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What Can I Do about My Toenails?

About a year ago I had a conversation with a friend who was telling me that, as much as she loves summer, she was dreading the onset of warmer weather. You see, she had a fungus growing in and around two of her toenails. Those nails were thick and yellow, to the point where she was embarrassed to take off her shoes in public.

With so many prescription and non-prescription treatments out there, it’s hard to know how to treat this type of fungus. One option for her was to go to her primary care physician, who might prescribe an oral antifungal drug. But those drugs can cause side effects like skin rashes or liver damage. Plus, she’d very likely need occasional blood tests to see how she’s doing with the drugs.

On the non-prescription side, much has been written about products containing harsh chemicals that can make toes look and feel worse instead of better. 

The Ultimate Goal: Healthy, New Growth from the Nail Bed

“So what can I do about my toenails?” she asked. She knew I developed natural products and thought I might have a solution. I talked to her about diet; staying away from deep fried foods, having fresh fruit and vegetables every day, if possible. I suggested she visit a good chiropractor or massage therapist to help with circulation to the lower extremities. She said she’s done most of that and would like something topical. 

It was at that moment I decided to create Toelieva®, a liquid solution that fights fungal growth on the cuticles and skin around and beneath the toenail, while creating a beneficial environment for healthy, new growth from the nail bed. I wanted our new product to be 100% natural and safe, and for the formula and method of application to meet 3 key criteria. These criteria are good reasons to try Toelieva for your own toenail fungus, or recommend it to a relative or friend:

Effective, All-Natural Ingredients – Our new product contains Undecylenic Acid, which scientists and others believe to be an essential ingredient for fighting fungus, and we provide it to you in a powerful FDA-established maximum strength of 25%. Another key ingredient, Organic Olive Oil, nourishes your damaged skin around the new nails as they grow and return to normal.

Easy to Apply – With our brush applicator, you can easily coat the cuticle and skin around the nail (and between the toes, if needed), then massage Toelieva in lightly to help with absorption. The best time to apply is right after a shower.

Ample Supply to Get You through Treatment – While affected toes should start to look better within a week or so, total nail restoration can take up to 4-6 months. So, it’s important to be patient and apply Toelieva daily. With our large 2 oz. bottle, you should have plenty of product to last throughout the course of treatment.

So How Did My Friend Do with Toelieva?

Toelieva Antifungal Liquid Solution for toenails

I’m happy to report that, as one of the first to try Toelieva, she’s ecstatic. She says the skin around her nails and cuticles looked decidedly better after a week of applying it every day. At that time, she went for a pedicure, and when the polish was stripped away after several more weeks of daily applications, her nails appeared even healthier. Last time I spoke with her she was headed to the beach for the weekend and not at all concerned about people seeing her toenails.

With Toelieva, you can have healthy looking toenails again without the use of oral antifungal drugs or harsh chemicals. And while getting to the finish line won’t happen overnight, I’m confident that, just like my friend, with slow but steady progress you can have your nails looking their best. 

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An All-Natural Way to Triumph Over Psoriasis

Do You Suffer from Psoriasis?

If you or a loved one suffers from psoriasis, you’re no stranger to its irritating symptoms. With a psoriasis lesion, the surface area of the skin becomes red, inflamed, extremely sensitive, visibly raised and scaly. Psoriasis lesions can be found anywhere on the body, but the most common sites are the scalp, the elbows, the knees, the small of the back and the lower legs.

If you ask the typical family doctor about psoriasis, chances are he or she may say there’s no cure for the condition, but there are ways to manage it and relieve the discomfort it causes. For someone who’s been suffering for months or even years with psoriasis, that’s not too encouraging. However, as a result of the work of Dr. John Pagano, there’s reason to be optimistic!

Who Is Dr. John Pagano?

Dr. Pagano is author of the breakthrough book, Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative. Although trained as a chiropractor, he became deeply interested in psoriasis when he met his first patients with the condition while interning at a Denver hospital in the 1960s. The thought of their torment never left him, and he embarked on more than 35 years of research to prove that psoriasis can be controlled and healed naturally.

In his book, Dr. Pagano wrote, “Psoriasis is the external manifestation of the body’s attempt to ‘throw off’ internal toxins.”  In other words, the skin is doing what the bowels and the kidneys should be doing.

Normally, it’s the job of the bowels and the kidneys, not the skin, to remove waste matter from the body. In some cases, however, the bowels and kidneys can’t work quickly enough, which results in a toxic overload known as “leaky gut syndrome.” When this happens, the skin is called upon to act as a backup system and takes on the task of removing toxins – thus the rash, irritation and lesions.

Dr. Pagano cited Edgar Cayce as the first to offer this explanation for the cause of psoriasis more than 70 years ago. And although Cayce didn’t specifically use the term “leaky gut” when referring to the seepage of toxins through thin intestinal walls, Dr. Pagano felt it quite obvious that the “Father of Holistic Medicine” was describing the same phenomenon using the language of his day.

