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The Radiac with a Protector Cap and Red and Black Wire Set.

Testimonials on the Radiac ®

Sometimes called the Radio-Active Appliance
(There is NO radioactivity here, an old term used before the atomic age)

Welcome to the long list of personal testimonials on the Radiac.

Be sure to read The Radiac Book from Baar Products, 610-873-4591.

The Radiac incorporates Single Seal Technology in its design to enable a Lifetime Guarantee.


"The immediate effect I noticed after starting the Radiac was improved sleep. I am having much deeper sleep and strong dreams, although I rarely remember the content. I also feel much calmer. Ordinary annoying things don't bother me anymore. This morning I spilled my entire (huge) cup of coffee on the rug and didn't swear. Well, maybe just once mildly. I feel like I did when I used to meditate regularly, which I have been unable to do for years." - D.N., Woodbine, NJ

"Initially heard about the Radiac from my daughter who works for an alternative doctor who was wowed by how much better she felt after using the thing. Don't know how the doctor found it. My husband received his today, tried it, felt the current, found it relaxing, said I should get one. Very excited to try it myself, for improved energy and sleep." - E.C., Interlaken, NY

“Thank you for all your help over the years… I have enjoyed the Radiac very much and found it most helpful in so many ways. Thanks kindly for the service and all Baar Products.” - C.C., Benton, LA

”I've completed one cycle of the Radiac and already noticed a positive shift in my energy. My goal with using the Radiac is to unite the mind, body, and spirit and become less reliant on supplements. I value holistic health and support with the Radiac is a fantastic step towards feeling good as I get close to menopause. I appreciate approaches that pinpoint holism in a way that connects me with spirit so the body can heal itself.” – A.P., Burlington, IA

”The Radiac has been a mysterious powerhouse for me. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but over time I can feel the power of it more and more, from stability, to release, to healing physical ailments faster. I feel the energy going to the area most in need of attention. After the first use, I had an emotional release hours later that felt like it came from the depths of my soul. I continue to be fascinated by the results.”- J.S., Hanover, MA

”I am a life member of ARE so I greatly value all things Cayce-related. I had a Radiac years ago which I don't think I used correctly and finally disposed of. I decided to try again and follow the direction and I do feel a flow of energy from it and it enhances my meditation. I have just started using it and expect some really good developments.” - M.N., Pittsburg, PA

”I have used the Radiac 8 times. The first two sessions were deeply relaxing. The second two sessions had a gurgling in stomach and sensations in the forehead area. A day after the last of 4 sessions I passed fungus. The second set of four sessions I had a similar experience as the first session. The second and third had a gurgling in my stomach and oscillating feeling in my temples. Each time after a session I felt slightly logy, and it took half the day for it to wear off. Many times, my urine smelled foul. Each time I took a 3-day beak after a session. I would feel quite good. Going into third set of sessions now. Definitely feel increased mental and energetic acuity.
I was diagnosed w/Lyme in 2010 and put on antibiotics for 2 years. After Doc said I no longer had Lyme, I have struggled to regain semblance of health prior to 2010. I have an extremely long history with antibiotics dating back to 6 days old when I had pneumonia. I was on antibiotics from age 1-6 for 6 months annually. This led to huge candida fungal overgrowth and stores in my liver, kidneys, and pancreas. I think the Radiac is helping with all of those in addition to any latent Lyme. I look forward to using the Vibradex solutions, but just 30 mins. with the Radiac alone seems to be working at this time. ” - T.F., Saco, ME

”I’ve been using the Radiac and after about the 5th treatment, my ‘chronic fatigue’ and sleeping almost all day and night was gone. Energy was restored and this was before I had my thyroid medications increased.” - S.G., Apache Junction, AZ

“The Radiac and the castor oil packs have been amazing. My digestive system has become super healthy when it comes to digestion and eliminations, and my overall state of wellbeing is so much better now.” – J.M., Ferney-Voltaire, France

"I use the Radiac and it makes me feel more energetic, calm, and gives me a sense of 'well-being.' Now I'm getting one for my husband. His birthday is in November and I can't think of a better birthday present." -S.G., Apache Junction, AZ

"I purchased this unit for my husband. He has circulatory problems and muscle aches.
After using the Radiac he no longer has to walk around numerous times during the day to keep his circulation. He also sleeps better. He is feeling better.
So now we are a two Radiac family. After my husband's enjoyment of his, I decided I would order one for myself. I really like it. Relieves tension and aches and pains. I use it right before bed time and I sleep much better.
We both feel the units were a good investment." - S.B., Franklin, TN

"Day 1 Some tingling in low back, good mood.
Day 2 Felt some vibration, in good mood.
Day 3 About the same as before.
Day 4 No real change in sensation.
Day 5 All days I've been in a good mood.
Day 6 Felt pain in my jaw area where I had root canal (it has been bothering me) The sciatica in left leg better. BP dropped from 135-83 to 116-73.
Day 7 Numbness in balls of feet improved.
Day 8 Overall sense of well-being. The right side where I injured my ribs 7 mos. ago has improved after 7 months of pain."- T.F., Sioux Falls, SD

"When I used the Radiac, I was flooded in ecstasy and drowned in light. It's a miraculous device." - K.W., Peterborough, NH

"I received my Radiac a couple of weeks ago, and here is my experience so far:

  1. WOW! I have used it 4 times and I marvel at the effect! I can feel the energy running through me. I have a heightened sense of the life force, and it feels as though it is being remapped to have a consistent and uniformly distributed presence throughout the physical body. When I take the machine off, I go to sleep feeling energy all around me. It physically feels like a million butterflies fluttering their wings all around my body.
  2. My attitude is slowly changing. It wasn’t terribly bad before, but I feel like it is improving, nonetheless. I don’t really cuss lately, nor do I want alcohol or sugar. I also feel uncomfortable around gossiping and complaining.
  3. This morning I was told that I was glowing!
Thank you." – C.M., Bloomfield Hills MI

