Herbal Breathing, Inspirol®

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Bottle of Baar's Herbal Breathing, the Inspirol formula from Edgar Cayce Readings

Herbal Breathing™, Inspirol®, is specifically formulated to invigorate and support your body's natural healing mechanisms for your nasal passages, sinuses and lungs. Also formulated to aid the body's response to combat allergies.
Contains: Oil of Eucalyptus, Tolu Balsam, Compound Tincture of Benzoin, Oil of Pine Needles, Oil of Turpentine and Oil of Smoke.
The bottle is half filled with solution with the upper half becomes the fumes. Shake the bottle and breath in the fumes. Inhalant tube included.

#321, Herbal Breathing™, Inspirol®, 4 fl oz

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