Ichthammol Ointment
Ichthyol Ointment

Ichtammol Ointment
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Our Ichthammol Ointment is a soothing application and anti-infective salve for external use. Sometimes called Black Salve, Ichthyol or Icthyol Ointment. Recommended by Edgar Cayce for tenderness or breaking of tissue, abrasions, and also massage. Also stated as the "best application for bed sores."

"Keep the Icthyol Ointment over those areas where there is the broken tissue, or where there are the irritations." (2514-7)
"In those areas under knees and on hips, where the sores are formed, do keep the Icthyol Ointment. "(2514-8)
"The only changes we would give from that being applied would be to use the Ichthyol Ointment on the right limb; that is, the foot, the ankle, the areas where there has been the tenderness by the breaking of those areas that become sore." (0849-73)
"On those irritated places, as on the knee and on the hips, we would continue to use the Ichthyol Ointment." (2514-013 )
"... for scratches and itching of vulva." (5671-015)

#356 Ichthammol (Icthyol) Ointment 20%, 1 oz


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