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• Red Wire #111 and
  Black Wire #112
  with Attachment Discs &
  Hook & Loop Fasteners
• Emery paper
• Radiac Protector Cap

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The Radiac from Baar Products has been called the meditation device, stress reducer, bio-electric balancer and spiritual and self unfoldment tool. Bruce Baar, the manufacturer of the Radiac, is featured in the new books "Supermemory" and "SuperLearning 2000". The Radiac is also mentioned over 1,000 times in the Edgar Cayce Readings. The testimonials listed below are just the tip of the iceberg of the letters we receive. The Radiac Book is filled with information on what Edgar Cayce said about it, current research, testimonials, and "how to's".

Testimonials - read what others are saying about the Radiac.

Design Failures of Radial Appliances

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Some people call the Radiac (pronounced RAY-dee-ack) a Mind Machine, the BioBattery, the Radial Appliance, the Dry Cell or the Impedance Device. No batteries and no electrical outlets involved.
The Radiac is still personally manufactured by Bruce Baar, MS, ND. Enhance your dream experience and aid in spiritual awakening. Designed for mental and spiritual unfoldment, regeneration and attunement. Balances the mental, physical and spiritual. Enhance Remote Viewing and Visualization. Stress Reducer. Includes Instruction Sheet, Red Wire and Black Wire with Attachment Disc, Velcro, and Emery paper. The Radiac can only be used by one person. Because we do not sell used units, (you should never use a used unit) they are not returnable. See details on order page below.

The Radiac® is manufactured by Baar Products and is supplied with:

Single Seal™ Technology Enclosure
The Basic Instruction Sheet
Black Wire Set and Red Wire Set, Velcro and Discs
Silver Enhanced Terminals
Radiac Protector Cap
Sand Paper
Lifetime Guarantee

What is The Radiac® used for?

Spiritual Unfoldment

When is the Radiac contraindicated?
Do not drink alcohol then use the Radiac. A big no-no.
If you have questions you can call our support line at
610-873-5343 from 9AM - 5PM M-F Eastern Time.

Direction for Using the Radiac®

By Bruce Baar, MS, ND

The Radiac® and How I use It

The Radiac is designed to balance your body's subtle energies. It is not a battery. It is constructed in a Single Seal™ enclosure that prevents cracking and moisture from getting inside the unit. Because of this new technology the Radiac is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Radiac is designed to be used at home and comes with instructions. You can use it every day, every other day, a few times a week, or when it is convenient for you. The only requirement is to attach the wires to the next position in the sequence so you don't use it over and over again on the same position. There are basically 4 positions or 4 ways to attach the Radiac to your body during use. After you have completed all 4 positions you have completed a cycle. You should do one position per day for about 30 minutes. A completed cycle is designed to balance the whole body, 1/2 a cycle balances 1/2 the body. If you use it every day then a completed cycle takes 4 days. Very simple.

Activating the Radiac®

Place the Radiac with the Protector Cap on top in the Radiac Container or a similar plastic container. Add ice up to the red line of the Radiac. Add water up to the red line on the top side of the Radiac. In about 15 minutes the Radiac is cold enough to begin using.

Cleaning The Discs

Clean the surface of the discs with #153 emery paper. This is important to be sure your body makes the proper connection. Just clean the surface side of the disc that attaches to your wrist or ankle. Since it takes about 15 minutes for the Radiac to cool, this is a good time to do the sanding. It should only take a few minutes. Keep the metal discs from touching each. Then plug the black and red wires into the Radiac into the black and red terminals on the top. Very simple.

The Radiac® Cycle, Attaching To Your Body

This is a general overview of one cycle, the finer details come with your unit, but for now these are the basic steps:
Day 1: Attach the Red Wire Disc the Right Wrist then attach the Black Wire Disc to the Left Ankle. Super simple.
Day 2: Attach the Red Wire Disc the Left Wrist then attach the Black Wire Disc to the Right Ankle.
Day 3: Attach the Red Wire Disc the Left Ankle then attach the Black Wire Disc to the Right Wrist.
Day 4: Attach the Red Wire Disc the Right Ankle then attach the Black Wire Disc to the Left Wrist.

Your Radiac® Session

I remain attached to the Radiac for about an hour. If it's the first time you are using it, your time should be shorter. When attached you do not want any distractions. It's a time for relaxing your body and your thoughts. You can meditate but do it lying down or in a comfortable chair or recliner, not in a lotus or any type of strenuous position. Relaxing music is OK but having the TV on is not a good idea ( and not the radio with commercials). We have subliminal tapes that are very good.

Storing Your Radiac®

You can store the Radiac in the Radiac Container or place it on your windowsill. Just keep it away from metal. The wires come in plastic bags. This is a good place to store them so the metal ends do not touch each other.

Your State of Mind

I adhere to the notion that your state of mind has a profound effect on you. I also know we are personally in control of it, no matter how much a part of us may think otherwise. So, when using the Radiac be joyous and reverent. Be in a positive state of mind. Just do it, its easy. More details in the Radiac book Experience The Radiac® (Item #502).

Only You Can Use Your Radiac®

This is very important and not very well understood. Never use anyone else's Radiac. Once you use it no one else can. Something changes in the unit after you use it and it is not compatible with anyone else.

The Radiac® and Alcohol Consumption

Don't use the Radiac if you have recently consumed alcohol.

Click Here for our video "How To Set Up Your Radiac".