"I'm very impressed so far with the results I'm getting from the Radiac. For the past 20 years, I used many tools/equipment/machines, you name it, costing me thousands and thousands of dollars, in the search to help the body heal, but there are two that stand out with big margin to say the very least, the Wet Cell Battery and Radiac. These two are musts in my book to have, if I want to heal or simply maintain perfect health. All this comes from my own experiences that I've been gaining using vibrational medicine for the past 20 years." - N.I., Greer, SC

"Using the Gold Chloride with my Radiac has dramatically improved my symptoms with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I can't live without it now!" - L.G., Pacific Palisades, CA

"I have only been using the Radiac for one week and have been surprised by the results. I didn't expect to feel anything while using the device, since the manual stated that only 1% of users do. However, I felt an increase in my internal energy (chi) during my very first use. This experience decreased during subsequence uses. However, I feel increased energy throughout the day and suspect that this will continue and even increase as I continue to use the Radiac. Thank you!" - S.E., Murphysboro, IL

"Amazing! Aches & Pains have disappeared. Sleep is deeper and more uninterrupted. I am 61 years old, in excellent health other than a little arthritis and healing from a broken back. I take no medicine, so the Radiac is my total health regime. I have always had great energy levels but Radiac has blasted it off the charts. Only in my third week but look forward to other areas of enhancement." - L.S., Milford, MI

"I've recently purchased the Radiac about month-and-a half ago and it's the best investment I've made - maybe during my lifetime. I've used it as directed and can't begin to document the positive benefits so far. The first time of use, I did not notice much - only a slight tingle in my feet coupled with warm sensations. As I continued treatment, these sensations increased and are strongly noticeable. Sometimes, I feel pain in areas of the body - only to realize a day after, the pain and discomfort left. I was ill for about 2 1/2 years and intuitively know that these areas are opening up for healing. I feel great. I've gotten my health back at 68. I believe that my overall health and life will get better and better because of the Radiac. Personal History: I suffered from severe migraine and vertigo and since using the Radiac there are no attacks. The change in barometer pressure does not bother me anymore. Overall, I am getting great results. I feel relaxed and I sleep better. I feel as if I have an intelligent friend guiding me and advising me even when I am not using the Radiac. I occasionally get insights into things. The Radiac has become my trusted friend and it is my strong belief that EVERYONE should have one. Thanks to Edgar Cayce and Baar for making it available to us. I cannot thank you enough. Blessings" - D.M., Oakville, ON, Canada

“The chemotherapy I'm receiving raises havoc with my body. The Radiac calms me and I'm able to sleep for the first time. The Radiac has elevated my mood also. Thank you.” - L.H., Groveland, FL

“After the first couple of uses of the Radiac... I feel a slight pressure in my forehead and believe it activates my third eye. After several uses the feeling has become more pleasant and gives off a sense calmness. The next day after using the Radiac I noticed a better skin complexion. I also noticed I am more confident and able to look people directly in the eye more often. It has given me a better, more positive outlook on life.” - E.B., Hackensack, NJ

“My Radiac was calming and brings a sense of peace.” - S.B-S., Glendora, CA

“My husband had his 4th back surgery 2 years ago. Prior to surgery for Stenosis, he was in such pain there were days I had to call an ambulance to help him get out of a chair or out of bed. He was in terrible and constant pain. After the 5 hour surgery, which entailed the implanting of titanium bars in his back, he was quite immobile, very stiff, and still in a lot of pain but not as severe as prior to surgery. He had PT which helped a little, but the pain and stiffness kept returning. He started the Radiac system with the Gold Vibradex Solution about 6 months ago, after which he mentioned that he felt much more relaxed and the pain was gone after the treatment. The pain is now 90% or more gone with the exception of twinges now and then when he 'moves too suddenly'. He still uses his cane, but more for balance. He looks forward to his nightly Radiac with Vibradex Gold treatments because he is realizing little by little, how the changes for improvement are happening in his daily routine. He still cannot bend enough to put on one sock, but he is going out more, walks longer, does a few more chores around the house, and is looking forward to increased flexibility in the coming months. (All this at the cost of giving up his nightly beer. He's had no alcohol at all when using the appliance). [Editor's Note: Alcohol is not to be ingested when using the Radiac]” - E.Z., Browns Valley, CA

“My experience with the Radiac has been good. I follow the instructions carefully each time. I have felt more than once a light soft charge in my cranium. I have felt a couple times an electric or magnetic presence of some kind. I use the time [while connected to the Radiac] to repeat positive good mantra and to set intentions and manifestations. It does not give me any ill mental nor ill physical feelings. I feel an evenness and calmness after use. It is a relaxing experience for me. I feel excited too that my time using the Radiac will bring me something good, due to the design, use, and intention behind the Radiac, and also because the time period is used as a concerted effort for me to manifest with powerful controlled thought. I keep a personal journal of my sessions.” - D.N., Virginia Beach, VA

"I have a Radiac and I'm impressed with the 'integrative' feelings and moods it allows, as well as the remarkable dreams which have come forth." - T.P., Liberty Township, OH

"I am using the Radiac Appliance, which I alternate with Vibradex Gold and Silver solutions five days a week. Edgar Cayce said that the Gold solution will give you a new brain, and the silver solution will rebuild your entire nervous system. I also put two drops of Atomic Iodine into 1/2 glass of warm water upon arising five days a week. This is the basic treatment I used to heal my Parkinson's disease, Raynaud's disease and Arthritis. This is the basic Edgar Cayce treatment for all Neurological illnesses including Alzheimer's disease." - J.R., West Nyack, NY

