The Violet Ray


The Violet Ray or high frequency device is basically a low amperage source of static electricity.
Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) refers to the Violet Ray in over 1000 readings given to individuals who sought his advice. Cayce believed the body, mind and soul are so closely interrelated, that it is rarely of value to treat any one of these aspects without also giving some attention to the state of the other two.
At the heart of the Violet Ray is a Tesla coil, named for Nicola Tesla (1856-1943), the electrical engineer, scientist, inventor, and discoverer, who was granted 1,200 patents and is probably best known for his contribution of alternating current. Can be used with Carbondex®, Carbon Ash and Anidex® Animated Ash
Both the Hand Unit #504M and UK model #555 require cool down after 10 minutes use.

The Violet Ray is available as follows:
#504M Violet Ray Hand Model with Bulb Applicator
#555 Violet Ray 230 volt Hand Model (United Kingdom plug, for use in countries that accept the UK plug)

#543 The Violet Ray Book, 100 pages
#510M Comb Rake Applicator
#508M Rod Massage Applicator (external only)
#509M Bulb Applicator Replacement
#621 Concentrator Electrode

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(The #510M Comb Rake now looks different, follow the links for more info)

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