Brooklyn, NY

"I saw this book at my job and boy the products are amazing. So, I decided to order some and give them a try. Never seen anything like this on the market. Thanks for offering such affordable and great products!!" - Y.T., Kansas City, MO

"Thanks for continuing to support Cayce recommended products. I've had excellent experience with all and continue to try each as I learn more about them. The Castor Oil Packs are one of the best." - D.T., Fort Worth, TX

"Good, quick response with online orders." - D.C., Elkhart, IN

"Thank you for providing us with these products. May love be with you!" - C.D., Arlington, TX

"I love your catalog and I can't wait to order some more." - K.L., Midvale, ID

"I am always satisfied with Baar and your Cayce Products." - M.H., St. Marie, MT

"Keep up the good work!" - S.C., Richardson, TX

"Thank you! I love Baar." - L.M., Newport News, VA

"These are such fantastic products. ... So many uses in the home, kitchen and medicine cabinet." J.J., Yakima, WA

"Thank you for free shipping!" - B.D., Redding, CA

"The order came yesterday. You are second to none on the speed of your delivery service. Thank you for being able to supply these products as quickly as you do." L.P., Clifton, NJ

"I loved every one of your products in my first order from you last month. I have been shopping by mail for 45 years. I have been more pleased with your company than any other companies. Your stock is 100% spotless and are in perfect condition. Most of the other places send items really dirty- boxes are crushed- and are so disappointing. I am so glad that I am starting to get my orders from you. Please keep doing what you are doing and I will spread that word how great you are to my friends! Thank You."M.G., Louisville, KY

"I know, I know, I'm not supposed to reply to this email. But when the doorbell rang this afternoon and there was the box from you, I just about fainted! Who would EVER guess that supplies ordered the week before Christmas would arrive THE VERY NEXT DAY??????? So please consider this a Christmas kiss from me, and know that if you ever want a satisfied customer quote for your catalogue, I would be HAPPY to give you one!!!" K.P., Virginia Beach, VA

"I am very happy with the way you pack your orders. It is very neat, and the delivery of the packages is timely and speedy." O.B., Reva, VA

Please keep doing what you are doing and I will spread that word how great you are to my friends! Thank You." M.G., Louisville, KY

"I am normally a skeptic about these types of "cures" but [Castor Cream] does indeed perform exactly as advertised. I had a skin tag on my face for over 20 years and after 6 weeks of application of this [Castor Cream], the skin tag is gone. The ingredients are innocuous but effective." T.D., Santa Maria, CA

"Love your products!" P.S., Staten Island, NY

"Great service, received product ahead of time. Would order again." J.W., Napa, CA

"Absolutely love your products!!!" J.W., Nashville, TN

"Wonderful in all aspects, great communication, fast shipping, consideration for customer ! thanks! " K.B., Gallatin, TN

"Like your products, you have great service." - A.M., West Valley City, UT

"Fast shipping and quality service. The tea [Saffron] is perfect. Thank you! " J.H., Salina, KS

"Thanks for your reply to my recent order and for the excellent products you offer. I wanted to mention that I have discovered in the last 6 months that the use of atomic iodine reduces the medicine I take for type 2 diabetes. I discovered by accident that atomic iodine greatly reduces my insulin resistance, and also reduces the amount of prescription medicine I have to take. There are millions of people just in the U.S. who could benefit from this; unfortunately they don't know how helpful this medicine is. I also want to thank Baar products for saving me $$$$ more than a few dollars." S.O., Tilton, NH

"...the shampoo [Pennsylvania Crude Oil Shampoo] is helping with my hair loss." - M.R., Genoa, OH

"I am writing to tell you that I have never received better service from any company. I placed my order Monday and received it the next day. Thank you very much." - S.G., Virginia

"Your catalog has so many interesting things, I am happy to have found it." - D.W., Naples, NY

"... I received these products earlier than expected and I am most pleased with all of them. I can assure you that I will continue doing business with your company." J. R., Pittsburgh, PA