"I used my Radiac for 3-4 weeks, then I took a break for a week, and then I started to use it again. My experiences are: Clear thoughts; Able to focus more and for longer times at my work (I answer mail & phone calls in a customer service center); More energy; I feel much happier; I don't feel so tired after my work; I feel that I have a better focus on what I want to do for the rest of my life; My sleep is better and I am not tired when I wake up." - H.R., Vaxtorp, Sweden

"In the fall of 2016, I had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). It took a few trips to the doctor and four different antibiotics before tests showed the infection was gone with no more signs of harmful bacteria. However, I still had UTI type symptoms. My doctor suspected Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and wanted to send me to an urologist. I searched online and learned that there is no cure for IC but there are some medications and horrifying treatments that might or might not help with symptoms... Then I learned about a unique device that has brought an end to my symptoms. I purchased the Radiac from Baar Products. I did my first session with it in May 2018. Within 3 weeks, my IC symptoms were gone. I am still using the Radiac and will continue to do so. I did not go to a urologist so I did not get a diagnosis. I had never heard of IC before my primary care doctor mentioned it to me. My symptoms were the same as I read about online so I can easily believe that is what I had and may still have but with no symptoms. I am putting this online because I believe it can and will help others." - K.B., Landrum, SC

"Thank you for the Radiac. After two weeks, I have found a clarity of thought and an improvement in memory. I will continue to use my Radiac and explore the additional benefits it offers." - R.J., Asheville, NC

"My husband received his Radiac today. He has Parkinson's, and he used the Radiac for 30 minutes. The tremor in his arm and hand has almost went away. Thank you for offering this device" - S.G., East Berlin, PA

"The most immediate effect for me was a marked improvement in an overall sense of well-being as I have a tendency to depression. I also experienced some very vivid dreams and on a couple of occasions, I've experienced upon waking in the morning, a vision of printed information that was very clear and was scrolling down but too fast to really read it? But it was bold, black printing on white background that could easily be read if I could have somehow paused it." - J.W., Zehner, SK, Canada

"The most immediate effect within the first week for me was a new sense of overall well-being. My attitude is also more positive (although I feel I am usually a positive person, it felt different)... I have had occasions of visions while I am wide awake but not attached to the Radiac. I appear to be seeing vibrational movement in the air (the best I can describe it)." - M.W., Zehner, SK, Canada

"I started the sessions with my Radiac, and I am very impressed and humbled of its power. I feel a lot of energy during my sessions and afterwards. The first time, right after I started, I felt a lot of peristaltic movement, noises in my tummy (my health issues are there). It was like a revolution was taking place there. Everything was moving, in the good sense. Also, during the first day's session, I started to cry. It was like all my pent-up emotions were coming out, and the energy level increased tremendously. I felt flooded with energy in my whole body. The other days, I also felt like the Radiac was aiming in my tummy and energy passing through my body, not at the same intensity as the first time though. I also sweat, and everything was tingling from my feet to my head. I will write later on, after a few other sessions, to let you know other improvements. For now, I just feel less bloated and more relaxed. Thank you very much for making such a strong product, a self-help tool for everybody. I am grateful and feel blessed that my personal journey brought me to your door and I have the chance to benefit from such a great device as your Radiac. I wish good health to Dr. Baar. God bless you all." - A.M.P., Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada

"I have used the Radiac® Appliance with the Vibradex® Gold and Silver Solutions for the past year and a half to treat my Parkinson's Disease, Raynaud's Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis, which are all about 90% gone. Thank you." - J.R., West Nyack, NY

"Thank you. I am enjoying my Radiac. I am having better sleep and deeper meditations. I'm also remembering my dreams. :) " - D.R., Stockton, CA

"Wow! I've had an immediate effect from my Radiac. I think we will become the greatest of companions. It's like a loving mother, keeping you nurtured and whole." - L.O., Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"I have used the Radiac for one 4-day cycle and I feel very good. By the third day, I was slipping off to sleep just when the timer went off at thirty minutes. I popped up refreshed." - J.C., Logan, OH

"Dear Dr. Baar, I have used the Radiac and I have noticed a great improvement with my anxiety. When a confrontation at work arises, I feel I am less nervous and much less stressed. I feel very confident and calm. I am also able to sleep much better than before. I believe I have never felt this great! This is an easy and non-invasive way to balance mind, body and spirit. The Radiac is just what I needed and I look forward to my time using it!" - R.L., Dallastown, PA

"I've been using the Radiac for about a month now and I seem to be able to sleep more soundly and find that my dreams are more vivid. I can feel a subtle energy flowing through me when it's connected, and there is a sense of peace that comes over me. There is no doubt in my mind that if I consistently use the device over time, more positive results will appear." - S.B., Glendora, CA

"My wife and I have been using the Radiac for the past 11 months. We have experienced a great improvement in our health and well-being. We use the Radiac every Monday through Thursday. This is an activity (more like a reward) we do for ourselves each week. We take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. If we choose on the weekend to have a glass of our favorite wine, we enjoy every sip. Thank you for such a great and healthy product!!!" - K.D., AZ

"I've used the Radiac for two months. The Radiac has helped me to sleep better and to strengthen my body. My energy level has gone up. I think the Radiac is a valuable treasure. Thank you Edgar Cayce and Baar!" - E.Y., Turkey

"Several benefits were extremely noticeable after using the Radiac: I have a feeling of well being or balance throughout. My sleep is more restful. My minor aches in the body have lessened and simply went away." - F.G., OH