Be sure to read what they are saying about the Radiac: Testimonials

The Radiac® and the Vibradex® Solution Jar Set

The most common use of the Radiac is by itself. This is noted above. But, it can be used in a different manner. This is for the advanced user. It can also be used with the Radiac Solution Jar Starter Set #140. Most people us the Radiac by itself first, then if they want to research further its abilities, they will purchase a Solution Jar Starter Set and one solution. The most common solution to start with is the gold solution. Further details on this are included in the Radiac Book.

Vibradex® Solution Jar Starter Set #140
Radiac Vibradex Solution Jar Starter Set

Additional Vibradex® Solution Jar Set #141
Additional Solution Jar Set

The Radiac® Book #502
Experience The Radaic Book

Vibradex® Solutions: Gold, Camphor, Iodine, Silver, Iron, GoldenSeal

Solutions are good for 14 uses when you are connecting the solution for 30-45 minutes per use. So, 1 bottle lasts 14 days. If you plan to research more than one solution then you will need to purchase an Additional Solution Jar Set #141 for each solution you use in addition to the first one.

Question from a Radiac Customer:


"The process I follow when using a solution jar with the Radiac is to disconnect it and put the loop into water after the 30 minutes session is over. I then rest for an additional 30 minutes at which point I take the loop out of the water and use the brush to clean it under running water. However, after resting for 30 minutes, I usually don't feel like getting up to clean the loop. I feel like it would be better if I could just continue resting and maybe even just go to sleep and for the night, since I normally use the Radiac and solution jar close the bed time. If I were to do this though that would mean leaving the loop in the water overnight. I'm concerned that this could damage the loop in some way. So my question is if it would be OK to leave the loop in water overnight so that I can continue resting and, in my opinion, get more benefit from the session OR should I get up and clean the loop like I've been doing and interfere with the feeling that I have to continue resting." - W.P., Newnan, GA

Our Response:

"I spoke with Dr. Bruce Baar and he said it’s OK to leave the Vibradex Loop (disconnected) in distilled water overnight so that you may continue to rest after using the Radiac system."

More Information about the Radiac

This page is designed to help you understand the basics of the Radiac. If you need more information you can call our support line Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern time at 610-873-5343.

The Ordering Page For the Radiac

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Single Seal™
Radiac and Vibradex are Registered Trademarks of Baar Products, Inc.

Radial Appliance Design Failures
Corrected by The Radiac Design

"Radial Appliance" is considered a misnomer today. Its name was created in the 1980s and it has since been determined the proper term is Radiac or Radio-Active Appliance.

Baar Products has invested years of research into evaluating these units. We decided to show you what can happen when they are not designed and assembled correctly. This is a short pictorial representation of many of the issues that have been corrected by the Baar design. These corrections are a result of our testing and analysis. Because of this and for many other reasons, Baar is the Exclusive Manufacturer of Edgar Cayce's radio-active appliance and endorsed by Cayce's A.R.E. Every Radiac is imprinted on the top. Each unit also has its own serial number. The Radiac is trademarked for your protection.

The problem started when these old style design units were made without knowledge of long term consequences.
Our 30 year analysis of these designs revealed serious defects that needed to be corrected. You can see some of them below.

Radial Appliance Defects   Radial Appliance Seals Cracking   Radial Appliance Hairline Cracks

Old Radial Appliance Design Flaws

  • These "Radial" units become defective with long term use.
  • There are other design flaws and failures we will describe in future postings.

Design Defect of "Radial Appliances" Example #1

  • These units are continually being placed in ice water, removed and then placed in the sun. This creates a large temperature difference.
  • Our 30 year analysis of these designs revealed serious defects that needed to be corrected.
  • These "Radial" units become defective with long term use.

Example #2 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • Different casing materials contract and expand at different rates of speed and eventually create hairline cracks.
  • These hairline cracks will suck in damaging moisture.
  • When placed in ice and water it contracts and pulls in damaging moisture.
Radial Appliance Failures  
Radial Appliance Defective Parts
Radial Appliance Failures

Example #3 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • The moisture gets inside these old and poorly designed units and cause rusting, shorting, general breakdown and failure.
  • These cracks are hard to see but will do great damage.
  • The broken seal can happen at any time and you may not know your unit is failing.

Example #4 of Radial Appliance Defects: Wrong Components

  • The old radial "assemble-it-yourself" kit
  • It has multiple problems, including:
    • Incorrect Carbon Content Steel
    • Incorrect Charcoal
    • Incorrect Discs
    • Incorrect Wire
    • Poor Quality Jacks and Plugs
    • Assembly Difficulties
    • Sealing Problems

Example #5 of Radial Appliance Defects

  • Cayce describes proper design..."these would be tipped (for connectors) on BOTH ends and set so that they may be removed from EITHER end."
  • "Make all of these appliances conform to this formula." Cayce
  • Cayce states that both ends are to be removable from the unit and these are not.

See Below How All These Issues have Been Corrected.

The Solution
To All of these Problems Are
Corrected by the Radiac

  • Single Seal Technology completely protects your Radiac.
  • The Radiac is completely sealed in one single material.
  • No separation caused by dissimilar materials.
  • No Cracking, No Moisture, No Rust, No Breakdown.
  • The Radiac will never crack, leak or experience degradation.
  • Moisture will never get inside to destroy it.
  • The Radiac has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Radiac is leakproof and rustproof.
  • No Assembly Required.
  • The Radiac is Trademarked for protection from all of these issues.
  • Click here to see what others have to say.
Radiac Superior Design



Meditation With The Radiac from Baar
Baar Radiac - Enhances Meditation - Radiac provides a sense of well being

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