"Last week someone told me about a company that sells fig syrup, and I ordered some online . It is 100% natural. I am jumping for joy. I just called and ordered another 4 bottles to be sent to my parents in Florida, who can't wait to get it. The ironic thing is that it costs about the same amount as I spent buying all the dried figs, and I don't have to spend days making it." G.L.O., Ventnor City, NJ

"This is phenomenal. I had just recently finished reading several books on Edgar Cayce and was starting to use the castor oil for certain things. I am just so happy to find this website. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!" - R.R., Salem, WV

"I am grateful knowing that your products are of the highest quality... thank you." - J.M., Palm Harbor, FL

"I've had very, very good service over the years." - R.G., Hawaiian Gardens, CA

"I very much appreciate that you carry Edgar Cayce formulas. Thank you." - G.R., Northport, NY

"Have never been healthier in my life since using Baar in conjunction with the Cayce readings. Thank You!" - K.K., Rosholt, WI

"Great catalog!" - M.H., Almeda, CA

"Thanks for offering all these great products." - S.T., LaVeta, CO

"Thank you so very much for all of your help with everything." - G.W., St. Petersburg, FL

"Fabulous free shipping offer." - E.S., Scottsbluff, NE

"The IOXAN Cayce gum formula worked! I used the stuff twice a day, working it into the gum with an electric rotary toothbrush... Last week, I went for another checkup without telling the hygienist what I had done, but merely asked what the "pockets" looked like. 'What pockets? There are none'! No more talk of surgery and my mouth feels just fine. !" F.Z., St. Augustine, FL

"The Palma Christi Bar Soap is the most amazing soap I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin that drys easily. I skip my after bath moisturizer all the time. I love it!!!" D.C., Brooklyn, NY

"We have been using Palma Christi liquid and hand soap since we discovered it... and very good for sensitive skin. My husband uses the liquid for hair care." J.R., Oakland, CA

"My neighbor has given me a bottle of Palma Christi the last three Christmas'. It's the best I've ever used." M. J., Spokane, WA

"You folks are great! I'm so glad you provide these products and have such great quality in both products and service." R. M., Elgin, IL

"Over all my years of looking at spiritual, metaphysical, and natural product web site - I would just have to say that this site, is of great service to mankind." B.C., New York, NY

"Baar service is absolutely the best! Please quote me! I placed a large order this past week and UPS delivered it to my door TWO DAYS LATER! As always, everything was well-packed and just as I ordered. So, you can see why I am in awe of your standards and service. Baar is a major blessing in my life, providing Cayce products which are safe and effective. Please know that I am truly grateful." - K.P., Virginia Beach, VA

"I mean it when I say thanks for continuing Edgar Cayce's legacy. His instructions have never failed for me and my family. It must be very rewarding to build a company and make a living while doing so much good for people. Please continue what you are doing at Baar Products. " - S.W., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Follow Edgar Cayce's advice. You can trust Baar's integrity to produce a high-quality product." - W.T., Calverton, NY

"I have been using Edgar Cayce products through you for a long time and bought Violet Rays from you- so glad you now have cases for them! You also carry Alkalize or Die books. Thank you for being there and continuing to provide these products and services!" - A.B., Kingsport, TN

"You make excellent products that have carried me through the last 30 years of my life and helped me to take care of my family as well. Thanks so much for all you do!! I know Mr. Cayce is so proud and humbled to be of service even after his extraordinary lifetime." - C.C., Benton, LA

"I was first introduced to Baar's Palma Christi Lotion during class while attending the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage in 2018. Great long-lasting top-quality product! I also met Dr. Baar & toured his superb facility in Downingtown, PA, His dedication to following the Cayce readings was inspirational & reflects in his quality product line. Thank You Dr. Baar!!" - J.H., Newport News, VA

"You sent to me your catalog for summer 2023 and I love everything in it, especially Kathy & Bruce's smiling faces." - Y.L., Brooklyn, NY

"I am very pleased with your products and services. Your products have never let me down. I've been ordering from you for a while." - D.R., Pittsfield, MA

"I'm a big Edgar Cayce fan since my big 'kaboom!' around 2007. I love you all and your store. This is my 2nd order, 1rst one was/still is great. Thank you for existing." - B.R., Wake Forest, NC