"I have had Lyme disease for the past 10 years. I suffered with headaches, joint pain, severe short term memory loss, fatigue, and severe shortness of breath. I ordered the Radiac (with Vibradex® 185) about 2 weeks ago. I used the Radiac the first four day cycle without the solution and then took a few days off. I then did one four day cycle with the solution. The first cycle I noticed more energy and fewer, less severe headaches. After the first day using the solution, I could already tell the solution was attacking whatever causes the difficulty breathing. The congestion started to break up and I could take a full lung full of air without difficulty/coughing fits. By the end of the first cycle with the Vibradex® 185 Solution I felt better than I have for years I cant wait to continue using the Radiac. I have slept sounder/better, less fatigue, and greater mental clarity than I have in literally 10 years. I would recommend the Radiac to anyone for improved sleep and more energy, let alone if they have had to suffer through the awful disease associated with Lyme. I will be ordering another Radiac unit soon for my wife. Thanks." - R.M., IL

"I just used the Radiac. This is my first use. I felt nothing then I felt tingling in my right fingers and left foot. After finishing with the Radiac, my brain felt better, cleared, and my mood felt lifted. I feel happier. I feel like I have a wonderful day ahead of me and I can do projects and things…" - J.G., CA

"Between the Radiac and the Pennsylvania Crude Oil Shampoo, the psoriasis on my scalp is gone." - D.L., WV

"I received a Radiac as a mother's day present this year. I have been using it since May 15, following the pattern of application of 12 days followed by 8 days of rest as suggested in the Radiac books. I have noticed that when the Radiac receives direct sun during the day, I experience a feeling as of a transfusion of warmth after about 10 minutes of application. I was struggling with some depression before I started using it, but now the depression is gone. Thank you, your work is invaluable." - B.P., NC

"I pulled something in my arm and was unable to move two fingers. That night I used the Radiac appliance ... the next morning my arm was completely healed." - F.M., VA

"I feel less depressed and had more energy after using it. I also was much more relaxed while I was on it."  -R.S., S.C.

"I have used my Radiac 3 times and have felt some vibration moving in my body while it is on, followed by a sense of deep relaxation & sense of well being. I am so glad to have finally purchased one after years of indecision. My 1st child is off to college and now I have more time to take care of me." - C.V., VT

"I suffer from Lyme disease and planned to live a very depressed, confused, and painful life. I used the Radiac and Solution 185. I have found the solution to be more effective than a long-course of doxcicyclene antibiotics. This solution has taken me from living with about 50% of my normal vitality before Lyme disease to about 95% of my normal vitality. Without this solution, I would be hopeless. One four day treatment with this solution was more powerful than the doxcicyclene and it has a lower relapse rate. Baar's [Vibradex®] Solution #185 is saving my life." - N.S., VA

"Recently received my Radiac starter kit. All I can say is WOW. I will continue & update in the future. Thank you." - D.J., IL

"I received the Radiac, Hooray! I used it last night, and I felt some very strong action!" - T.R., NY

"I have enjoyed using my Radiac unit. I have found that it has really helped with the neuropathic flares that I was getting in my fingers and toes. They have nearly disappeared. I am also enjoying better, more restful sleep." - L.C., IN

"I immediately feel a stillness, a stability, a calm that leads to peace and a sense of oneness. It is a meditative experience. Physically, I periodically experience warmth or energy throughout... Additionally, I've experienced more vivid and lucid dreaming... I am eager to continue with these experiences and see if they change over time. I am keeping a journal to monitor these as well as my dreams." - P.L., IL

"I bought a Radiac about 4 years ago. It's been a God send. I use it often while meditating." - R.S., MO

"I have been using the Radiac for a few months. I use it with [Vibradex®] Gold or [Vibradex®] Silver solutions and sometimes plain. My body feels very relaxed and a feeling of warmth in my hands & feet at times. I've also felt a floating sensation of my body. The surprising thing that I found is that my hair was getting a bit thicker, curlier and less gray. The Radiac certainly works its magic." - T.N., NJ

"Before I received my Radiac, I had often felt low energy levels in the afternoon as well as a frequent lack of ambition. Within the first couple of weeks, I realized that those feelings were mostly gone, and the increase in my overall energy has been consistent, along with a general feeling of well-being... Another surprise benefit has been improvement in my eyesight. I have used cheap reading glasses as needed for about the past 15-20 years. A few weeks ago I realized that I no longer require them when working on the computer and for some of my reading." - G.M., CA

"I have been using the Radiac now for over six months. Having been initiated into a number of spiritual practices over the years including Kriya and Sant Mat, I can honestly say I have found nothing more powerful than using the Radiac for meditation. It has so far been an extraordinary journey. Many things have changed on the physical level: I am far more creative (which is good because I am an artist!). I have a great deal more energy exercising at least 5 fives per week from barely nothing. My circulation and digestion has greatly improved, as has the flexibility of both my mind and body. I sleep far better and in general my consciousness remains in a positive frame, even in situations where I would have previously been knocked off balance. I am also beginning to look and feel much younger. And last but by no means least Baar has been extremely helpful in answering any questions along the way. I am very grateful." - G.C., CA

"The Radiac gives me a very, cozy, warm sensation that comforts me. I have a sciatic problem and I feel much better since I am using it 4 days a week it also relaxes me and gives me a positive attitude for my daily routine." - X.V., FL

"My overall impression was that of a general sense of well-being, along with a happy and light-hearted disposition that I seemed to have lost over the past several months. With regular use of the Radiac..., I've noticed a dramatic decrease in negative thoughts and an increase in energy." - D.C.

