Natural Castor Oil - History & Uses

Castor Oil has become well-known for the wide variety of benefits it can provide the body. However many people are still unaware that the method used to harvest their Castor Oil has a huge impact on its quality and purity.

The best natural Castor Oil is harvested using the cold press method, which avoids using heat in order to retain the purity of the oil. Cold pressing allows manufacturers to label their products as high quality and natural, distinguishing them from companies that harvest their Castor Oil using chemicals. At Baar Products, we remain committed to the consistent production of a high quality of products, including our cold-pressed, cold-processed Castor Oil.

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Natural Castor Oil is believed to be beneficial in pain relief and dealing with other internal ailments. It is often used to relieve symptoms associated with menstrual disorders, yeast infections, migraines, and digestive problems. When used as a massage oil, natural Castor Oil can decrease muscle and join pain. When applied to sore, stiff joints, Castor Oil penetrates quickly to lubricate and enhance circulation.

Natural Castor Oil can also be applied topically on the skin and hair. It can be used as a scalp moisturizer and hair conditioner, preventing split ends and providing stronger, healthier hair. Also beneficial to the skin, natural Castor Oil can sooth sunburn, itching and dryness. Many even apply natural Castor Oil to relieve acne, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re interested in purchasing natural Castor Oils, check out Baar products on our website.



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