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Dr. Baar’s Top 5 First Aid Ointments

When it comes to minor skin irritations it is important to first wash the area thoroughly to prevent any possible infection, then apply a topical first aid ointment as a barrier to keep the area protected from bacteria. Some ointments work by soothing irritated skin while others work to actually pull out a foreign object that may be beneath the surface of the skin, such as splinters. Here are my top 5 picks for topical first aid ointments:

1. Baar Balm Baar Balm, healing salve and first aid ointment

Baar Balm is specially formulated with all natural ingredients that work together to soothe and protect the skin’s surface. It works great on minor cuts and abrasions, hives, dry, chapped skin, insect bites, minor burns and other skin irritations. Baar Balm is made with the healing power of Castor Oil with the addition of soothing Menthol, Eucalyptol, Pine Needle oil, Camphor, Clove oil and Methyl Salicylate in a natural base of Mutton Tallow and Beeswax.

2. Iodex® Iodex, Topical Antiseptic Iodine First Aid Ointment

Iodex with 4.7% iodine, has been available since 1910 and has been a trusted part of the family home medicine chest since then. Iodex promotes healing painlessly through the slow release of iodine and does not cause any stinging or burning when applied. As long as this salve remains in contact with body tissues in minor cuts, wounds and abrasions, the iodine gradually separates from the molecule of the carrier and inhibits the growth and action of bacteria.

3. Atomidex® Atomidex, Antiseptic Iodine First Aid Ointment

Atomidex® contains 2% Iodine, which acts as an antiseptic when applied to minor cuts, wounds and abrasions. Iodine has long been in use as an antibacterial agent and a skin disinfectant. Discovered in 1811, Iodine gained widespread popularity during the American Civil War, where it was used liberally to treat the wounds of soldiers.

4. IchthammolIchthammol Ointment, First Aid Ointment

Ichthammol Ointment is an advanced drawing and anti-itch salve for external use. Recommended for application to plant irritations such as nettles or poison ivy, treating insect bites and stings from mosquitoes, spider and bees, and drawing splinters and slivers. Provides soothing relief for ingrown toenails and minor skin irritations. Edgar Cayce recommended this first aid ointment for skin tenderness or breaking of tissue, abrasions and as the “best application for bed sores.”

5. Cuticura OintmentCuticura Ointment, First Aid OIntment

Cuticura Ointment is the original formula enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. This world renowned ointment (since 1865) is helpful for temporary soothing relief of pain and itching associated with minor burns, sunburn, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites and minor skin irritations.

Applying a first aid ointment as the initial line of defense may help to promote faster healing of a wound. While there are many first aid ointments and creams available today, it is important to choose one which covers all the bases and suits your needs. Have you tried and had great success with any of the above first aid ointments? Please share your healing experiences with us!

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6 Ways to Use Organic Olive Oil for Hair, Skin & Nails

You probably have Olive Oil in your kitchen, but do you have any in your bathroom cabinet? This versatile oil has been used for centuries not only for cooking, but also for personal care. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, it provides intense nourishment for hair, skin, nails, lips and more. There are countless uses for Organic Olive Oil and more are being discovered every day.

Nourish your Skin with this Beneficial Oil

Organic Olive Oil, 16 oz.

16 oz. Organic Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil provides your skin with the nutrients it craves. It has the exceptional ability to penetrate deeply, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth from head to toe. This moisture-trapping emollient envelops your skin forming a protective barrier against dirt and bacteria without clogging pores. It enhances skin elasticity, relieves swelling and restores and repairs damaged skin.

Massage: During massage, Organic Olive Oil absorbs quickly to ease muscle stiffness, relieve ligaments and tendon strain, renew dry chapped skin and stimulate muscular strength.

Soothing Bath: Mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with several tablespoons of Organic Olive Oil and add to your bath water. Indulge yourself in an aromatic, revitalizing soak and emerge feeling renewed.

Exfoliator: Add a small amount of Sea Salt to Organic Olive oil to create a natural exfoliating scrub for your face or body. This mixture will remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and smooth. The antioxidants in Olive Oil work to calm the effects of acne, reduce redness and soothe minor skin irritations.

Revitalize your Locks with an Olive Oil Treatment

Organic Olive Oil, 32 oz.

32 oz. Organic Olive Oil

Applied to the hair, Organic Olive Oil hydrates and seals in moisture for shiny, strong, touchably soft locks. It may be used by itself as a treatment or mixed with other beneficial ingredients for intense conditioning.

Scalp and Hair Treatment: For shiny, softer hair, massage Olive Oil into your scalp and hair and cover with a shower or swim cap for at least 30 minutes, then shampoo. Organic Olive Oil wraps your strands with delicate moisture to nourish dry, brittle hair that is prone to breakage.

Added ingredients: Add one egg or a few teaspoons of lemon juice to your warm Organic Olive Oil. Work this mixture into the scalp and hair for an extra conditioning boost. These mixtures help renew lifeless hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

Keep your Nails Beautifully Manicured

Nails and the skin around them can often become dry and brittle. Rather than using chemical laden lotions, rub some natural Organic Olive Oil into your cuticles and nails and experience its moisturizing and skin repairing benefits.

Cuticle treatment: Rub Olive Oil into your cuticles daily to prevent hang nails and cracking skin. For extreme dryness and cracking, soak the fingers in a bowl of warmed Olive Oil for 15-20 minutes. This allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the skin and nails, giving them new life.

