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Baar Products. Health, Beauty, Wellness. Palma Christos is USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil Watermelon Seed tea: the health benefits are amazing! Experience the Radiac! Testimonial - I immediately feel a stillness, a stability, a calm that leads to peace and a sense of oneness. - P.L., Illinois Crudeoleum for Healthy Scalp and Hair Electrified nascent iodine Toelieva Antifungal Liquid Solution: Provides relief from toenail fungus and promotes healthy nails AlkaCare combines an invigorating taste with an alkalizing pH to help protect teeth and gums FEATURED CATEGORIES FEATURED PRODUCTS

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Say Goodbye to Yellow Nails and Fungal Infections with Toelieva!

About a year ago, I had a conversation with a friend who told me that, as much as she loves summer, she is dreading the onset of warmer weather. You see, she had a fungus growing in and around two of her toenails. Those nails were thick and yellow, to the point where she was...

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Castor Oil Wraps: Castor Oil Pack Application Just Got Easier

With a multitude of applications, these wraps may be used as the Castor Oil pack itself or used by placing over an existing wool flannel pack to provide a secure, comfortable fit. Less mess, washable and reusable – we’ve added a dimension of simplicity to this holistic therapy. The Healing Power of Castor Oil Our...

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How We Cured Ourselves of Lyme Disease using the RADIAC® System

This is a personal testimonial shared by a couple who used the Radiac to help fight against Lyme disease. Posted with permission. Written by the author K.W., Peterborough, NH. CHAPTER 1: THE HOUSE IN THE WOODS In 1989, my husband, P., and I moved to beautiful New Hampshire. Our house sat on a hill overlooking...

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