"I believe it has improved my memory, helped me to remain "balanced", helped me not to gain as much weight as I otherwise would have, helped me to retain a youthful appearance, helped me to have more strength and energy, helped me reduce stress in my life, and helped me to get the rest and sleep I need." - D.D., VA

"I find meditating and relaxing are much more enjoyable somehow when connected to the Radiac." - A.D., MI

"It is absolutely true. Edgar Cayce's spirit is alive and well and present in this year 1999-2000. For me, the personal experience of this is the Radiac Appliance. After taking the time and patience to re-read the Radiac Book, the focus intensified and I applied my attention to the importance of this work. I mainly was interested in this appliance as a preventative measure (at Cayce's suggestions), but the wonder of it all came when I found it to sweeten and soften the edge around every aspect of my life. I did have the problem of a short fuse with menopause symptoms of low estrogen etc. Even that has changed. No to say, "it is gone" but is now very manageable in what is happening around me at the time of the hot flash. I hope you can understand that. Also there was a change the very first time using the Radiac and it is getting better and better. I take extra care with keeping the plates clean and my appliance gets a big does of sunshine everyday. Again, it such a blessing from God to get my turn to received this boost. Thank you so much, " - C.S., SC

"Since I have started using the (Radiac from Baar Products) impedance device... It feels great to wake up feeling totally rested. My energy level has gone up too. I look forward to starting the day with more pep and vigor. Not only am I feeling much better but my meditations are much better!" - E.W., WA

"During the past 4 or 5 years, I have been using the Radiac impedance device regularly and find that it has helped me maintain a level of energy, excitement and concentration that is very satisfying to me and apparently amazes my much younger associates. I am 80 years old and still working full time..." - H.F., IL

"The Radiac system is an excellent product of high quality. I use the unit regularly with significant results." - A.J.,, VA

"I was unable to write for the last 2 months, and after starting the Radiac alternating use of [Vibradex®] Gold & [Vibradex®] Silver, I was once again able to write. The arthritic pain in my hip has also reduced considerably." - R.S., NY

"I purchased a Radiac, Radio Active appliance from you... I had been suffering from chronic fatigue and insomnia for years. Since using the Radiac these problems have disappeared. It has made it possible for me to live a normal life. I found that it also helped me to lose weight when I went on a diet. It kept my energy level up and I was able to stick to my diet. ...I have not regained the weight I lost." - E.S., GA

"I ordered a Radiac device from Bruce Baar... Almost immediately, I sensed a change from the pushed, shaky feelings I'd been having. ...The readings say this heightens all the senses, including memory. Specifically, sight, hearing, and taste are improved." - D.L., NJ

"When I was approximately forty five years of age I was suffering with a lower back problem which had been progressively worsening for a year of more during which time I was visiting an osteopath regularly to no avail. It was at that time that I found a supplier for the Radiac appliance and I ordered one immediately. After using it for eight nights... I was running and playing with neighborhood children. Another problem was a torn ligament below the elbow which prevented the use of the two fingers. After a four night cycle of the appliance use I regained use and was back to normal. ...it improves my complexion and gives me energy and a feeling of well being. In my opinion it has very fine regenerative capabilities..." - F.M., VA

"During the time which I was using the appliance (Radiac from Baar Products) I felt a sensation of energy flow, particularly in my right arm. I also became very relaxed while lying on the floor, which is not normally a surface on which I could relax easily. Subsequently, I have used the appliance 3 times. The primary result to date while using the appliance appears to be enhanced relaxation." - D.B., IL

"I ... had vivid (pleasant) dreams. I began to feel more relaxed and at ease than I had in a long time. I got stronger and gained weight, was able to return to work and completely regained my health. I'm literally reaching stages of health and well being that I have not previously experienced!" - R.R., WA

"I suspect the Radiac has improved my metabolism. I have lost a few pounds since I started. I have been exercising more and eating healthier, but it seems like the weight is coming off easier than ever." - L.J., NJ

"One offshoot I have discovered about this device (Radiac) is that it seems to function as a weight control device causing your body to lose excess poundage..." - L.B., AZ

"I have had wonderful success with helping me feel more energized & more well balanced sense of well being. This device (Radiac) has had a very positive effect on my life." - D.D., IL

My memory, especially short term, has improved. A tendency toward feelings of depression without any reason to be depressed has virtually disappeared. I have had much, much stress in my life this year, but have felt peaceful and confident consistently." - E.A., TN

"After my knee surgeries, I never had a good night's rest, even when taking sleeping pills and pain medication. I have even tried hypnosis and other methods. Now, when using the Radiac, I sleep all through the night, instead of waking up 5 to 6 times each night. And instead of feeling sluggish and groggy, I wake up refreshed and have a much better attitude towards starting the day." - D.L.K., VA

"The chemotherapy which I received raises havoc on my system - after one use of treatment from the Radiac (with [Vibradex®] Gold solution) many of these problems disappeared. I was losing my hair, now its growing back at a fast rate. I had nausea and cramping in my stomach after every chemo treatment. I no longer have any of these problems. It also helped my blood count which after every chemo treatment I need a blood transfusion. I no longer need any now. The list could go on. I had a 30% chance - I feel the Radiac gave me a 100% chance." - S.M., NY

"My wife has degenerative arthritis in three of the vertebrae in her neck. She suffered from pain in her neck, She said that it is not in complete remission but that it has improved so much that she is seldom aware of it. She can think of nothing else to attribute the improvement to." (using Radiac from Baar Products) - R.C., VA

"It (Radiac) helps my circulation - warms my feet, etc., makes me feel better." - W.L., FL

