Blood Pressure Advantage Supports Your Cardiovascular System

How does Grape Seed Extract in Blood Pressure Advantage Help?

Our cells can be damaged from a number of environmental factors such as air pollution, smoking, ultraviolet light and more, which turn into free radicals (also known as oxidants).  Antioxidants are substances which may prevent or delay the oxidation of bad molecules in the body. As we age, these free radicals occur naturally in the body and continue to grow in number which can lead to chronic illness or diseases. Antioxidants continue to be the first line of defense in the body, protecting it against these damaging factors.

Blood Pressure Advantage

Nature’s Blessing™ Blood Pressure Advantage contains powerful antioxidant polyphenols from Grape Seed Extract. Grape Seed Extract (GSE) helps protect our blood vessels from damage which allows the body to maintain blood pressure levels that are already within the healthy range. Polyphenols are naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables and red wine and are known for supporting cardiovascular health. Grape Seed Extract is one of the largest sources of polyphenols.

Blood Pressure Advantage also contains a heart-healthy flavonoid Hawthorn Extract, which works as a synergist. This means that the Hawthorn Extract may enhance the antioxidant effects of MegaNatural®-BP™ (the GSE in Blood Pressure Advantage).

What are MegaNatural-BP and Hawthorn Extract?

Meganatural®-BP™ is a trademark of Constellation Wines US, Inc. A division of Constellation Wines US, Polyphenolics, has an ample supply of quality grown wine grapes and produces a line of clinically proven products with a patented solvent-free extraction process. The Grape Seed Extract in MegaNatural®-BP™ is made from a special blend of unfermented red and varietal white wine grape seeds.

Hawthorn is a tree or large shrub in the Rosaceae family. Blood Pressure Advantage uses the leaves and flowers of the Hawthorn Plant because it is known to have many benefits to the cardiovascular system. The Hawthorn Extract also contains 1.8% Vitexin which may help support blood pressure within the healthy range.

Supplementing with Blood Pressure Advantage, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly are all factors which will aid in keeping your blood pressure within the healthy range.
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