"Thanks for keeping the Cayce dream alive… We are so grateful in my family. Great products and great service always. Keep up the good work." - C.C., Benton, LA

"I received your order yesterday. That was wonderfully quick processing and delivery. Thank you." C. B., Fairburn, GA

"You have great products. Thanks!" M. B., Mount Shasta, CA

"I like your new catalogue but your site is even better." H.G., Hawaii

"I am so pleased about finding your page. I have tried your products and I am so pleased that I have started to use them as gifts. I will soon send for more product that will be for my self." P.S., Maryland

"Thanks you guys are great! J. S., Bermuda Dunes, CA

"I am using your Palma Christi bar soap and I must say that I have never before found a bar soap that was so moisturizing that didn't get all mushy in the shower. I am very happy with it and it makes my weekly shower and tub scrubbing much easier." S.S.,Pennsylvania

"I received (my order) today - That was FAST! Great Service!" S.M., Pottsville, PA

"I just want let you know that a package from you arrived safely today. My grandmother has been cured by (previously purchased) Radiac. Lumbago, senile." A.M., Niigata, Japan

"Nice to know a company that is as big as yours still has that "feel". Thanks again." R. A., San Rafael, CA

"Very pleased with all I have ordered thus far. Thank you for making Cayce's gift available to all!" - K.K., Roshold, WI

"I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying both the Packer's Pine Tar soap and the Ichthammol Ointment. They are perfect, and I am so glad that you have made them available." D.G., Hillsboro Beach, FL

"Thank you for your prompt service - I appreciate it." J.C., Reston, VA

"We received it today! Less than 24 hours after ordering! Very nice!" L. K., Falls Church, VA

"You folks are great! I'm so glad you provide these products and have such great quality in both products and service." R. M., Elgin, IL

"You folks are great! I'm so glad you provide these products and have such great quality in both products and service." R. M., Elgin, IL

"Thanks for your prompt response. Says a lot about your company. My first time ordering your products left me with a good impression." P.D., Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you! I am excited to try your products. Your company has great reviews! :) " - L.D., Bixby, OK

"Keep up the good work." S.Y., Austin, TX

"Thank you for offering these wonderful quality products. I really appreciate your company and the availability of Edgar Cayce products. you are an answer to my prayers. God Bless you all." D.M., Passaoc, NJ

"Thank you! I hope and pray you always continue to have Edgar Cayce products!" D.B., Ann Arbor, MI

"Thanks for having your phone number on that bottle [Nature's Blessing Black Cherry Fruit Extract], I wouldn't have found you otherwise and I needed the product." - B.B., Elkhart, IN

"Thank you for the speedy email response! Also a well designed and efficient website." - R.W., Salisbury, NC

"I really appreciate you having Edgar Cayce items on your site. Thanks." - I.S., Wamego, KS

"You do such good work, thank you for being there for us." - M.K., Naples, FL

Thank you for your personal attention!" - J.T., San Jose, CA

"You tell us 7-10 days and we get it in three days! Your service is wonderful. I think that's why maybe you keep getting return customers." - M.J., Orlando, FL

"Thank you! Just so you know, my husband has severe dandruff, scaly skin/eczema like skin to scalp for at least 40 years. He finally decided to use your anti-dandruff shampoo, and his scalp is CLEAR! The edges are clean and pink, and he said he's not itchy like usually is. So, THANK YOU for your FINE products, and continuation of the Edgar Cayce teachings." K.L Briarcliff Manor, NY

"Looking forward to receiving the Castor Oil Starter Kit." W.S., Fayetteville, GA

"...the Radiac is great to use separately in conjunction with the wet cell..." RWG, CA

"I'm impressed. Your service is high-quality, like your products. I sense a long and happy relationship brewing here." F.B., Hallwood, VA

"I just started using the Collis Toothbrush. Wow! What a difference. My teeth feel much cleaner and it feels really good on my gums. It gets more debris from between my teeth and it cleans well in the areas in which I have had teeth removed." K.S. Downingtown, PA