"I had a very serious bout of nervousness and mild depression after several years of hard work and worry. After trying many standard remedies, I tried the (Radiac) device. After a few months I was healed." - E.R.A., IL

"My wife has had good results - more energy and her constipation of long standing is much improved - as has a woman with cancer who is using another." ( Radiac) - J.W., MA

"Prior to using my Radiac, my symptoms were; (1) toes and balls of my feet were very numb and manipulation of the toes was sluggish and limited. (2) walking caused constant pain in the metatarsal area of the feet. (3) Sinus headaches of varying degrees were frequent, one or two a week. (4) Lower back pains were frequent. Now, after only four (plus) months of applications, I've had impressive improvement in all of the symptoms listed above. Most of the numbness in the toes and feet have gone and I can move my toes freely and completely. Now, I alternate walking and biking and the foot pains are mild and steadily getting better. Sinus headaches have disappeared. Lower back pains have improved appreciatively. The improvement in my health, thus far, has been amazing and wonderful." - B.T., VA

"I just want to let you know that since I've been using the Radiac appliance my blood pressure has gone down from high to just about normal." - J.C., PA

"I had been ill along time with ulcerative colitis and had what the doctor called "the liver of a much older person". I had many food allergies. I was weak, had no appetite and hadn't had for a couple of years. I had a lot of anxiety, and felt lonely and useless because I was unable to work. I purchased a Radiac from you. I began to feel stronger and slept very well. Now, I almost never get tired, appetite is good, still gaining weight, health is improving in all aspects. ... I was healed of ulcerative colitis. I've been healthy now for 6 years and I'll always be grateful. I hate to think of what life would have been like if I'd never regained my health, which was a very real possibility." - R.R., WA

"I have used my Radiac 14 times now and always feel some current in my body, which feels similar to the energies felt after Yoga practice. Thank you for this product. This is a real (magic) experience for me." - J.O., Iceland

"I have used/been using the Radiac on and off (more on than off) since September, 1995. I found that it does help me to relax more during meditation... It does seem, though, my body gets warm after maybe 20 minutes of usage during my 30 minute meditation." - A.C., NV

"I am extremely pleased with the Radiac. Here are some of the affects that I've been aware of: 1. Edema of ankles has disappeared. 2. Climbing stairs is much easier. 3. Nighttime backache has disappeared. Body much more limber. 4. Sinus problem disappeared. I have had not one sinus headache since using the Radiac. 5. Blood pressure is normal, even after having experienced a significantly stressful professional experience. 6. Fear and anxiety response - sudden shocks or surprises - does not trigger this reaction, even if someone in traffic cuts me off, I react with hardly any anxiety or fear." - J. C., IL

"I was using the Radiac Appliance with [Vibradex®] Gold Chloride for general rejuvenation. I had a rather large growth on my index finger. The first day the growth diminished considerably, and so too each day after until the growth was entirely gone without a trace. After an operation in 1994, I started using it to increase my energy. I was pleasantly surprised to find my energy actually did increase and also I slept better." - M.A.P., FL

"I am 73 years old and have been using the Radiac since 1980. I find that it heals tension in the body and relaxes the mind, which has improved my memory. Also, I use it for better circulation since I lead a more sedentary life. It is good for arthritis too, of course. Also, using my more alert mind,... I am more creative." - E.G., IL

"I am very pleased with the results of the Radiac after only one month. I have noticed increased strength in my arms and legs, plus the ability to sleep better. An intestinal fungus and bacteria have created systemic imbalance, but the Radiac seems to counteract these negative influences." - D.P., NC

"I have been using the Radiac on a systematic basis for about a month and a half now. I found a small reference in the Radiac file to menopause, so I started using it for that. I had a problem with prolonged bleeding which I could tell was not a natural flow so I followed the suggestion to place the negative lead just above the pubic bone and the positive on the "fourth lumbar plexus." It stopped the flow with one treatment, but the next day the bleeding began again. It stopped again with another Radiac treatment. So did the cramping and bloating. I have not had any problems as of this date. I truly believe that I will not have a difficult time with this stage of my life with the help of the Radiac. Other benefits I have noticed are a wonderful calming of my mind and body every time I use the device. I feel 'recharged' as if I have my second wind; if I am taking a treatment during the day. If at night, I just take the leads off and go back to sleep." - S.D., FL

"As you know, I purchased the Radiac Appliance for my son who has been diagnosed with A.D.D. I started using the Appliance in May 95' and saw improvement in his self control within a month. By July, other family members where commenting on how much Austin had changed and how much calmer he had become. The majority of these people were not aware of him using the Appliance, and made the assumption that he must be maturing. When he returned to school last September, his teacher was very surprised to find how much his confidence and attention span had improved. ...from the moment I started using the Radiac miracles took place. He is still the same child that I had a year ago, but he can control his body and mind more than he could before... a whole lot more. One of the most important things that I found with the appliance is that my 6 year old son is requesting nightly to have it put on, 'because it makes me feel good inside .......' he says." - C.B, NJ

"I have been using the Radiac, Radio Active Appliance, now for about 3 weeks and have noticed a change in my overall health. I have suffered with depression since I was a teenager and have tried anti-depressants with various side effects. I wanted to get off the drugs and try something different. I feel better that I have in a long time and believe it is because of the Radiac appliance." - L.M., CO

