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The Radiac® Report

Bruce Baar, M.S., N.D.
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There is nothing more enjoyable in life than being given the opportunity to present the virtues of a product that has helped thousands of people. We would like to contribute to this by sharing with you documented testimonials of the Radiac. You can view the documented testimonials of Radiac users at the following Baar Products web page:

Why Does the Radiac® Work So Well
We have been asked many times what makes the Radiac® special and why people get such good results with it. The reason is quite simple, we have done the research into the problems with the "old design units" and we have eliminated those imperfections. The results of these changes you can read on the testimonial link above.

How Baar Products Eliminated the Imperfections of the Older Designed Units
Years ago we worked hard to resolve problems people had with old units. First of all, we eliminated the leaking that we saw with the older models that appear from time to time. (Note: you should never use a unit that was used by someone else). We have acquired some old units from many years ago and some over 50 years old. We immediately saw that, over time, there developed a hairline crack around the top of the old units that would allow water to get in. This would cause potential short circuiting of the unit, moisture problems and the potential for unwanted growth to possibly occur inside. We found this unacceptable, especially for those of use that were to become long term users.

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Poor Design From the Past That does NOT exist in the Radiac

Expansion and Contraction Rate Discovery
We found that the expansion rates of the 2 outer casing materials used in the old units were different. The copper expanded and contracted at different rates than the top sealant and this created the cracking over time. A flange or lip was tried to eliminate this, but, in accelerated testing we noticed in some instances cracking still occurred. This was unacceptable for us. To eliminate this problem and enhance the durability of the product, we decided to continue researching. What we created is a proprietary material that would completely seal the main core, prevent water and moisture from getting in, and thereby prevent the unit from going bad. Our Single Seal™ Technology is another reason why we provide a Lifetime Guarantee on your Radiac®. These advantages and improvements guarantee your Radiac will provide you with outstanding service for your lifetime.

Elimination of the Welded Terminals
Some of the old units had a low carbon steel tab welded to the top of the carbon steel poles, which were drilled to accept the terminals on the top. We had to ask, what would the effect of the poor quality steel have on the functionality of the unit? Also, what effect would the weld have on the functionality of the unit? Nowhere in the readings did it say to weld the top of the steel pieces. Cayce did, however, say never solder the connections. The reason the welding was done (before our time) was because the jacks on top of the unit were so thick they would touch each other , therefore, requiring the tabs to be welded on. Nobody wanted the jacks to touch each other, for obvious reasons. Our conclusion years ago was to eliminate the tab and the weld and go directly into the steel. This worked perfectly, creating a clean, direct connection and eliminated the tampering of the steel by unnecessary welding. A great enhancement to the Radiac® by the elimination of many known and unknown performance issues.

Image On Web Page. (c) Baar Products, Inc. Image On Web Page. (c) Baar Products, Inc.
Poor Designs From the Past That DO NOT exist in the Radiac®

Elimination of the Carbon Steel Problem
As many of you know, we have the entire workings of Lester Babcoke's materials to make the Radiacs. What I found was the steel type varied all the way down to 30%, and the different steel source pieces were intermingled. Getting reliable grade steel from a supply house was extremely difficult to do. The only way to overcome this was for us to go to a steel company and have them make the product to our specifications. This was extremely expensive. But, I knew that if we did this, we would have the proper material. We would have the correct steel every time I made a unit, it would be consistent from lot to lot, it would not be from scrap material or a contaminated source, and we would not be under the loose direction of a supply house that needed to move inventory. We learned from others mistakes of the past and eliminated them.

Elimination of Variability and Inconsistency Problem
We also found that the old carbon steel, and some of the steel provided by the steel supply houses was unreliable. Some of the steel had different forms of a coating on the outside of the steel. Some, the carbon content varied greatly. This was unacceptable to us and we have eliminated that problem by having the carbon steel made specifically for us. Yes, we had a steel company make it for us.

We have two types of packing incorporated into the Radiac®. One has a carbon material in addition to a smaller but finer amount of charcoal. This conforms to Cayce's requirement to have a uniform commercial method of manufacture. We also make available a Radiac with extra charcoal packing. This conforms to Cayce's older method of manufacturing.

Quality Control Checks Performed and developed by Baar Products
Actually, the steel we use in the Radiac® has over 20 Quality Control checks AND just as many operations done on it before it is used. For example, if the steel is bent, none of the components fit together exactly right when the units are taped together. We feel that if the steel is off dimension, it may effect the performance. We found out we were right after we tested it. That concern is eliminated by the QC checks. We make sure that it doesn't happen.