Attacking Psoriasis from the Inside Out

Dr. Pagano’s life-altering guide presents a proven, all-natural, safe and healthy program for healing psoriasis. In simple, straightforward language, his book:

Explains why the disease must be viewed from the inside out

Reveals the importance of diet, detoxification and attitude in overcoming the disease

Offers a clear, step-by-step regimen that’s helped many people worldwide win their battle over psoriasis

To achieve his regimen’s goals of clearing out poisons accumulated in the body, and then preventing further intake of toxic elements, Dr. Pagano identified 6 essential measures:

1.Internal cleansing
2. A high alkaline-low acidic diet
3. Specific herbal teas
4. Adjustments of the spine
5. External applications
6. Right thinking – a must in the healing of any disease

At Baar Products, we fully subscribe to the process Dr. Pagano called the natural alternative, and we offer a number of remedies – consistent with his regimen – that can help psoriasis sufferers on the road to full recovery:

American Saffron Tea

American Saffron Tea – A tea made from the vibrant red-yellow petals of the American Saffron flower that’s popular for easing digestive upset, and has an overall soothing and relaxing effect on the intestinal system.

Slippery Elm Powder

Slippery Elm Powder – Creates a protective coating along the inner lining of the upper and lower intestinal tracts. Prevents seepage of toxins, helps with healing thin, porous intestinal walls, and aids in elimination. Can be used as an elm water drink and/or tea.

Psoriasis Cream

Psoriasis Cream – Containing Salicylic Acid and blended in a nourishing base of natural herbs and oils, a topical cream that offers relief from the itching, irritation, redness and scaling associated with psoriasis.

Psoriasis Scalp & Body Wash

Psoriasis Scalp & Body Wash – Containing 2% Salicylic Acid in a nutrient-rich blend of soothing botanical oils and therapeutic herbs, a wonderfully refreshing, gentle cleanser that restores skin and scalp health.

Psoriasis Care Kit

Psoriasis Care Kit – A combination of all 4 products listed above, plus a number of simple dietary suggestions, that will serve you well on your inside-out journey to a psoriasis-free lifestyle.

Does the Pagano Regimen Really Work?

This question was asked of Dr. Pagano more than any other, and his reply was always yes – and no. His yes answer applied to most of those patients who seriously committed themselves to his regimen. It was a no, however, for those who played at the regimen, didn’t take it seriously enough and were always looking for a quick fix.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the powerful message of Dr. Pagano’s book is driven home by a variety of before-and-after photos of completely healed patients, such as the one shown below. The subjects of this and many other images in Dr. Pagano’s book are patients who followed through with patience and persistence to bring about their desired end result – triumph over psoriasis. 

Psoriasis Before and After Photograph

Learn All You Can about The Natural Alternative

Healing Psoriasis Book by Dr. John Pagano

Before John Pagano passed away at age 82 in 2012, I came to know him both professionally and personally, and valued him as a mentor and a friend. I encourage you to learn more about him and his research, as well, and the best way to do that is through Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative. It’s a fascinating read, especially for anyone who’d welcome a resourceful ally in the fight against psoriasis.     

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Hemp’s Health Benefits for Your Mind and Body!

Hemp has been grown and used for thousands of years as a food, medicine, and fiber for textiles, paper and manufacturing. It is a nutritious plant rich in Omega fatty acids, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and proteins. Research on it is currently ongoing for its potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain relieving properties.

While Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant species, Cannabis sativa, they are distinctly different plants. The most important difference to note is that marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”). THC is the compound responsible for the psychoactive properties of the plant. Hemp, on the other hand, is extremely low in THC. By legal definition, it cannot have more than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it.

Hemp Oil, Organic, 8 fl. oz.

Hemp seed oil’s unique nutritional content offer numerous health benefits. Its unique composition of Omega fatty acids moisturize and nourish skin, promote healthy looking hair, relieve dry, flaking scalp, support heart health, and provide excellent nutrition for the eyes and brain… and more. Discover its advantages for mind and body health!

Want simple skin care with rejuvenating results? Our organic Hemp Oil can simplify your routine. It’s lightweight, non-greasy and won’t clog pores. Apply to dry skin, ragged cuticles, tame split ends and keep hair hydrated with a little help from nature.

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Edgar Cayce Hemorrhoid Exercises

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, occur most often in adults over 50. They can be uncomfortable, painful and are often accompanied by itching, burning, swelling and painless bleeding. Hemorrhoids are enlarged, swollen veins found inside or around the rectum and are often a result of straining during bowel movements, increased pressure due to pregnancy, chronic constipation, strained lifting, low fiber diet, fighting the urge to “go” and lower spinal injury.

