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Vibrational Energy

Discover our remarkably unique Vibrational Therapy products! Described by Edgar Cayce for restoring body balance and well-being.

The RADIAC®, recommended in over 1,000 readings, is a highly specialized appliance that helps to tune and enhance the body's vibratory forces. Mentioned for improving meditation, harmonizing the body's energy, enhancing dreams, and more! Read our "Experience The Radiac" book for more information. Click on our customer testimonials to see how others have benefited.

The Wet Cell Battery, in over 600 of Cayce's readings, may enhance the body's natural healing potential. This battery generates a DC current, weaker than a typical D battery, that Cayce advised would imitate the "electrical conditions" in the body. Passing this current through select Vibradex solutions targets its efficacy. Requires Technical Support. The Violet Ray with its Tesla coil is named for the renowned inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, and futurist, Nikola Tesla. Boasting 1200 patents, Tesla is best known for his contributions to the design of alternating current. The Violet Ray with Tesla coil produces high-voltage, low-current, high-frequency alternating-current electricity. Read about its historical application in our Violet Ray Book page.