Add this nurturing oil to your daily beauty routine and let the revitalization begin. Do you use Olive Oil in a unique way? Please share with us!
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Discover the Age-Defying Benefits of Gold Cream

In ancient times, Gold was valued for its beautifying benefits and anti-aging properties. Cleopatra, a woman renowned for her astounding beauty, was known to apply masks made of Gold every night to maintain her youthful appearance and flawless complexion. In the early 1900’s, Edgar Cayce advised packing the sand (from Virginia Beach) about the body because of its Gold content. It was said to produce a stimulating effect to the body’s circulation.

Today, Gold is used in many cosmetics for its ability to relieve swelling, tone and tighten skin, restore elasticity and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. The antioxidant protection of Gold helps guard skin against environmental stressors which damage and age skin. Gold promotes cell revitalization, encouraging collagen and elastin renewal which keeps your skin looking young, radiant and smooth.

A Natural Skin Cream worth its Weight in Gold!gold cream

Gold Cream provides your skin with the age-defying benefits of Gold combined with an ultra-hydrating and nourishing blend of botanical extracts:

Jojoba Oil is abundant in vitamins and minerals and powerful anti-oxidants that drench the skin with nutrients to moisturize, soften, restore and renew.

Rose Hip Seed Oil is high in vitamin C, vitamin A and essential fatty acids. It soothes, hydrates and revitalizes dry, damaged skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Organic Almond Oil is nutrient-rich in vitamins A, D and E. It has a calming, soothing effect on the skin, is easily absorbed and will not clog pores.

Organic Olive Oil has been called nature’s liquid Gold. It is loaded with minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamin E that combine to ward off damaging free radicals. It absorbs quickly to moisturize and restore skin health without leaving a greasy film.

Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant which helps bolster the skin’s defenses. Its anti-inflammatory properties help protect, calm and hydrate sensitive skin.

and more!

Gold Cream is the perfect indulgence for your skin. This unique cream is truly worth its weight in Gold!
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Myrrh: A Medicinal Marvel

For centuries, Myrrh has been revered for its healing properties. Historically used in India, China, the middle East and probably best known as one of the gifts given to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men, Myrrh has been used to make incense, to provide therapeutic health benefits and as an anointing oil in spiritual ceremonies.

The sap which this medicinal plant, Commiphora myrrha, produces contains a potent resin which is used today in topical ointments, massage oils, in fume baths and cosmetic products. It possesses an aromatic fragrance that is said to impart health and vigor.

Introducing Magi Myrrh™ Massage Lotion

The magic of this ancient herb, when applied topically, works by alleviating pain and swelling, revitalizing circulation and relaxing stiff, aching muscles and joints.Magi Myrrh Massage Lotion

Magi Myrrh™ Massage Lotion is blended with nutrient-rich, organic Olive-Oil and moisturizing Lanolin and penetrates deeply to restore ease of movement. This unique blend of ingredients helps to strengthen and relax muscles, as well as relieve cramping.

Muscle and joint stiffness are often relieved when there is more blood flowing through an area. Myrrh and organic Olive Oil are stimulating to the superficial circulation of the body, providing nourishment to the capillaries, aiding blood flow and improving motion. By increasing the blood flow to the obscure corners of your body, more nutrients and oxygen can reach parts of the body to assist function and improve mobility. These two substances together make an effective combination when rubbed into the skin. Lanolin moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin.

Apply Magi Myrrh™ directly on the affected areas. Massage-in only as much as the body will absorb. A small amount goes a long way to relieve stress, relax the body, open the heart and uplift the mind. Experience the gift of the Magi.
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IODEX: An Old-Fashion First Aid Remedy

From skinned knees to stubborn splinters, Iodex® has been a trusted part of the family home Iodex, Topical Antiseptic Ointment, Regular 1 oz. Boxmedicine chest since 1910. This old-fashion, time-tested ointment is the perfect first aid go-to remedy for cuts, boils, abrasions and more.

Historically known as a “black salve”, Iodex contains iodine which has both antiseptic and antibacterial properties essential for wound healing.  Even the smallest cut can cause a “big ouch” when touched with iodine. Iodex eliminates the “ouch” and promotes healing painlessly through the slow release of iodine.

For over 100 years, families, including my own, have reported significant improvement when applying Iodex to cuts, scrapes, insect bites, rashes, carbuncles, sores and minor burns. Keep a jar handy in your home medicine cabinet, with your camping gear, in your car or at work. The sooner Iodex is applied to the affected area, the better the chances of reducing infection.

What is IODEX®?

Iodex ointment contains 4.7% Iodine which is a commonly used topical antiseptic. An antiseptic has the ability to reduce the possibility of infection. Iodex aids in fighting and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes on the skin which can significantly improve the healing time of a cut, scrape, sore or splinter. When an infection is present in a wound, the area is often sore and painful. Applying Iodex to a wound combats the germs and relieves the pain and soreness surrounding it.

Iodine combines with a hydrating base to lock in moisture and allow the affected areas on the skin to remain soft and supple, promoting faster healing time. Unlike many other medicated ointments, Iodex will not burn or sting when applied.

Give your skin the protection it needs to restore itself to a healthy state.

What can IODEX® be used for?

Customers report that Iodex has been successfully used for:

  • Minor Cuts and Scrapes
  • Pimples, Lesions & Blisters
  • Rashes & Minor Burns
  • Splinters
  • …and more!

We love hearing and reading about the many ways families have benefited from using Iodex ointment. Please feel free to share your personal stories and healing experiences.
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