"I ordered one of your products about two months ago, I think, and was very impressed with the Palma Christi lotion. I have psoriasis - which is a fancy word for excessively dry skin - and have found that the lotion is wonderful for my condition. Fortunately, my psoriasis is mild and usually clears completely in the summer sun, but the Palma Christi lotion has almost taken its symptoms away without exposure to sun. I also appreciate that the pump in the bottle works all the way to the last bit of lotion in the bottle. (Most pump-action dispensers give out with 1/3 to 1/4 of the contents still trapped in the bottle.) You can be sure that I will replenish my supply of that lotion." N. L., Kentwood, MI

"I received my order today. Great service. Thanks." A.T. Rumford Center, ME

"I received your order yesterday. That was wonderfully quick processing and delivery. Thank you." C. B., Fairburn, GA

"Nice to know a company that is as big as yours still has that "feel". Thanks again." R. A., San Rafael, CA

"Thank you for your excellent service. I appreciate the confirming e-mail, and your prompt shipment of my order, which I received yesterday. After this good experience with your company, I will definitely order from you the Cayce products I will need in the future." S. P., Woodbridge, VA

"I was delighted with your handling of my last one (order); it got here promptly and the products seem to be excellent. It's good to know I can order things from Baar that would be hard to find elsewhere." S. S., Nanaimo, BC, Canada

"All phone representatives were extremely courteous and helpful - they made doing business an easy pleasure." L. P., Lawrenceville, VA

"Unbelievable, but Pennsylvania Hair and Scalp Massage Oil actually helps grow my hair thicker again and makes my scalp less itchy. Thin hair runs in my family. Even noticed some hair growth where I haven't seen any for over 20 years. It works - thanks for Edgar Cayce!" W. S., Apopka, FL

"I'd like to thank you and compliment you on the excellence of your customer service and the speedy fulfillment of this order. Please feel free to pass my praise along to anyone in your company who'd like to know about it. Both my sister and I will surely become continuing customers. I look forward to exploring your catalogue." K.H., New York, NY

"I am so glad I found this website and found Iodex. My mother-in-law told me about Iodex a long time ago and we could never find it in the stores. Bless you guys, this stuff is great." D.C., Newport, NC

"Thanks so much again for excellent service and amazing products. I hope for your continued success in business. We need more like you and Bruce. God Bless." Peppy Mocko, Ontario, Canada

"Great products, I recommend you to everyone I can." -P.C., Corvallis, OR

"Upset stomach ... reach for good ole cola syrup rather than the pills or pink stuff." A.H., Florence, MA

"My replacement bottle came today and all is well with leaks or damage to the box even. Once again, thank you for shipping me a replacement. I certainly didn't expect that and I am most grateful. You have EXCELLENT customer service and I will be ordering more products from you. God Bless." -P.K., Thompsons Stn., TN

Wet Cell Testimonials

This information is for educational purpose only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration, as in all health situations, qualified professionals should be consulted.

"You all are doing a great job in helping people to regain their optimum health. I specially appreciate you watching very carefully that people get the appropriate product." R.D., Pleasant Valley, NY

"Thank you. This Wet Cell is for someone with an extremely rare disease called Rosai-Dorfman. He is the only known person in the world who has it in the brain, and therefore has advanced neuropathy. I believe this will help him. Thank you. " - J.A., New Paltz, NY

"Attached is the latest Excel spreadsheet to report of [my husband's] progress through September 9. The best news is that the MMSE score increased again, which is in line with my daily behavioral observations through the test date… We are on track on that and the meditations are a pleasure each night. [My husband] will be 81 Monday, and on Sunday we plan to drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for the day to start his celebration. He continues to walk 3 x weekly and we have found a swimming pool for him to swim all winter. Again, many thanks for your patience and support! I would not be doing this without your help." - E.M. Williams, AZ

"I have been using both the Radiac and the Wet Cell. I started with the Radiac in December, 1995, and the Wet Cell two years ago (2011). I've been using the Vibradex® Gold Chloride and Vibradex® Silver and Vibradex® Silver Nitrate solutions, but even using the Radiac without Vibradex® solutions, enegized me to start working agian after about 4 years of not working. Today, about 18 years later, my health is still improving. Thanks to Baar Products for making this available today." - O.J., Iceland