"I started using the Radiac on April 25, 1996 and will try to relate some feedback on what I feel is magnificent. It is almost impossible to describe and bring vibrational experiences through human words. It may be easier to start with the physical changes I have felt. A thyroid gland I firmly know is being re-established with using the Iodine solution every other day for 45 minutes. From tiny up, I've always had ear problems... I went to three 'medical men', they took a small peek with a small light and pushed it off as swimmers ear. Didn't even ask if I swam. The druggist said under the prescription label was little more than vinegar. ... within a month (of using the Radiac with Camphor) the ears have returned to about 100%. Needless to say the hearing is sharper with the lack of digging Q-tip into the ears. The whole, over-all physical body is enhanced which I feel is the adjusting of vital energies & circulation through the meridians and chakras bringing the mental and emotional bodies harmonious stability and sustaining power... I feel the Radiac finely tunes or adjusts the vibrational body to it's Divine Blueprint and with prayer, meditation, contemplation, powerfully sustains a Higher Consciousness." - J.N., FL

"The Castor Oil packs are still important for me, they work like magic. The Radiac is another magic with [Vibradex®] Gold solution. It feels like golden sunshine from inside out." - O. J., Iceland, Europe

"In April of this year (1996), I started to use your Radiac. How I wish I had started to use this device years ago. At once, I felt a flow of energy on my entire left side. This has now changed as I feel energy flowing throughout my entire body. My sleep certainly is deeper, and with less waking up in the middle of the night. I have vivid dreams and can recall them easier. My meditations also are deeper and the kundalini is flowing. I have a calmer attitude of all that would normally disturb my peace. It seems as if I could go on and on for I believe - no - I know that whatever this device does - it has made all areas of my life (spiritual, physical, and mental) better." - E.R.L, PA

"The Radiac has already helped me calm down and feel more centered after only 3 applications!" - M.N., WI

"I have a stressful occupation and without the Radiac to reduce my stress each evening and give me healthier, more peaceful sleep, I would probably find it most difficult to continue at my hectic pace. ...does everyone who uses it feel and look younger?" - S.B., CA

"While preparing a tooth for a crown, the nerve was damaged and resulted in a constant, unrelenting, severe toothache around the clock. Increasing stronger pain medications, including prednisone, were required to ease pain and get any sleep. I had not used my Radiac for several weeks but decided to get back on my nightly regimen. After two nights use of the Radiac, the pain was completely gone and was able to discontinue all pain medications. I was greatly relieved and thankful, because a root canal was my only other alternative." G.C., NC

"Dear Bruce. Just a short note this Sunday afternoon before I go to work. Yes, I will return to work this afternoon. I just wanted you to know that the Bell's Palsy started clearing up immediately after using the Radiac for the first time. I told you that I planned to use it two times a day for the first week. I used it two times a day for four days and went to one time a day. I noticed major improvement after the first day and after four days I was 95% improved but continued to have severe pain behind my right ear for the next four days - it is improved however. I used the leads on my neck - near the pulse on the throat - each side. I don't do that now, but did for the first four days, now I just use the traditional method. So glad I found you and the work you do. If I use the Radiac for any other specific problem I will let you know the results. Otherwise I will just use it to maintain my health. Aloha" J.B., HI

"I once told my late husband that if I had to make one choice and give up everything else, that choice would be my Radiac! I use it almost every day. ...I'm almost 75 and take no medications! I may be luckier than most, but as Cayce said, 'no one can fail to benefit from this.'" - H.N., CA

"I have the Radiac, my mother has one, and my sister got it last Friday to England. I like it very much; it gives quite immediately a feeling of height and a powerful pulsation especially in my chest - it is very easy to meditate at the same time. Feet are really warm. My mother's health has been bad many years - she had a little stroke over a year ago and she has been inside all the time. This week she has been outside 3 times - she has difficulties with balance. She has used Radiac over a month every day." - I.N., Finland

"The Radiac has helped me to sleep better, to be more calm (I'm very nervous) and this has especially been proven to me by my health practitioners who take my pulse. Thanks for making such a good product." W.F., CA

"I recently ordered and received a Radiac from you, and began using it. I felt the effect of it immediately. It felt like a strong tranquilizer, maybe 10 minutes after I put it on. I feel the same effect each time I use it, but it seemed more powerful when I first started using it. It takes about 10 minutes after I put it on, and the I feel much more calm and relaxed. I don't feel any current or electricity from it, just a strong tranquilizing effect all over... I was very surprised and happy with it." - I.H., MI

"The Radiac Appliance is for real! I have used it on and off for about 3 years now and find that it helps with nervous system disorders .... When used in the evening or nighttime on a regular basis, I find it helps me feel more mentally focused, calm and collected during the day. I agree with Cayce that 'it would be good for everyone'." - S.S., SD

"I used the Radiac for the 1st time last night and I slept like a baby all through the night. I could feel it working when I was hooked up. I can't explain what I felt but I could feel it." - D.L., MI

"I have used the Radiac 4 times - one cycle- and I love it. I felt it changing my energy from the first use. The night after using it, I sleep so much more peacefully. I also have had more vivid dreams. If I'd known how useful it is, I would have purchased one a long time ago." - N.G., VT

"Dear Bruce, The Radiac has been fantastic for eliminating tension headaches. Especially works well for those headaches that aspirin or Tylenol can't touch! The Radiac gets rid of very bad headaches in about 15 minutes. My thanks to you for making it available." - J.G., CA

"I celebrated my 76th birthday last Christmas. And in early January came down with sciatica in my right leg. My acupuncturist was not having good results and when my left leg was also attacked by sciatica, I changed acupuncturists. I couldn't sleep at night-was exhausted the pain was so intense it was weakening my heart. I mentally shouted, 'God, if i can't have quality in my life I DON'T WANT TO LIVE'. I couldn't take it any more. I fell 3 x in my home, and held onto the walls when I walked in the home. I realized the acupuncturist was not helping me either. I canceled my appointment with her.... and turned to the Radiac. I'll try this. With one treatment, pain was gone! Miracle of Miracles. I am continuing my treatments with the Radiac. God Bless You. Sincerely." - E.G., IL.

