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Edgar Cayce's Hair & Scalp Treatment, Crudoleum Hair Care

Edgar Cayce Health CareHealth care inspired by Edgar Cayce
Baar Products is the Official Worldwide Supplier of Edgar Cayce Health Care. Edgar Cayce is considered to be the Father of Holistic Medicine.

Castor Oil Packs and SuppliesGraphical Text for the Castor Oil Packs and Supplies Category
Castor Oil, Castor Oil Packs, Wool Flannel, Disposable Packs, 100% Pure Cold Pressed

Psoriasis CarePsoriasis Care Category
One of the best approaches to relieving Psoriasis is by addressing it from the inside-out. Alleviate the discomfort of dry, itchy skin caused by Psoriasis and Eczema.

SupplementsGraphical text for Baar's Supplements Category
For Better Health and Vitality! Our supplements are selected for superior potency and purity. Feel Good from the Inside Out.

LymphoCare, massage and skin lotion for healthy lymphatic circulationLymphoCare, Stimulate Lymphatic Circulation
LymphoCare® Massage Lotion is formulated with a blend of natural oils and designed to assist with lymphatic drainage, circulation and toxin elimination during massage.

Personal CareGraphical Text for Baar's Personal Care Category
Refresh and replenish your skin, provide relief for troublesome skin problems, enjoy a more beautiful complexion, and more...

Vibrational EnergyGraphical text for Baar's Vibrational Energy Category
"Life is electric energy. Electricity and the human body are inextricably combined."   Bruce Baar, MS, ND

Home & GardenGraphical Text for Baar's Home and Garden Category
Rid your lawn and garden of pesky Moles! Chase away armadillos, voles, gophers, squirrels & chipmunks.

A.R.E. Find Edgar Cayce's Philosophy at the A.R.E.,
Association for Research and Enlightenment