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A Castor oil remedy may be just the ticket to resolving your health concerns. Castor oil is one of the best kept "natural" health and beauty secrets and has a wide variety of applications. Extracted from the seed of the Castor plant, this nutrient-rich oil has powerful therapeutic benefits for skin, hair, muscles and joints, as well as immune health.

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Castor Oil packs are a Castor oil remedy that can support the body's eliminations and lymphatic circulation, relieve minor pain and swelling, calm nausea, coordinate digestion and intestinal functions, stimulate the liver and strengthen the body's healthy immune response. These packs are easy to use and relaxing. Great for in-home use. The therapy begins by folding the "pack" made of cotton or wool flannel into 3 layers and saturating it with Castor oil. The pack can be applied to many different areas of the body, however, it is most often used over the abdomen. A heating pad may be applied to promote the oil's penetration. Frequency and duration of an application can vary depending on intended use. After each session of using this cold pressed, cold processed Castor oil therapy, thoroughly cleanse the skin using CastorWash™ to alkalize and remove impurities that may have been drawn through the skin.

Castor Oil pack therapies when applied for digestive, intestinal and immune function health are most often applied in 3 day cycles, with an hour for each session. After the 3rd session, it is helpful to take by mouth about 1/2 teaspoon of Olive oil to nourish the intestinal tract and promote the effects of the therapy. Add additional Castor oil to your pack with each use and refrigerate between uses to keep the pack from becoming rancid. Allow the pack to warm on the heating pad before applying to the body. The pack should be discarded and replaced with a new pack after every 3-4 weeks of use.

To help you begin your therapy, Baar offers a convenient Castor Oil Pack Starter kit with everything you need. Discover the healing and detoxifying benefits this ancient oil has to offer. Share your personal story with us and others.











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