"Dear Bruce, The Radiac helps me w/ my (confidential) more than any nutritional supplement, & l have taken several in the past three years. I only get up once a night when l use it, as opposed to four five times previously. Thank You." - R.Z., CO

"Hello everybody, my father's alcoholism has cured by Radiac ([Vibradex®] Gold Chloride and [Vibradex®] Silver Nitrate, alternated). He has became a quiet person. My Grandmother's swelling has cured by mullein leaves. Thank you very much! Thanks to your works. Please circulate this remedy all over the world. Yours truly." - A.M., Japan

"With Radiac, the quality of my sleep has been greatly improved. I sleep really deeply like when I was a teenager. As my blood pressure is low, it took me a few hours to start functioning at my optimal level in the morning before Radiac. But now, thanks to Radiac, I am ready to go mentally and physically as soon as I wake up in the morning from my beauty sleep!" - M.T. Japan

"We, purchased 2 Radiac Appliances in March 2002 after hearing Bruce Baar at a seminar in St. Petersburg, Florida. At the time we had some uncertainty about this device as to how much could it do for us for the price of approximately $200.00 each, but something seemed to guide us to try it. Even after bringing them home we had to adjust to the idea of connecting the appliance up to our body. On March 17th we began. I, tried to believe that I did feel something going on in my body. I lay on the bed and went quite, then meditated, that felt good. The next day, I thought I felt better. We continued to use the Radiac late in the evening mostly 10:00 PM, leaving it on for 30 - 40 minutes. By the fourth of fifth morning, I knew I felt more energy, waking up feeling rested, and realized after each treatment that elimination was better. I have applied the Radiac some 33 times since the beginning. After not using the appliance for maybe 3 days, I make sure I find time to apply it, as I notice I need some more energy to play golf, ( always walking the course) I, C..., am 71 years and I.... is 79. We have just had physicals at our family doctor. He suggested that whatever we were doing - to continue with it. (We did not tell him we were using an appliance called the Radiac. [I] Comments, 'I feel I have lost some of the mental tension, also feel less anxiety. ..I can think more clearly. We are VERY GRATEFUL for being introduced to the RADIAC." - C & I, FL

"I felt a positive mental attitude on the morning after the second use of the RADIAC." - C.K., CA

"I'm really excited about using the RADIAC. I've already lost my craving for sugar. Thank you, Edgar Cayce and Bruce Baar!!!" - K.M., CA

"Received the Radiac and have just started using... already experienced an improvement in dreaming, more lucid dreams with clarity in recall. Another local ARE Search for God member has been using the Radiac for a longer period and encouraged the rest of us to 'invest' in this wonderful tool." - E.A., TN

"I've been using the Radiac every day for about two months now and would recommend it to anyone. I feel great. I have more energy and my spirits have improved. My body 'tingles' with healing energy all day long. I feel GREAT! Today I recommended the Radiac to one of my friends. Thank you for making the Radiac. I appreciate that your device enhances my life!" - L.F., CA

"My experiences with the Radiac are as follows: Tingle at connections. Tingle in extremities. Tingle all over. Strongest sensation in my weak leg. As days progressed I began to dream again, my thinking processes are becoming clearer and clearer, my memory (recall) is improving, my weak leg is strengthening." - M.S., VA

"The Radiac is Built Excellent - 2 Thumbs Up!" - D.C., Canada

"When I use my Radiac regularly I notice a remarkable improvement in my seasonal allergies." - G.M.

"I am sending you comments about my experiences upon using my personal Radiac. The first time that I used my Radiac; I did not expect to feel any different as the directions that came included with my Radiac indicated that most people do not feel any noticeable changes... I was very pleasantly surprised after my first use... as I felt very peaceful, relaxed, and much more focused and at ease that lasted on into the evening (as I first used my Radiac in the evening). I thought to myself, 'I didn't realize what I was missing previously.' " - S.M., NC

"The Radiac is a wonderful product from Baar! It has enhanced my life in so many ways! I dream deeper & my dreams are vivid! I feel as though I have so much more energy than I did prior to owning my Radiac! Thank you so much Baar!" - D.S., NC

"My son is getting amazing results with the Radiac. His occupational therapists say he performed amazingly yesterday with his speech and motion." - K.D., CT

"The 3rd Day I used it I had some lower back pain. After the session the pain was gone. My back has felt a lot better now. I used the Radiac 8 times but not in a row. I was out of town for some time." - D.M., OH

" ... I can tell I'm not as nervous. My hands and feet are warmer. I feel it will be beneficial and I am looking forward to using it again." - L.W., TX

"Had blissful dreams, slept quite well on first night, I really liked it. Normally I have no dreams or disjointed dreams. These were coordinated dreams. Someone gave me a present in one case. There were nice stories in my dreams now, I could feel the bliss of it." - M.G., VA

"The first time I used the Radiac I had a wonderful experience. It brought me much peace and relaxed me over some issues that I was dealing with mentally. Thank you, and God's blessing be with you." - M.B., TX

"I have been using both the Radiac and the Wet Cell. I started with the Radiac in December, 1995, and the Wet Cell two years ago (2011). I've been using the Gold Chloride and Silver Nitrate solutions, but even using the Radiac without solutions, energized me to start working again after about 4 years of not working. Today, about 18 years later, my health is still improving. Thanks to Baar Products for making this available today." - O.J., Iceland

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The Radiac is sometimes called the Radial Appliance, the Radio Active Appliance, the mind machine, and the body balancer.

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