Many people can experience relief with some simple lifestyle changes such as: drinking more water, increasing fiber intake or adding moderate exercise such as walking, yoga or swimming.

Edgar Cayce gave over 100 readings for individuals with hemorrhoid conditions and advised therapies ranging from colonics, massage, spinal adjustments, stretching exercises, fume or sitz baths, topical ointments, dietary changes and a variety of digestive aids.

Tibbex Edgar Cayce Hemorrhoid Remedy

Cayce frequently attributed the onset of this condition to poor eliminations, high levels of toxins in the body, glandular imbalance, poor circulation and hyperacidity.

The most frequently recommended topical ointments to aid this condition were compounds known as TIM and TIBBEX. Cayce advised the “better” formula was TIBBEX.

Cayce also recommended daily stretching exercises to relieve pressure in the lower abdomen area.

“a very helpful exercise… would be the bending exercise with the hands raised high above the head, bending forward to bring the hands as close to the floor as possible. Do this for two or three minutes morning and evening.” (Cayce)

Hence if there will be morning and evening the exercise, not the stooping but the bending – raising the hands high above the head – as these are slowly raised, rising on toes, drawing IN the deep breath through the nostril – as the body is bent forward, with the fingers toward the floor, exhale through the mouth – doing this SLOWLY, consistently, for a minute or such, morning and evening – we may find conditions on the mend.” (Cayce)

“… There should be rather the slower rising upon the toes, not bouncing up but as the arms are stretched upward and the deep breath is taken these should be as rhythmic and not too jerky in their activity. These, though, tend to make for the opening of activities along the hips, the spine, the shoulders, the chest, and tend to make for the keeping of the circulation through the breathing in as raised, exhaling through the mouth as bending forward – a helpful and hopeful condition for the body, bringing into play the muscles of the shoulders, the hips. Thus we will relieve those tendencies that have been indicated that have existed in portions of the cerebrospinal system as related to the lymph circulation and flow through the head and neck. For these as the body will find will tend to make for, morning and evening, the throwing off of refuse as it were from the throat and head and the bronchial tubes. And with the exercises in the open, as recuperative forces at play and at work, will make for the more helpful and the more enlivening of the whole of the body-physical forces. The local applications for those conditions in the rectum and the activities through the sphincter centers have been indicated and these as they are used will be found to work with the exercise and with the care and attention [TIBBEX] as will or should be taken regarding the diets and the general activity.” (Cayce)

Incorporate some of these simple strategies to relieve the stress and strain of hemorrhoids. Be sure to see a medical practitioner if bleeding occurs as this can also be the sign of other medical issues.

TIBBEX™ and TIM™ are trademarks of Baar Products, Inc.

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Make Your Own Facial Skin Cleanser

Many facial cleansers contain ingredients that can dry and irritate skin, making them too harsh for delicate, sensitive or acne-prone skin. Selecting the best cleanser may be easier than you think. Surprisingly, many plant-based oils offer a simple yet effective way to cleanse while hydrating and nourishing skin.

The antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Olive, Almond, and Castor oils and Witch Hazel make them a perfect choice to naturally balance skin pH, repair dry, flaky skin and restore a radiant, healthy glow. Nutrient-rich and deeply moisturizing, these oils bind to impurities and dissolve them without drying the skin. Not only do they lubricate skin, they also protect and renew skin health.

Blending in a drop or 2 of your favorite essential oil, like Tea Tree, Lavender, Peppermint or Rosewater Blend, can add another dimension to your facial cleansing oil formula. These essential oils have astringent and antibacterial properties that work to minimize excess sebum, reduce redness and balance skin tone.

Here are some suggestions for formulating your own combination of oils for a personalized facial cleanser. These ratios may be adjusted depending upon your skin type. Typically, if you have dry skin, prepare a formula of 1/3 Castor Oil to 2/3 Almond or Olive oils. If your skin is Oily, use a ratio of 2/3 Castor Oil to 1/3 Almond or Olive Oil. Add a drop or 2 of essential oil and watch your complexion glow.

How to use your Personalized Facial Skin Cleanser:

1.Mix your oils together thoroughly.

2. Pour a small amount of the oil mixture to fill the palm of your hand.

3. Rub hands together then rub into face, making sure to massage for a few minutes, allowing the mixture to penetrate the pores.

4. Dampen a washcloth with hot water, making sure to ring out excess water.

5. Place dampened, warmed cloth over your face. This will cause a steaming effect. Let the warmed cloth lay over the face for several minutes.

6. After several minutes, use the same cloth to wipe off the excess oil.

7. Pat face with a dry cloth and voila!

Clean, nourish and moisturize at the same time! Pampering your skin with these organic and cold-pressed oils will keep your skin looking radiantly ageless. Create the special formula that works for you.

© Baar Products, Inc., 2015

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