Directions for Using the Radiac®

By Bruce Baar, MS, ND

Instructions For Use:

1. Place your Radiac into the center of the plastic container.
2. First - add ice up to the red line on the Radiac. Depending on the size of the ice cubes, 3-5 trays of ice may be needed.
3. Next - add water up to the red line on the Radiac.
4. Allow the Radiac to sit in the ice and water for approximately 15-20 minutes before attaching the discs to the body.
5. Start with the Day 1 in the Rotation Cycle - as noted in the Instruction Booklet. Keep the Radiac in the ice and water during your application.


Introduction: 0:00
Restrictions: 0:47
Radiac Starter Kit: 1:20
Radiac Container: 1:47
Setup: 3:15
Sanding Discs: 4:20
Attaching Wires: 6:10
Using the Radiac: 7:12
Storage: 7:45
Benefits: 8:04
Radiac Book: 8:32

The Radiac® and How to Use It

The Radiac is designed to balance your body's subtle energies. It is not a battery. It is constructed in a Single Seal™ enclosure that prevents cracking and moisture from getting inside the unit. Because of this new technology the Radiac is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Radiac Container

The Radiac is designed to be used at home and comes with instructions. You can use it every day, every other day, a few times a week, or when it is convenient for you. The only requirement is to attach the wires to the next position in the sequence so you don't repeat the same position. There are 4 positions or 4 ways to attach the Radiac to your body. After you have completed all 4 positions you have completed a cycle. You should attach one position per day for about 30 minutes. A completed cycle is designed to balance the whole body.

Activating the Radiac®

Place the Radiac with the Protector Cap on top in the Radiac Container or a similar plastic container. Add ice up to the red line of the Radiac. Add water up to the red line on the top side of the Radiac. In about 15 minutes the Radiac is cold enough to begin using.

Cleaning The Discs

Clean the surface of the discs with #153 emery paper. This is important to be sure a proper connection is made. Sand the surface side of the disc that attaches to your wrist or ankle. Since it takes about 15 minutes for the Radiac to cool, this is a good time to do the sanding. Keep the metal discs from touching each other. Then plug the black and red wires into the Radiac into the black and red terminals on the top.

The Radiac® Cycle, Attaching To Your Body

This is a general overview of one cycle, the complete details come with your unit:
Day 1: Attach the Red Wire Disc the Right Wrist then attach the Black Wire Disc to the Left Ankle.
Day 2: Attach the Red Wire Disc the Left Wrist then attach the Black Wire Disc to the Right Ankle.
Day 3: Attach the Red Wire Disc the Left Ankle then attach the Black Wire Disc to the Right Wrist.
Day 4: Attach the Red Wire Disc the Right Ankle then attach the Black Wire Disc to the Left Wrist.

Your Radiac® Session

I remain attached to the Radiac for about an hour. If it's the first time you are using it, your time should be shorter. When attached you do not want any distractions. It's a time for relaxing your body and your thoughts. You can meditate lying down or in a comfortable chair or recliner, not in a lotus or any type of strenuous position. Relaxing music is OK but having the TV or radio on is not a good idea.

Storing Your Radiac®

Store the Radiac in the Radiac Container or place it on your windowsill. Keep it away from metal. The wires come in plastic bags. This is a good place to store them when not in use so the metal ends do not touch each other.

Your State of Mind

Experience the Radiac Book

I adhere to the notion that your state of mind has a profound effect on you. So, when using the Radiac be joyous and reverent. Be in a positive state of mind. More details in the Radiac book Experience The Radiac® (Item #502).

Only You Can Use Your Radiac®

This is very important and not very well understood. Never use anyone else's Radiac. Once you use it no one else can. Something changes in the unit after you use it and it is not compatible with anyone else.

The Radiac® and Alcohol Consumption

Don't use the Radiac if you have consumed alcohol.