"I have used the Baar Wet Cell for about three months now, and I have noticed some definite changes in the condition of my skin. My skin is getting softer and is more pliable. At the same time I have noticed an increase in my energy level." T.K., Flushing, NY

"I can't begin to tell you what a difference the Baar Battery has made in the way I feel. It's as if I am literally coming back to life and I am very grateful for the opportunity of using the Baar Battery." M.D., Virginia Beach, VA

"The immediate effects of the device,(Baar Wet Cell Battery), were quite obvious and remarkable. During the time spent connected to the Baar Wet Cell Battery™, and for a period of time afterwards, a most pleasant sensation prevailed. The best way to describe the sensation is that of atonement, or a feeling of inner harmony. It seems as if the body is in perfect accord with life itself." J.H., Lynchburg, VA

"The Baar Wet Cell Battery you sent us 2 weeks ago really healed me when all else had failed. I've been battling this problem of over-alkalinity for a long time & nothing ever worked. I'm a 29 year old male that had to rely on an enema sometimes 3 or 4 times/week to keep my toxicity down. After the 1st time hooking up ... I saw and felt the change. My PH balance normalized, my scratchy throat went away etc. skin is better, my chest congestion in the AM's greatly reduced etc, etc. I really feel my glandular system being built back up as I take a thyroid reading on myself nearly every morning." P. H., Virginia Beach, VA

"I have noticed differences in a few of my symptoms, the most dramatic being that I am less fatigued and at night, my legs and hands are not ice cold." T.M., Bloomfield, NJ

"...over the past year we have seen subtle but continued improvements: decreased anxiety, improved disposition, improved body movement - still not able to hold up her head, teeth have improved, eye sight has improved, interaction with people, alertness. I am confident the Baar Wet Cell Battery is supporting ... ability to heal herself." L.S. Portland, OR

"... is steadily improving, I'm pleased to say." D.B., Montrose, CO

"Today I went to the Oral Surgeon and after 5 weeks he said my fractured jaw was completely healed. He said he had never seen such a bad fracture heal so fast. I use the Baar Battery...for a half hour every morning..." L.K., FL

"A few observations about the use of the Baar Wet Cell Battery which I have been using for the last 3 months. I can feel the energy going into my body and my whole body is recharged and repolarized ..." L.W., Middletown, CA

"After using the appliance, Baar Wet Cell Battery, for a month and a few days, I can report there is a noticeable improvement in the neuropathic condition in my legs and feet." B.O., Wyndmoor, PA

"I have been using it, Baar Battery* (Wet Cell Battery) for the past 2 days and have seen results!" T.M., Bloomfield, NJ

"I am writing to let you know the wonderful results I have had since I started using the Baar Battery*. It has been approximately six weeks since I began using the device and I have had a significant improvement in my symptoms and general management of my condition diagnosed in 1991 as probable multiple sclerosis. My body seems more "alive" and my complexion is clear. General body functions are improved as well. One of the positive elements that I have noticed since using the Baar Battery has been an improvement in my fatigue level. I now have more energy that ever before and can endure a twelve-hour day without a hitch. There has been almost a complete alleviation of a chronic symptom that I have suffered with over the past three years which was a tingling sensation in my neck, legs, arms and throughout my entire body. This tingling feeling, in conjunction with the chronic fatigue and many other digestive and neurological disturbances made every day living very uncomfortable most of the time. But I have had such a wonderful improvement since using the device that it seems almost miraculous." J.A., Los Angeles, CA

"After using it, (Baar Wet Cell Battery), for 3 weeks now, I can tell a difference in my back. My job is easier to deal with since my back is holding steady. After each treatment with the Baar wet cell battery™, my back feels stronger, and I feel very refreshed. ...wet cell ...seems to awaken the cells of my body." D.P., Trinity, NJ

"Results of using the Baar Wet Cell Battery ... have been very good for me! After each session I feel renewed and reenergized." B.B., Duvall, WAC

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