Steel tested and confirmed by Baar Products
After 10 years of testing Dr. Baar confirmed and instituted the steel formulation needed for the Radiac. This composition has been tested, certified and proven to be right on the mark.

Lifetime Guarantee
The Radiac is hand-made exclusively by Bruce Baar, MS, ND and is built to last a lifetime. The outside of the unit is made out of one single seamless material. This prevents the expansion and contraction that occurs during changing temperatures that will cause cracking between 2 different materials.(the old method). This is one of the new advances that assures your Radiac will continue working year after year. We give you a Lifetime Guarantee.

Radial Appliance Design Failures
Corrected by The Radiac Design

"Radial Appliance" is considered a misnomer today. Its name was created in the 1980s and it has since been determined the proper term is Radiac or Radio-Active Appliance.

Baar Products has invested years of research into evaluating these units. We decided to show you what can happen when they are not designed and assembled correctly. This is a short pictorial representation of many of the issues that have been corrected by the Baar design. These corrections are a result of our testing and analysis. Because of this and for many other reasons, Baar is the Exclusive Manufacturer of Edgar Cayce's radio-active appliance and endorsed by Cayce's A.R.E. Every Radiac is imprinted on the top. Each unit also has its own serial number. The Radiac is trademarked for your protection.

The problem started when these old style design units were made without knowledge of long term consequences.
Our 30 year analysis of these designs revealed serious defects that needed to be corrected. You can see some of them below.

Radial Appliance Defects   Radial Appliance Seals Cracking   Radial Appliance Hairline Cracks

Old Radial Appliance Design Flaws

  • These "Radial" units become defective with long term use.
  • There are other design flaws and failures we will describe in future postings.

Design Defect of "Radial Appliances" Example #1

  • These units are continually being placed in ice water, removed and then placed in the sun. This creates a large temperature difference.
  • Our 30 year analysis of these designs revealed serious defects that needed to be corrected.
  • These "Radial" units become defective with long term use.

Example #2 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • Different casing materials contract and expand at different rates of speed and eventually create hairline cracks.
  • These hairline cracks will suck in damaging moisture.
  • When placed in ice and water it contracts and pulls in damaging moisture.
Radial Appliance Failures  
Radial Appliance Defective Parts
Radial Appliance Failures

Example #3 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • The moisture gets inside these old and poorly designed units and cause rusting, shorting, general breakdown and failure.
  • These cracks are hard to see but will do great damage.
  • The broken seal can happen at any time and you may not know your unit is failing.

Example #4 of Radial Appliance Defects: Wrong Components

  • The old radial "assemble-it-yourself" kit
  • It has multiple problems, including:
    • Incorrect Carbon Content Steel
    • Incorrect Charcoal
    • Incorrect Wrong Discs
    • Wrong Wire
    • Poor Quality Jacks and Plugs
    • Assembly Difficulties
    • Sealing Problems

Example #5 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • Cayce describes proper design..."these would be tipped (for connectors) on BOTH ends and set so that they may be removed from EITHER end."
  • "Make all of these appliances conform to this formula." Cayce

The Solution
To All of these Problems Are
Corrected by the Radiac

  • Single Seal Technology completely protects your Radiac.
  • The Radiac is completely sealed in one single material.
  • No separation caused by dissimilar materials.
  • No Cracking, No Moisture, No Rust, No Breakdown.
  • The Radiac will never crack, leak or experience degradation.
  • Moisture will never get inside to destroy it.
  • The Radiac has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Radiac is leakproof and rustproof.
  • No Assembly Required.
  • The Radiac is Trademarked for protection from all of these issues.
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Radiac Superior Design

How to Use the Radiac
Click Here for Directions for Using the Radiac and our video "How To Set Up Your Radiac".

Research Continues at Baar Products
Cayce said to do research on this and we did. Our enterprise, Baar Products, Inc. has done extensive research on the construction and use of the Radiac®. We have the personnel, the experience, the finances, and the focused determination to continually improve our products.
When you receive your new Radiac®, return the product registration form so you will also get the updates on the continued research we are conducting.
For those of you that want to make a contribution, we will sponsor research that is scientifically acceptable. We have available the results of a double blind scientific study.

Thank You
I would like to personally thank all of you for being a part of our success and the success of Baar Products. The letters, e-mail, and phone calls continue to make this a team effort. If you still have an old unit, remember, we will give you $25 discount to upgrade to a Radiac®. Be sure to call us so we can set this up for you.

If you wish to Participate or Have Questions
Call us, we are here to help. Our phone number is 610-873-5343 M-F 9AM-4:30PM Eastern Time. Check out our web pages at

If you are interested in what others, who have actual experience using the Radiac®, have to say, then please click to the following link:

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